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Stardew Valley: Where to Find Squid Kids

Ink-redible loot potential!

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Key Takeaway

Squid Kids are an enemy in the Mines, spawning on levels 81-119. They’re mostly sought-after for their potential to drop Squid Ink, which is used in some food recipes and tailoring.

Danger lurks in the depths of the Mines! While looking harmless on the outside, Squid Kids in Stardew Valley are rare yet deadly mobs with valuable loot for those daring enough to take them on. Ready your sword, adventurer!

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    What Is a Squid Kid? 

    An example of the original variant of the Squid Kid in the Mines and their fireball attack.

    Squid Kids look like red floating suns with adorable compressed faces.  They are only found in the depths of Pelican Town’s mines. While their appearance is deceptively cute—don’t judge a book by its cover!

    The more dangerous version of Squid Kids are yellow and wear tinted sunglasses, hiding their eyes from view. However, these only unlock after you’ve completed Mr. Qi’s “Danger in the Deep” quest or activated the Shrine of Challenge on Ginger Island. 

    All Squid Kid Locations 

    The Stardew Valley mines floor list at the elevator.

    Squid Kids will only ever spawn in The Mines in Pelican Town, so you don’t have to worry about them when traversing the levels of the Skull Cavern. Specifically, Squid Kids only spawn on floors 81-119 of The Mines—but are seen most often on floors 91-99. 

    When searching for Squid Kids, your best bet is to search for an “infested floor” where only monsters spawn (no rock spawns). If you have to, keep exiting and re-entering the same floor to reset it for a higher chance of triggering an infested floor. As such, you’ll increase the possibility of a Squid Kid spawning.

    The Best Strategy for Fighting Squid Kids

    Squid Kids move quite erratically, floating over rocks and making sudden movements toward the player’s position. Their power lies in their fireball attack, which can deal deadly damage to unsuspecting adventurers. These fireballs can ricochet and bounce on walls, creating new angles of attack. 

    You can destroy a Squid Kid fireball by hitting it with your sword.

    The best way to defeat a Squid Kid is to attack them head-on. They only have one Health, so a swipe from any sword should be enough to destroy them. Slingshots using any ammo can also take them down from a distance if you can’t get close enough to reach them with your blade. 

    On top of that, there’s a more dangerous version of Squid Kids. Aptly, they are called “Squid Kids (dangerous).” With 250 Health in total, you’ll have to attack these variants several times to vanquish them. 

    Squid Kid Drops

    Squid Kids are often requested kills by the Wizard or the Town Bulletin Board, leaving potential for some good loot. One possible drop is the rare Squid Ink, used in cooking recipes like Seafoam Pudding. Squid Ink also works in tailoring and dyeing clothes if you need a fresh look. 

    Item NameDrop ChanceItem Description
    Solar Essence 75%The glowing face is warm to the touch.
    Squid Ink 20%Squids use this ink to confuse would-be predators.
    Bomb10%Generates an explosion.
    Mega Bomb 5% Generates a powerful explosion. Use with extreme caution.
    Gold Bar 5%A bar of pure gold.
    Dwarf Scroll III 0.5%A yellowed scroll of parchment filled with dwarven script. This one's tied with a blue rope.
    Dwarf Scroll IV 0.1% A yellowed scroll of parchment filled with dwarven script. This one's tied with a golden chain.
    Diamond0.05%A rare and valuable gem.
    Prismatic Shard0.05%A very rare and powerful substance with unknown origins.

    If you’re looking to befriend Pelican Town’s residents, we suggest not using Squid Ink to win their hearts. This is because it’s a neutral gift for most villagers, except Elliott, who is the only NPC to love it.

    Grinding Squid Kids in Stardew Valley should be a breeze with these spawning tips and tricks in mind. Farming these mysterious mobs is well worth the effort, as you’ll need to send Squid Ink in your Shipping Bin to get the “Full Shipment” achievement. That way, you’ll be one step closer to 100% perfection.

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