Getting the Monarch Wings in Hollow Knight.

How to Get Double Jump in Hollow Knight

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Double Jump is one of the most useful abilities in Hollow Knight. It only stands to reason that this skill is one of the most sought-after items in the game, but you’ll need the Monarch Wings to get it.

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    The Monarch Wings

    The Monarch Wings description in Hollow Knight.

    The Monarch Wings gives you the ability to double jump. With the layout of every single biome in Hollow Knight, acquiring this item is almost a must. The Monarch Wings will give you access to these areas:

    • The Palace Grounds
    • The Fungal Core
    • The White Palace
    • The boss room of the Enraged Guardian.

    These areas can be accessed with precise Nail-bouncing, but having the Monarch Wings will make the ordeal easier:

    • The Watcher’s Spire
    • The Hive
    • Hallownest’s Crown
    • Hornet’s boss room in Kingdom’s Edge.

    On top of making the traversal aspect of the game easier and allowing players to reach previously inaccessible levels, the Monarch Wings is also very useful in combat. Whether you’re fighting standard enemies or facing bosses, the ability to double jump will allow you to dodge and avoid attacks much easier. It also allows you to reach flight enemies you normally wouldn’t be able to reach.

    The Monarch Wings are activated when the player presses the jump button again once in mid-air. Its use then refreshes when the player lands on the ground or clings to a wall using the Mantis Claw. However, the player can reach an even higher verticality by Nail-bouncing off an enemy or an object, as this also refreshes the Monarch Wings.

    How to Get The Monarch Wings

    The location of the Monarch Wings in the Ancient Basin.

    The Monarch Wings is located on the left-most area of the Ancient Basin. There are two distinct requirements the player must meet to reach the Monarch Wings. First, they will need to acquire the Crystal Heart from the Crystal Peaks to reach the Monarch Wings’ location. Second, they’ll need to defeat the Broken Vessel.

    Refer to the image below for the location of the Crystal Heart.

    The location of the Crystal Heart.

    Defeating the Broken Vessel is the final and most challenging hurdle in getting the Monarch Wings. With the right information, charms, and strategy, you can defeat this boss with ease. Here are its move sets and the proper responses to them:

    • Slam – This is when the Broken Vessel leaps into the air, hovers for a few seconds, and then slams the ground. Along with it are four blobs of infection that follow a downward parabolic arc trajectory. This can be easily avoided by getting close to the Broken Vessel. This is also a good opportunity to land a couple of hits on the boss.
    • Dash Attack – This is when the Broken Vessel charges forward and slashes his sword at the end. This is easily dodgeable by jumping over him. Make sure to get a couple of hits in once you land on the ground before moving away again to prepare for his next attack.
    • Aerial Dash Attack – This is similar to the previous attack, only it does it while in mid-air. As long as you stay on the ground, you’ll remain safe from this attack. Be sure to follow his direction so you can attack him when he lands. You can also perform an upward slash on him as he passes above you.
    • Leap – This is when the Broken Vessel leaps around the arena or directly towards you. To play things safe, watch out where the Broken Vessel is leaping towards and dash to the opposite direction.
    • Flailing Attack – Oftentimes, the Broken Vessel will remain where he stands as he flails his sword around him four times. Either wait for this attack to finish before hitting him with your Nail or send him a barrage of Vengeful Spirit spells as he is performing the attack.
    • Infection Barrage Attack – This is the Broken Vessel’s most complicated attack. This is when he remains in place, bobs his head back and forth, and spews a couple of infection blobs. Dodging these blobs can be tricky, but the simplest way to avoid getting hit is to simply be mindful of the ground and move around accordingly.
    • Infected Balloons – Every so often, an infected balloon will spawn in the arena and will head directly towards you. While these balloons can be eliminated with just one hit, they can still make the boss fight tedious. You’re going to want to get rid of them immediately as they spawn so you can focus more directly on the Broken Vessel. Alternatively, you can also equip the Defender’s Crest charm as it kills them immediately.

    The Broken Vessel is a very agile enemy. It will move around constantly, and the barrages of Infected Balloons only make things worse for you. Because of these factors, healing during the fight can be very difficult. If you’re not confident you can defeat the Broken Vessel without healing, equip the Quick Focus charm to heal up faster.

    Once the Broken Vessel is defeated, simply continue onward and navigate your way through the next section of the area. The Monarch Wings await you in the next room.