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Hollow Knight: How to Get Quick Slash

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The Quick Slash charm in Hollow Knight is undoubtedly one of the best the game offers. Those who prefer using melee combat rather than ranged spells will especially love this charm. Here’s how you can find it and what it does.

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    What Does the Quick Slash Charm Do?

    The Quick Slash charm will make its bearer’s slash attacks more rapid. More accurately, it decreases the attack duration from 0.35 seconds to 0.28 and the attack cooldown from 0.41 seconds to 0.25.

    This number may seem very minuscule, but the difference between equipping and not equipping the Quick Slash charm is highly noticeable. Its effectiveness shines when fighting swift enemies that have a small window of opportunity for attacks. Not only is this good for inflicting as much damage as possible in the shortest amount of time but it will also allow the player to gather more souls quickly.

    Where to Get The Quick Slash Charm

    quick slash location

    The Quick Slash charm is in the southeastern part of Kingdom’s Edge. To get here, the player must first unlock the King’s Station stag in the City of Tears to make their trip easier. They will also need the Desolate Dive spell to destroy the floor blocking the subsection where the Quick Slash is hidden.

    From the King’s Station, exit the Stag room and enter the area below that. This room looks very identical to the Stag station, albeit a tad more dilapidated. At the far end of this room, which can be accessed by jumping into the water and swimming on, is a secret entryway that leads directly to the King’s Station.

    secret pathway to the kingdom's edge from king's station

    Continue going forward while avoiding the Belflies until you reach an area with a chasm you can drop down to. Jump down while navigating towards the right-most area of the level. Once at the bottom, enter the room to the right.

    lower right area in kingdom's edge

    This will take you to another section filled with Primal Aspids, Hoppers, and Great Hoppers. Either eliminate them or dash your way right through them until you reach the hut of Nailmaster Oro.

    nailmaster oro's hut in Hollow Knight

    From the Nailmaster’s Hut, proceed to the next room on the right. Find a patch of land on the right side of this room that wobbles when walked on. This breakable ground can be destroyed using the Desolate Dive.

    entrance to the secret area in Kingdom's Edge

    Use the spell to enter the hidden area. Continue navigating forward until you reach an area with spikes on the floor and a roaming Great Hopper.

    area filled with spikes in hollow knight

    From here, head to the left and continue on. The next section is a platforming area wherein you’ll need to climb upwards to continue. There’s a noticeably large entrance to the upper right of this area. Enter this place to find the Quick Slash charm.

    entrance to quick slash