To the left is the Baby Manatee petting minigame, to the right is Dave in the Glacial Area.

Dave the Diver: Where to Find the Lost Baby Manatee

Reunite a family!

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Key Takeaway

Gumo, the seaweed farmer in Dave the Diver, gives Dave the Lost Baby Manatee quest in the Sea People Village in Chapter 6: Melting Glacier. You can find the Lost Baby Manatee to the left of the ice tunnel maze in the Glacier Area. To access the Ice Hollow, break the entrance open using two or three nearby rocks.

Once inside, you must pet the Lost Baby Manatee using the colored on-screen prompts before escorting it through the cavern. Then, you must defeat two foes—a Narwhal, and a Porbeagle Shark—to progress through the Ice Hollow and complete the quest.

Dave the Diver takes players on adventures through deep waters and uncharted areas in both the main campaign and submissions. One of these submissions involves Dave becoming a glorified babysitter, seeking a young aquatic mammal. It’s time to rescue the Lost Baby Manatee in Dave the Diver! 

Table Of Contents

    Starting the “Lost Baby Manatee” Dave the Diver Sub-Mission

    Starting the Lost Baby Manatee quest from Gumo.

    Once you have reached Chapter 6: Melting Glacier of the main campaign and have rescued the baby Beluga whale, another sub-mission will become available. Talk to Gumo, the seaweed farmer, in the Sea People Village to start the “Lost Baby Manatee” side quest.

    He will express concerns that his helper, the baby Manatee, is missing. Dave will use his expertise to deduce that the Baby Manatee has likely swam into waters unknown within the Glacier Area, promising to return it ASAP. 

    Finding the Lost Baby Manatee in Dave the Diver

    Dave in the Glacier Area searching for the Lost Baby Manatee.

    You must now head to the Glacier Area, either via the mirror in the Sea People Village or the one on the boat. On the way, you’ll encounter aggressive high-level aquatic creatures.

    Come prepared with Oxygen Tank upgrades and reliable weapons like the Underwater Rifle II or Sniper Rifle.

    Once you’re adequately armed, swim down from the Glacier Arena entrance. Head left to find the top entrance to the Ice Tunnel maze. You may encounter a Narwhal and Porbeagle Shark on the way, so tranquilize them to harvest these delicious creatures—ready to serve on a platter at Bancho Sushi. Be wary, as, when tranquilizing sharks, undersea battles can get dangerous!

    Take the path from the top of the ice tunnel maze and follow it down. When the path splits, turn left. Continue following the path up and then back down. Eventually, Dave hears a sound coming from in the Ice Tunnel. 

    Make sure your sound is turned on to follow the cries of the Lost Baby Manatee. Use headphones for extra precision.

    A frozen ice prism blocks the route to the Baby Manatee. Luckily, some nearby rocks help you open the path—carry and drop them on the ice below. Once you’ve dropped three rocks, the path to the Ice Hollow cracks open and you can enter the new region. 

    Calming the Baby Manatee

    Petting the Baby Manatee inside the Ice Hollow.

    Swim all the way to the left inside the Ice Hollow to find the Baby Manatee. To progress the mission, Dave will have to pet the Manatee to calm it down. 

    You’ll have to pet the Manatee on specific red circles. This will take three tries for it to calm down and progress the mission. Petting the wrong spot will irritate the Baby Manatee, and you’ll have to start again. 

    Exiting the Ice Hollow

    Fighting off the Narwhal during the Manatee escort mission.

    Once the Lost Baby Manatee has calmed down, it’s time to leave the Ice Hollow. This section is an escort mission—you must do your best to avoid letting the Lost Baby Manatee get hurt too badly, especially because of its small health bar.

    If the Manatee’s health bar reaches zero, the mission will automatically fail, and you’ll have to start again from a checkpoint.

    In the first cavern, you’ll encounter an aggressive Narwhal. The Lost Baby Manatee won’t progress any further, so you’ll have to kill the Narwhal before you can continue on your way. Dodge its thrust and strike attacks while staying away from the Lost Baby Manatee. After dispatching this threat and swimming right, you’ll encounter another foe: a Porbeagle Shark.

    This enemy is swift and deadly; dealing lots of damage if you can’t dodge quickly enough. If you run out of bullets or need more oxygen, scout the cavern floor to top yourself up. Again, keep the Porbeagle Shark away from the Lost Baby Manatee to avoid unnecessary damage to it.

    Once the shark is dealt with, inspect the body to harvest any meat and potential Shark Teeth from the corpse. Now, you can exit the Ice Hollow. Freedom!

    Rewards for the Lost Baby Manatee Sub-Mission

    The Lost Baby Manatee will be able to find its way home from here. Now you can head back to the Sea People Village to claim your rewards from Gumo, namely 35 Bei, three Sea Grape Seeds, and three Agar Seeds.

    Using the seeds from this quest’s rewards, you can begin growing seaweed species on Gumo’s Farm. These exotic plants can increase your Best Taste rating beyond your wildest dreams. You can also use the Bei currency and put it towards buying goodies like the Coral Orb from the Blacksmith’s Shop and get yourself some crucial weapon upgrades!

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