Elden Ring: Who Killed Irina?

Irina is an NPC you’ll meet in Elden Ring. Unfortunately, this character meets a tragic end — one that is clouded in mystery. Who killed Irina in Elden Ring? This question is among the many unanswered ones in the game.

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    There Isn’t a Definite Answer as to Who Killed Irina

    As far as the game is concerned, the players aren’t outright told who killed Irina, nor why she was specifically targeted in the first place.

    However, we can still make theories on who exactly is responsible for ending Irina’s life.

    Theory #1: Casualty of War

    Irina sitting on a rock at the side of the road in Elden Ring.

    When we first meet Irina, she is sitting at the side of the road that leads directly to where multiple hostiles are. This means she wasn’t necessarily safe to begin with.

    It’s highly possible that Irina was just found by the wandering misbegotten enemies, who then killed her where she sat.

    We know it was a misbegotten that killed Irina because of the bloodied Iron Cleaver next to her body. An Iron Cleaver is one of the misbegotten’s weapons of choice.

    Theory #2: Hyetta Killed Irina to Obtain Her Body

    The Tarnished talking to Hyetta.

    This is a common theory seeing as how Hyetta and Irina are completely identical. They share the same model and the same voice actor.

    On top of these obvious similarities, Hyetta will also only appear after Irina dies.

    Hyetta is a follower of the frenzied flame. There’s another NPC that’s tied to the frenzied flame in Elden Ring that also takes on the appearance of another character. This NPC says that the deceased character gave him his body, but it is theorized that Shabriri killed Yura and stole his body for himself.

    This NPC is Shabriri, and the original owner of the body he inhabits is Yura. Could Hyetta and Irina’s situation be similar to Shabriri and Yura’s?

    The one glaring flaw to this theory, though, is that you’re still able to find Irina’s body in its usual position even after meeting Hyetta. It’s highly possible that Irina was simply killed by another hostile, and Hyetta came along later on and “copied” Irina’s likeness.

    It’s also very possible that the developers behind the game simply used the same character model for both NPCs.

    Is There A Way To Save Irina?

    Irina's side quest in Elden Ring.

    In true FromSoftware fashion, the only way to really save Irina is to not do her questline at all. It seems she’ll die no matter what else you do, as long as you deliver her letter to her father.

    There’s no true reward to completing Irina’s questline, aside from giving you access to Hyetta’s questline. Completing Hyetta’s questline does reward the Frenzied Flame Seal, though. If this Sacred Seal is something you can live without, you can skip Irina’s quest to spare her from her demise.

    The Tarnished kneeling in front of Irina.