The Hive location in Hollow Knight.

How to Get to The Hive in Hollow Knight

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The Hive is one of Hollow Knight’s many optional areas. You don’t need to visit this location to get to the game’s ending, but completionists will want to explore it for the collectibles it houses.

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    The Hive

    The Hive in Hollow Knight.

    The Hive is populated by different types of bees, including the Hive Soldiers, Hivelings, Hive Guardians, and Husk Hives—all of which are hostile towards the Knight. The area’s boss is known as the Hive Knight, a flightless, yet dangerous and skillful enemy.

    Defeating the Hive Knight will reward you the Hiveblood Charm. It will also open up the room to Hive Queen Vespa. The Queen is an interactable NPC who will provide you the area’s backstory.

    Aside from the charm, you can also find one Mask Shard, two Grubs, and a Whispering Root you can gather Essence from in The Hive.

    How to Get to the Hive in Hollow Knight

    The first thing you’ll need to do to gain access to The Hive is to get the Tram Pass. This item will allow you to ride the tram that passes through Deepnest, the Ancient Basin, and the Kingdom’s Edge.

    The Tram Pass is located at the far end of the Failed Tramway north of Deepnest. Refer to the image below for the exact location of the Tram Pass.

    The Tram Pass location in Hollow Knight.

    Once acquired, get to the area’s tram station and transport it to the east twice. This will take you to the Kingdom Edge’s tram station. From here, continue walking to the right. You’ll eventually be greeted by two Hivelings.

    The entrance to The Hive in Hollow Knight.

    Behind them is a breakable wall you can destroy with your Nail or by using the Vengeful Spirit or Shade Soul spell. This will open up the entrance to The Hive.