The boss card for the Great White Shark Klaus boss fight in Dave the Diver.

Dave the Diver: How to Beat Klaus

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Key Takeaway

Klaus is one of the three optional “Stormy Night” bosses encountered in Dave the Diver. While players typically should have defeated the previous two bosses, Truck Hermit Crab and Mantis Shrimp, Klaus’s specific quest, “Revenge Time,” can also activate during the Shark Party event for Bancho Sushi.

Klaus’s hideout can only be found during stormy nights at a depth of 0 – 50 meters in the Blue Water Shallows. The main strategy for defeating the Great White boss is to dodge his three attacks (Bite Attack, Dash Attack, and Whirlpool), and deal enough damage to him to trigger the final cutscene.

The rewards for defeating Klaus include Klaus’s Fin (used to make the White Shark Omelet), and the Shark Tooth Necklace Charm, which gives the buff of dealing 15% extra damage with the Harpoon when equipped.

The terror of the Blue Hole—the Great White Shark Klaus—is arguably deadlier than the seabeast from Jaws. As such, you’ll need to arm yourself to the teeth and prepare some quick reflexes to beat Klaus in Dave the Diver.

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    Preparing to Fight the Great White Shark Klaus

    Before you even think about facing off against Klaus, you’ll need to make some preparations and upgrades to Dave’s equipment. If you’re looking to upgrade weapons, you should get your hands on rare goods like Shark Teeth or a Coral Orb.

    Make sure you’re armed with a decent weapon, like the Underwater Rifle III, for an extra boost of damage. You won’t be able to tranquilize Klaus like any other shark. Instead, you can go for a weapon that has the Flame, Poison, or Lightning debuff for some DoT (damage over time) as extra insurance. 

    Since oxygen functions as Dave’s health bar, you should always prioritize upgrading Dave’s Air Tank on the iDiver app whenever you have the cash. This way, you can tank hits if you accidentally fail to dodge any of Klaus’ attacks. 

    How to Find Klaus in Dave the Diver

    The whirlpool to access Klaus's hideout in Dave the Diver.

    To beat Klaus, you’ll need to have progressed far enough to unlock the Marinca app on Dave’s smartphone and Night Diving. Sato, the Marinca card-collecting fanatic NPC, will approach Dave on stormy nights to tell him a vortex has opened within the Blue Hole depths. These mysterious portals lead to parts (and bosses) unknown.

    Klaus is one of three Stormy Night bosses, the first two being the Truck Hermit Crab and the Mantis Shrimp. Typically, Klaus is the third boss you’ll encounter. However, Klaus can be triggered sooner if the Shark Party event is active.

    On any stormy night, an old lady named Clara will approach Dave at the boat. While Clara shares her life story, the limited-time quest “Revenge Time!” will begin. Long story short, she wants to kill the Great White Shark Klaus as it was responsible for her husband’s death. She asks for Dave’s assistance locating Klaus’ hideout, asking Dave to call her as soon as he’s found it.

    Location of Klaus’ Hideout

    Now it’s time for a late-night dive! Equip your guns and other equipment then dive into the deep blue unknown.

    Before trying to find his hideout, you should swim around the Blue Hole vortex and open as many weapon crates and yellow boxes as you can. These could provide much-needed weapon enhancements, portable O2, or even an Underwater Scooter for extra mobility.

    Klaus’s vortex can be found anywhere between 0 to 50 meters in the Blue Hole Shallows. It can spawn anywhere in this depth but most players will find it on the far right side of the Blue Hole. Be wary of other night-time threats getting in your way—you need to save all the oxygen you can for the fight ahead!

    Turn your sound on! You should be able to hear the vortex rumbling when you’re close to it. This sound is directional and will get louder the closer you get to the vortex.

    How to Beat Klaus in Dave the Diver

    The cutscene of Clara helping Dave defeat Klaus.

    Once you enter the battlefield, you’ll realize that Clara isn’t coming to your aid anytime soon. You’ll have to hold your ground against the Great White yourself. However, this boss fight is pretty simple in comparison to previous foes. To beat Klaus in Dave the Diver, dodge the shark’s attacks, and deal damage to end the battle. Easy! 

    Here are all the attacks you’ll see from Klaus in Dave the Diver:

    Attack NameDescription
    DashIf Klaus is far away from Dave, it will close the distance with a high-speed dash attack. Dave can dodge the attack by swimming out of the way, but this attack still leaves Klaus close by.
    BiteWhen Klaus is close to Dave, it will perform a charged bite attack. It stays stationary for a second, then launches itself at Dave while biting. This attack is extremely hard to dodge, and may need to simply be tanked.
    Whirlpool SummonEvery few seconds, Klaus will go to the right side of the arena and launch moving whirlpools at Dave's location. The whirlpools alternate between the top and bottom halves of the battlefield.

    When Klaus has taken around 400/500 damage, it will become enraged, enhancing the whirlpool attack. The whirlpools will move vertically around the arena, making them harder to dodge

    Klaus will cycle through the three attacks listed above during the fight. Instead of trying to immediately damage Klaus, you should focus on dodging. Klaus has a bit of downtime between each attack, which presents the perfect opportunity to sink in some damage. Take your time and play it carefully, as this fight isn’t timed.

    After getting to 50% of his HP, Klaus will become enraged, moving faster and dealing more damage upon contact.

    After inflicting roughly 650 damage, Clara will come to the rescue and deal the finishing blow to Klaus. This ends the fight, leaving you to reap the rewards.

    Rewards for Beating Klaus in Dave the Diver 

    The Shark Teeth Necklace Charm reward for defeating Klaus.After the fight, you can harvest Klaus’s Fin to unlock the recipe for the White Shark Omelet in the Research Tab of Bancho Sushi. This recipe only requires one Artisan’s Flame to learn and makes ten servings. However, like all meals with ingredients from bosses, it only has one use.

    Save the White Shark Omelet for the Shark Party event to make a ton of extra cash!

    When returning to the surface after victory against Klaus, Clara will give you the Shark Teeth Necklace Charm. This handy item increases the damage of your Harpoon by 15% when equipped, making it a useful item for catching fish. This is especially true in the late game, as even your maxed-out Harpoon won’t immediately capture any aquatic creatures—big or small.

    Serving up Klaus on a platter for guests in Bancho Sushi is a great way to boost your Cooksta rating as well as increase your Best Taste rating—just make sure you have employed the best staff money can buy to keep up with the demand!

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