Millibelle the Banker from Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight: Meet Millibelle the Banker

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Milliebelle the Banker is an NPC in Hollow Knight responsible for the safekeeping of your Geo. Although seemingly innocent, even helpful initially, this character’s true, nefarious intentions will eventually be revealed as long as you follow her questline.

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    Meet Millibelle the Banker

    Millibelle the Banker in Hollow Knight.

    Millibelle the Banker is, as her title implies, a banker… or so she would have you believe. You can find her at the southern-most area of the Fog Canyon. You can head directly to the area where Millibelle is if you enter the Fog Canyon from the Fungal Wastes.

    Reminding you of the importance of Geo in the game and how you can lose them upon death, Millibelle will offer to keep some of your Geo for you. Any Geo you deposit to her will remain after you die. To “open an account” at Millibelle’s bank, you’ll first need to pay a starting fee of 100 Geo.

    You can deposit a maximum of 4,500 Geo to Millibelle’s bank. You can also withdraw your Geo any time you want. However, the moment she holds 2,550 or more Geo, her true nature will be revealed.

    Millibelle the Thief

    Millibelle the Thief from Hollow Knight.

    After you give Millibelle more than 2,550 Geo, the next time you return to her after sitting at a bench or riding a Stag, you’ll find that she’s left her previous post. If you hit her stall three times, it and the bank will fall over. Millibelle, along with your Geo, is gone.

    Well, you haven’t exactly lost your Geo. You haven’t exactly lost her either. After she disappears from her “bank” at the Fog Canyon, you can find her relaxing and warming up at the Hot Spring in the Pleasure House in the City of Tears. You can enter the Pleasure House by opening the room highlighted in the image below. This room can be opened with a simple key.

    Location of the Pleasure House in Hollow Knight

    You can take your Geo back from Millibelle by simply hitting her until she stops dropping them. You’ll get 15% more Geo than the one you deposited from her this way, which makes all of this a good deal for you in the end.