A train passing through Stardew Valley on the left and there's Leprechaun Boots on the right.

What Does “A Train Is Passing Through Stardew Valley” Mean?

Don't let this train pass you by!

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Key Takeaway

Players can only get the “A Train Is Passing Through Stardew Valley” notification once the Railroad is unlocked. This happens on Summer 3, Year 1—after an overnight earthquake destroys the boulder blocking the way.

After that, the “A Train Is Passing Through Stardew Valley” event occurs randomly between 9 AM and 6 PM if the player is outside. The event is signaled by a pop-up notification and a train whistle.

Stardew Valley has a treasure trove of secret and rare events, ranging from the Strange Capsule alien to mystical fairies blessing your crops. “A Train Is Passing Through Stardew Valley” is a message that may sometimes pop up while going about your daily farm life which signals new incoming loot.

Table Of Contents

    The Railroad in the Mountains

    The Railroad in the Mountains, where the Stardew Valley train passes through.

    Initially, the path to the Railroad is blocked by an immovable boulder. Unlike Community Center upgrades that allow access to other areas, the Railroad is accessible through natural causes. On the 3rd of Summer in Year 1, an overnight earthquake clears the way, granting access to the Railroad area.

    In this region, you can access the Railroad as well as a Spa, which is perfect for some R&R after a hard day of farming or mining. The Spa replenishes your Energy when you soak in its steaming waters. In the northeast corner, you’ll also find the entrance to the Witch’s Swamp (where you can dismiss children), accessible after completing some lengthy questlines.

    Stardew Valley Train Drops & Loot

    Once the Railroad has opened up, there’s a random chance every day from 9 AM to 6 PM you’ll get a pop-up notification saying “A Train Is Passing Through Stardew Valley.” This message only appears in-game if you’re outside, and is always accompanied by a train whistle.

    As the train passes through town, it may drop valuable resources onto the surrounding railroad tracks. These include random amounts of Clay, Stone, Coal, Wood, Magma Geodes, and Iron Ore. If you have the luck of the Irish on your side, you may even get the Leprechaun Shoes! When equipped, these dazzling green boots provide +2 Defense and +1 Immunity to any debuffs.

    When the train is passing through, take care not to stand on the tracks or you’ll take deadly damage upon impact.

    If you are near the Railroad you might see the train pass by. Don’t worry if you’re at the Beach or Ginger Island! Any items dropped by the train will remain until they despawn at 2 AM. Be sure to collect your free items before the day ends!

    Making the trek up to the Mountain Railroad is well worth the trip to get your hands on free resources like Clay or Coal. It saves you from having to put your money in the pockets of Clint the Blacksmith! Make sure you have enough inventory space to make the most out of these freebies.

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