To the left is the completed Community Center and to the right is the restored Bus Stop with Pam.

Stardew Valley: Complete Community Center Guide

Restore Pelican Town to its former glory!

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Key Takeaway

There are six main bundles to complete in the Community Center, with four corresponding to the main skills in Stardew Valley:

  • The Crafts Room Bundle (Foraging)
  • The Pantry Bundle (Cooking)
  • The Boiler Room Bundle (Mining and Combat)
  • The Fish Tank Bundle (Fishing)
  • The Bulletin Board Bundle
  • The Vault Bundle

Upon completing all six bundles, the Community Center becomes fully-functioning and thriving with life. You’ll also gain access to special areas in Pelican Town, like the Calico Desert, the Quarry, minecart fast travel, and more.

Once thriving, Stardew Valley’s Community Center is in a state of disrepair when you first move into town, on the verge of being sold to the twisted JojaMart. Luckily, through the help of Junimo magic, you can restore it to its former glory by completing specific bundles inside.

Table Of Contents

    How to Unlock the Community Center

    A player stood in front of the Pelican Town Community Center at the start of the game.

    The Community Center is discovered early on in Stardew Valley and restoring it is one of the main questlines. Players can choose between restoring the Community Center or pursuing the alternative path, which involves buying a JojaMart membership pack and developing a Joja Warehouse instead.

    To unlock the Community Center, you only need to walk into Pelican Town between 8AM and 1PM from Spring 5 onwards to trigger a cutscene with Mayor Lewis. He’ll tell you about the abandoned Community Center and ask you to investigate what he believes to be a rat infestation. Instead, you’ll find small magical creatures known as Junimos at the heart of the problem.

    Upon entering the Community Center, you’ll find an old book inside. Visiting the Wizard for the first time triggers another cutscene. This lets you decipher the book and donate items to the Craft Room Bundle.

    New bundles will unlock as you progress through the different bundles at other locations.

    Once a bundle has been completed, that respective room and the surrounding area get struck by some Junimo magic and restored to its former glory.

    How to Complete the Crafts Room Bundle

    A player standing inside their Mushroom Cave on the Farm.

    The Crafts Room Bundle only requires items that you can naturally harvest around Stardew Valley. The main catch is that these forageables are all seasonal items, so you can only complete it once you’ve reached Winter.

    Completing all bundles (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Construction) for the Crafts Room Bundle will repair the bridge by the Mines overnight so you can access the Quarry.

    Bundle NameRequired ItemsRewards Upon Completion
    Spring Foraging Bundle• Wild Horseradish
    • Dandelion
    • Leek
    • Daffodil
    Spring Seeds (30)
    Summer Foraging Bundle• Grape
    • Spice Berry
    • Sweet Pea
    Summer Seeds (30)
    Fall Foraging Bundle• Common Mushroom
    • Hazelnut
    • Blackberry
    • Wild Plum
    Fall Seeds (30)
    Winter Foraging Bundle• Crystal Fruit
    • Crocus
    • Snow Yam
    • Winter Root
    Winter Seeds (30)
    Construction Bundle• Wood (99)
    • Wood (99)
    • Stone (99)
    • Hardwood (10)
    Charcoal Kiln
    Exotic Foraging BundleAny 5 of the items below:
    • Coconut
    • Cactus Fruit
    • Cave Carrot
    • Maple Syrup
    • Oak Resin
    • Pine Tar
    • Red Mushroom
    • Purple Mushroom
    • Morel
    Autumn's Bounty (5)

    For the Exotic Foraging Bundle, we recommend going with the easiest-to-obtain items, like the Tree Syrups (Oak Resin, Maple Syrup, Pine Tar) tapped from trees on your Farm. If you chose the Mushroom Cave, you can also use Red and Purple Mushrooms, as well as the Morel, to contribute to your bundle.

    How to Complete the Pantry Bundle

    A player stood next to fully-grown Poppy and Star Spangle with Honey ready to harvest.

    The Pantry Room Bundle tests your farming prowess, as you must donate crops from every season to the bundle. This bundle also requires Gold-Quality crops and even Animal Produce like Eggs and Wool. Make sure you’ve got some Rarecrows or regular Scarecrows on hand to scare away any feathered pests!

    Finishing all bundles in the Pantry will fix up the Greenhouse on your Farm, ready for you to grow seasonal crops all year round!

    Bundle NameRequired ItemsRewards Upon Completion
    Spring Crops Bundle• Parsnip
    • Cauliflower
    • Green Bean
    • Potato
    Speed-Gro (20)
    Summer Crops Bundle• Tomato
    • Blueberry
    • Melon
    • Hot Pepper
    Quality Sprinkler
    Fall Crops Bundle• Corn
    • Eggplant
    • Pumpkin
    • Yam
    Bee House
    Quality Crops Bundle• Gold-Quality Parsnips (5)
    • Gold-Quality Melons (5)
    • Gold-Quality Corn (5)
    • Gold-Quality Pumpkins (5)
    Preserves Jar
    Animal BundleAny 5 of the items below:
    • Large Milk
    • Large Goat Milk
    • Large Egg
    • Large Brown Egg
    • Duck Egg
    Cheese Press
    Artisan BundleAny 5 of the items below:
    • Cheese
    • Goat Cheese
    • Honey
    • Jelly
    • Cloth
    • Fruit Tree Produce (Apple, Apricot, Orange, Cherry, Pomegranate, Peach)

    How to Complete the Boiler Room Bundle

    A player collection Iron Bars for the Boiler Room Bundle in Stardew Valley.

    Get your swords and pickaxes out – it’s time for an adventure in the Mines. The Boiler Room Bundle requires you to collect and process ore like Copper and Iron, and deliver monster loot like Bat Wings.

    Completing this bundle is essential, as it activates all the minecarts around Pelican Town. This means you can fast-travel to the Mines, the Quarry, or Clint’s house in town.

    Bundle NameRequired ItemsRewards Upon Completion
    Blacksmith Bundle• Copper Bar
    • Iron Bar
    • Gold Bar
    Adventure Bundle• Slime (99)
    • Bat Wings (10)
    • Solar Essence
    • Void Essence
    Small Magnet Ring
    Geologist's Bundle• Quartz
    • Fire Quartz
    • Frozen Tear
    • Earth Crystal
    Omni Geodes (5)

    How to Complete the Fish Tank Bundle

    A player in the Calico Desert fishing for a Sandfish for the Specialty Fish bundle.

    True to its name, the Fish Tank bundle requires you to sling your hook and reel in some fish. Finishing all these mini bundles for the Fish Tank Bundle lets you start Panning in the Mountains for gold after a short cutscene with Willy.

    River Fish Bundle

    Required FishSpawning Season(s)Weather ConditionsSpawn Times
    CatfishSpring and SummerSunny/ClearBetween 6 AM and 12 PM
    ShadSpring, Summer, and FallRainBetween 9 AM and 2 AM
    SunfishSpring and SummerSunny/ClearBetween 6 AM and 7 PM
    Tiger TroutFall and WinterAny weatherBetween 6 AM and 7 PM

    Lake Fish Bundle

    • Reward: Dressed Spinner

    Lake fish can be found in any weather from the Mountain Lake near Linus’ Tent and the Mines or the Wilderness Farm if that’s your chosen map.

    Required FishSpawning SeasonWeather ConditionsSpawn Times
    CarpSpring, Summer, and FallAnyAny
    Largemouth BassAnyAnyBetween 6 AM and 7 PM
    StrugeonSummer and WinterAnyBetween 6 AM and 7 PM

    Ocean Fish Bundle

    • Reward: Beach Warp Totems (5)
    Required FishSpawning Season(s) Weather ConditionsSpawning Times
    Red SnapperSummer and FallRainBetween 6 AM and 7 PM
    SardineSpring, Fall, and WinterAnyBetween 6 AM and 7 PM
    TilapiaSummer and FallAnyBetween 6 AM and 7 PM
    TunaSummer and WinterAnyBetween 6 AM and 7 PM

    Night Fishing Bundle

    • Reward: Small Glow Ring
    Required FishSpawning Season(s)Weather ConditionsLocationSpawn Times
    BreamAnyAnyRiverBetween 6 PM and 2 AM
    EelSummerAnyOceanBetween 4 PM and 2 AM
    WalleyeAnyRainLakeBetween 12 PM and 2 AM

    Crab Pot Bundle

    • Reward: Crab Pot (3)
    Required FishCrab Pot LocationOther Ways to Obtain
    ClamOceanBach Foraging
    CockleOceanBeach Foraging
    Crab OceanDrops from Rock Crabs or Lava Crabs in the Mines
    MusselOceanBeach Foraging
    OysterOceanBeach Foraging

    Speciality Fish Bundle

    • Reward: Dish O’ The Sea (5)
    Required FishSpawning SeasonWeather ConditionsSpawning LocationTime
    GhostfishAnyAnyThe Mines, Level 20 and Level 60Any
    PufferfishSummerSunnyOceanBetween 12 PM and 4 PM
    SandfishAnyAnyCalico Desert PondBetween 6 AM and 8 PM
    WoodskipAnyAnySecret Woods LakeAny

    How to Complete the Bulletin Board Bundle

    A player gathering eggs for the Bulletin Board Bundle.

    If you want to befriend some of the key citizens of Pelican Town, the Bulletin Board Bundle will help by adding 500 friendship points (two hearts) with every non-datable NPC upon completion. To complete the Bulletin Board Bundle, you need to find some specialty items and donate them.

    The Bulletin Board Bundle appears after completing three bundles in the Community Center.
    Bundle NameRequired ItemsRewards Upon Completion
    Chef's Bundle• Maple Syrup
    • Truffle
    • Maki Roll
    • Poppy
    • Fiddlehead Fern
    • Fried Egg
    Pink Cake (3)
    Dye Bundle• Aquamarine
    • Duck Feather
    • Red Cabbage
    • Red Mushroom
    • Sunflower
    Seed Maker
    Enchanter's Bundle• Oak Resin
    • Pomegranate
    • Rabbit's Foot
    • Wine (Any)
    Gold Bar (5)
    Field Research Bundle• Chub
    • Frozen Geode
    • Nautilus Shell
    • Purple Mushroom
    Recycling Machine
    Fodder Bundle• Apples (3)
    • Hay (10)
    • Wheat (10)

    How to Complete the Vault Bundle

    A Stardew Valley player standing next to the restored vault with Mayor Lewis.

    It’s time to put your money where your mouth is with the Vault Bundle! There are no items to donate with this one, just pay your kindness forward with some cash donations (42,500g in total) to the Community Center. Completing this bundle will restore Pelican’s Town’s bus service, with Pam ready to drive to the Calico Desert. Maybe you can get into Mr Qi’s Casino while you’re there?

    Gold AmountRewards
    2,500gChocolate Cake (3)
    5,000gQuality Fertilizer (30)
    10,000gLightning Rod

    What Happens After the Community Center is Complete?

    The Missing Bundle, available in JojaMart after the Community Center is restored.

    Once the Community Center is restored, it’ll become a flourishing hive of activity for Pelican Town, with many residents spending their time there. As such, JojaMart will become abandoned. A lightning strike will hit the newly abandoned Jojamart the first night before a rainy day, allowing player entry.

    You’ll find the Missing Bundle, unlocking the Movie Theater upon completion. Here, you can invite villagers to watch movies and play a crane mini-game to win unique prizes and items.

    You can pick any five of the items below to complete The Missing Bundle:

    • Caviar
    • Silver-Quality (or better) Wine
    • Dinosaur Mayonnaise
    • Gold-Quality Ancient Fruit
    • Gold or Iridium Quality Void Salmon
    • Prismatic Shard

    The Community Center in Stardew Valley adds a rewarding element as players watch the town transform before their very eyes. It also prompts them to train their skills, like fishing and farming, to complete the bundles and breathe new life into the town.

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