To the left is a player sleeping with their spouse, the center has the Stardew Valley logo and some Stardrops, and the right features a player standing next to the Spa.

Stardew Valley: How to Get More Energy

Sow much to do, so little Energy!

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Key Takeaway

Energy is a limited resource in Stardew Valley and runs out as players do daily activities like hoeing the ground, fishing, mining, and more.

The only way to increase Energy permanently is by consuming Stardrops, of which there are seven in the game. Collecting all of them takes the player’s Energy from 270 to 508.

Players can temporarily increase their Energy with Max Energy buffs from food and drinks, like Green Tea, Lobster Bisque, and the Bean Hotpot—to name a few examples.

Every Stardew Valley farmer knows that Energy is the lifeblood to success—without it, you’ll crumble into exhaustion. Luckily, certain food items and Stardrops can push your Energy level to new heights, keeping you farming until the early hours (or until you pass out).

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    What Is Energy in Stardew Valley?

    An example of a player farming with an Exhausted Energy bar.

    Your Stardew Valley character has a limited Energy reserve with which to perform their daily farming activities. At the start of the game, players will only have an Energy pool of 270 to work with—you’ll find this runs out quite quickly. Luckily, there are ways of increasing Energy: temporarily through food or permanently with Stardrops.

    Sleeping in a bed is the best way to restore your Energy after a long day of life in Stardew Valley. If you’re playing in multiplayer co-op, you can also slowly restore your Energy by standing in bed, regaining two points a second.

    Players will become exhausted upon reaching 0 Energy, indicated by the blue face above the Energy bar and the in-game text “You feel sluggish from over-exertion.” Exhaustion then greatly reduces your movement speed, weapons and tools take longer to use, and you cannot use your Fishing Rod.

    If you decide to push through the exhaustion, it can have consequences. Upon reaching -15 Energy, you will pass out, and the day will subsequently end.

    Passing out anywhere outside the house means you’ll lose 10% of your money, capped at 1,000g.

    Once you awaken the following day, you will have a 50% Energy reduction. You can remove this debuff by kissing your in-game spouse (if you have one) or consuming the Muscle Remedy from Harvey’s Clinic. With all this in mind, make sure you get to bed before 2:00 AM at the latest!

    What Activities Use Energy?

    • Eating the following: Sap, Void Mayonnaise, Pufferfish, Holly, Sea Cucumber, Scorpion Carp, or Red Mushroom
    • Using most tools, like a Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, and Watering Can
    • Pushing a chest to move it
    • Casting a fishing rod

    What Activities Don’t Use Energy?

    • Using the scythe or a weapon (swords, slingshots, hammers, clubs, daggers)
    • Harvesting crops, forgeable goods, and minerals in the mines
    • Moving (riding a horse or walking)
    • Eating most food
    • Milking cows
    • Placing items
    • Panning

    How to Increase Your Maximum Energy

    Presently, Stardrops are the only way to permanently increase your maximum Energy. Subsequently, there are seven Stardrops to collect, taking your Energy from 270 to 508, so you’ll never run out of Energy again!

    Here are the ways to get each of the seven Stardrops:

    • Reach the bottom floor (Level 100) of the Stardew Valley mines and open the chest
    • Reach 12.5 hearts with your spouse or roommate, and they’ll randomly gift you one
    • Purchase one for 2,000 Star Tokens from the vendor at the Stardew Valley Fair
    • Earn the Master Angler reward to get a Stardrop in the Mail from Willy
    • Give Old Master Cannoli a Sweet Gem Berry in the Secret Woods
    • Sold by Krobus in The Sewers for 20,000g
    • Donate all 95 items to the Museum

    The Best Foods for Increasing Energy

    All the best foods to eat in Stardew Valley to replenish your Energy, including Pink Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Cheese, and more.

    Additionally, there are some food items that can temporarily increase your maximum Energy for a short period. Up to two Max Energy buffs can be active at once: one from a drink (Green Tea) and one from a food.

    The largest possible amount of temporary Energy is, therefore, 588 if you’ve collected all the Stardrops.
    NameIngredientsRecipe Source(s)Energy / Health RestoredBuff(s)Buff Duration
    Bean HotpotGreen Bean (2)Obtained from Clint in the Mail after reaching 7+ Hearts125 Energy
    56 Health
    Magnetism (+32)
    Max Energy (+50)
    7 minutes
    Complete BreakfastFried Egg (1)
    Hashbrowns (1)
    Milk (1)
    Pancakes (1)
    The Queen of Sauce, Year 2, Spring 21200 Energy
    90 Health
    Farming (+2)
    Max Energy (+50)
    7 minutes
    Green TeaTea Leaves (1)Produced in a Keg13 Energy
    5 Health
    Max Energy (+30)4 minutes 12 seconds
    Lobster BisqueLobster (1)
    Milk (1)
    -The Queen of Sauce, Year 2, Winter 14
    -Obtained from Willy in the Mail after reaching 9+ Hearts
    225 Energy
    101 Health
    Fishing (+3)
    Max Energy (+50)
    16 minutes 47 seconds
    Red PlateRadish (1)
    Red Cabbage (1)
    Obtained from Emily in the Mail after reaching 7+ Hearts240 Energy
    108 Health
    Max Energy (+50)3 minutes 30 seconds
    Super MealArtichoke (1)
    Bok Choy (1)
    Cranberries (1)
    Obtained from Kent in the Mail after reaching 7+ Hearts160 Energy
    72 Health
    Speed (+1)
    Max Energy (+40)
    3 minutes 30 seconds
    Tom Kha SoupCoconut (1)
    Common Mushroom (1)
    Shrimp (1)
    Obtained from Sandy in the Mail after reaching 7+ Hearts175 Energy
    78 Health
    Farming (+2)
    Max Energy (+30)
    7 minutes

    In addition to temporarily increasing your maximum Energy, there are also some cooking recipes to get your hands on to replenish your Energy stores. Some of these recipes require leveling up your friendship with specific Pelican Town residents, while other recipes only need Milk and a Cheese Press!

    NameIngredientsRecipe Source(s)Energy/Health RestoredBuffsBuff Duration
    Fruit SaladApricot (1)
    Blueberry (1)
    Melon (1)
    The Queen of Sauce, Year 2, Fall 7263 Energy
    118 Health
    Pink CakeMelon (1)
    Sugar (1)
    Egg (1)
    Wheat Flour (1)
    The Queen of Sauce, Year 2, Summer 21250 Energy
    112 Health
    ChowderClam (1)
    Milk (1)
    Obtained from Willy in the Mail after reaching 3+ Hearts225 Energy
    101 Health
    Fishing (+1)16 minutes 47 seconds
    Maple BarMaple Syrup (1)
    Sugar (1)
    Wheat Flour (1)
    The Queen of Sauce, Year 2, Summer 14225 Energy
    101 Health
    Farming (+1)
    Fishing (+1)
    Mining (+1)
    16 minutes 47 seconds
    Pumpkin PiePumpkin (1)
    Wheat Flour (1)
    Milk (1)
    Sugar (1)
    The Queen of Sauce, Year 1, Winter 21225 Energy
    101 Health
    CheeseMilk (1)
    Cheese Press
    N/A-Normal Quality: 125 Energy, 56 Health
    -Gold Quality: 115 Energy, 101 Health
    Autumn's BountyPumpkin (1)
    Yam (1)
    Obtained from Demetrius in the Mail after reaching 7+ Hearts220 Energy
    99 Health
    Foraging (+2)
    Defense (+2)
    7 minutes 41 seconds
    Glazed YamsYam (1)
    Sugar (1)
    The Queen of Sauce, Year 1, Fall 21200 Energy
    90 Health

    How to Restore Energy Without SleepingA player relaxing inside the Spa to replenish their Energy Bar.

    Besides sleeping or consuming Food, there’s only one other way to restore Energy in Stardew Valley: the Spa, located in the southwest of the Railroad. The Spa and Railroad become accessible in Year 1, Summer 3.

    While relaxing in the tranquillity of the Spa, your Health and your Energy will increase by 10 points a second until both bars are full. Make sure your player character is in the water and hasn’t moved recently.

    With these handy tips, you should be able to plow through your exhaustion and cultivate success in no time! To couple with your Energy gains, you should maximize your Inventory space and fill it with all your crops and goods.

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