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Hollow Knight: Pale Ore Location Guide

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In Hollow Knight, Pale Ore is the item you’ll need to make your melee attacks stronger–and that’s something you’ll definitely need to do to beat this challenging game. Here’s where you can find every Pale Ore in Hollow Knight.

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    Pale Ore Locations

    There are only 6 Pale Ores in Hollow Knight. Here’s where and how you can acquire them.

    Pale Ore #1: Ancient Basin

    Pale Ore location in Hollow Knight.

    You can find one Pale Ore located in Ancient Basin, guarded by two Lesser Mawleks. Defeat the Mawleks to get your Pale Ore.

    Pale Ore #2: Hallownest’s Crown

    Second Pale Ore location in Hollow Knight.

    You can pick up another Pale Ore in Hallownest’s Crown, a sub-area of the Crystal Peak located at its very top area. Be sure to acquire the following abilities first before you head to this area.

    • Mantis Claw – Located in Mantis Village.
    • Monarch Wings – Located in the Ancient Basin, beyond the Broken Vessel’s boss room.
    • Crystal Heart – Located in the eastern part of Crystal Peak.

    Pale Ore #3: The Seer

    Pale Ore from the Seer.

    You’ll receive one Pale Ore from the Seer after you collect 300 Essence.

    Pale Ore #4: Deepnest

    Fourth Pale Ore location from Hollow Knight.

    Defeat Nosk in Deepnest and you’ll find one Pale Ore at the far end of its lair. Nosk is located behind a breakable wall left of the Hot Spring in Deepnest.

    Pale Ore #5: Grubfather

    Pale Ore earned as a grub reward.

    You’ll receive one Pale Ore from the Grubfather after you rescue 31 Grubs.

    Pale Ore #6: Colosseum of Fools

    Pale Ore from the Colosseum in Hollow Knight.

    This Pale Ore is a reward for completing the Trial of the Conqueror. This is the second trial in the Colosseum of Fools. You can find the Colosseum at the top of Kingdom’s Edge.

    What To Do With The Pale Ores in Hollow Knight

    You can take these to the Nailsmith in the City of Tears and he’ll upgrade your Nail for you, increasing its base damage. Here are the variations of Nails you’ll acquire in Hollow Knight by constantly upgrading it, their damage value, and how many Pale Ores you’ll need to perform the upgrade.

    • Old Nail – This is the base version of the Nail. It has a damage value of 5.
    • Sharpened Nail – When you visit the Nailsmith for the first time, he’ll upgrade your Nail for 250 Geos, Pale Ore unnecessary from your end. Its damage value will then increase to 9.
    • Channeled Nail – Requires 800 Geos and 1 Pale Ore. The damage value will increase to 13.
    • Coiled Nail – Requires 2,000 Geos and 2 Pale Ores. The damage value will then increase to 17.
    • Pure Nail – This is the ultimate version of the Nail. It requires 4,000 Geos plus 3 Pale Ores. The damage value will increase to 21.