Getting ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to Get Every Ingredient

Track down valuable ingredients by shopping, exploring, and harvesting!

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Key Takeaway

Every potion ingredient can be found at J. Pippin’s Potions and The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade. Moonstones can be easily found in rocky areas while exploring. Beast ingredients can be bought at the Brood and Peck in Hogsmeade.

While the usefulness of potions in Hogwarts Legacy can be debated, you still need a few of them for quests. To make them—and upgrade your gear—you need special items called ingredients. You want to get every ingredient at least once, as they are the keys to improving equipment.

Table Of Contents

    Where to Buy Ingredients

    A player buying potion ingredients from J. Pippin's Potions in Hogwarts Legacy.

    You can buy almost every ingredient that you could ever want in Hogsmeade! However, to unlock access to all the shops in town, you need to progress far enough in the main questline. The earliest point at which you can access every shop is after you complete the main quest called “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom”.

    Overall, there are 16 main ingredients listed in the Collections section of the menu. These are used for potions, conjuration, and Merlin Trials. However, there are also 12 ingredients that you can only get from beasts. Those are needed for upgrading your gear. If you buy out all the stock from shopkeepers, come back in a few days after they’ve had a chance to restock their goods.

    Here’s a breakdown of all 28 ingredients; where to get them, what they cost, and what they do:

    Ingredient NameLocationPriceFunction
    Ashwinder EggsJ. Pippin's Potions150Needed for Edurus Potions
    Dugbog TongueJ. Pippin's Potions100Needed for Focus Potions
    Horklump JuiceJ. Pippin's Potions50Needed for Wiggenweld Potions
    Lacewing FliesJ. Pippin's Potions100Needed for Focus Potions
    Leaping Toadstool CapsJ. Pippin's Potions150Needed for Invisibility Potions
    Leech JuiceJ. Pippin's Potions150Needed for Maxima and Thunderbrew Potions
    Spider FangJ. Pippin's Potions50Needed for Maxima Potions
    Stench of the DeadJ. Pippin's Potions100Needed for Thunderbrew Potions
    Troll BogeysJ. Pippin's Potions100Needed for Invisibility Potions
    Mongrel FurJ. Pippin's Potions50Needed for Edurus Potions
    MoonstoneFound in rocky areasNANeeded to conjure structures in the Room of Requirement
    Dittany LeavesThe Magic Neep100Needed for Wiggenweld Potions
    Fluxweed StemThe Magic Neep150Needed for Focus Potions
    Knotgrass SprigThe Magic Neep150Needed for Invisibility Potions
    Mallowsweet LeavesThe Magic Neep100Needed for unlocking Merlin Trials
    Shrivelfig FruitThe Magic Neep150Needed for Thunderbrew Potions
    Diricawl FeatherBrood & Peck250Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear
    Fwooper FeatherBrood & Peck250Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear
    Graphorn HornBrood & Peck700Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear
    Hippogriff FeatherBrood & Peck700Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear
    Jobberknoll FeatherBrood & Peck150Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear
    Kneazle FurBrood & Peck400Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear
    Mooncalf FurBrood & Peck150Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear
    Niffler FurBrood & Peck250Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear
    Puffskein FurBrood & Peck150Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear
    Thestral HairBrood & Peck400Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear
    Toad WartsBrood & Peck400Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear
    Unicorn HairBrood & Peck700Needed to upgrade and assign traits to gear

    How to Farm Ingredients

    A player buying potion ingredients from The Magic Neep in Hogwarts Legacy.

    If you’re running low on money, you can also get every ingredient through methods besides buying them. You can defeat enemies to get their drops, grow plants using seeds, and loot ingredients while exploring. There are some great farming spots throughout the world that will let you get what you need quickly and easily while saving money.

    Beast ingredients take a bit more effort to farm, as you first need to catch the desired beast. Also, you need to brush and feed said beasts before they give you any ingredients.

    All Ingredients Dropped From Enemies

    Most enemies have lairs where they respawn. Once you clear out a lair, leave and do other things before coming back to find the respawned enemies. Alternatively, you can always leave the lair, wait for a day or two, and then come back. Be sure to use Revelio while flying around to spot Lairs more easily.

    • Dugbog Tongue – There is a Dugbog Lair southwest of Irondale
    • Spider Fang – There are multiple Spider Lairs in the southern part of the Forbidden Forest
    • Stench of the Dead – There is an Inferi Lair northeast of Keenbridge
    • Troll Bogeys – There is a Troll Lair west of Feldcroft
    • Mongrel Fur – There is a Mongrel Lair south of Lower Hogsfield

    All Growable Ingredients

    Some ingredients can only be obtained by growing them yourself. To do so, you need access to a planting pot of the correct size. One small pot is available in the Hogwarts Greenhouse, however, you can make your own pots of various sizes.

    First, you need to buy the Conjuration Spellcrafts for small, medium, and large pots at Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade. Then, you can set them up in the Room of Requirement. All you have to do after that is buy the seeds, plant them, and wait until they grow. The seeds for all non-combat plants can be bought at The Magic Neep.

    Thankfully, you only need one seed per plant, as plants can be harvested indefinitely from the same pot once planted. To increase the yield of your plants, be sure to use Fertiliser. You can buy Fertiliser from The Magic Neep as well as from Dogweed and Deathcap for $300 each.

    • Dittany Leaves – can use any pot size
    • Fluxweed Stem – needs a large pot
    • Knotgrass Sprigs – can use any pot size
    • Mallowsweet Leaves – can use any pot size
    • Shrivelfig Fruit – needs a medium or large pot

    All Harvestable Ingredients

    There are quite a few kinds of ingredients that can be found in many places. Such items are abundant and can be farmed easily while naturally exploring. As opposed to the ones that drop from enemies, all you need to do to get these is pick them up off the ground or hit them with a basic cast.

    Like with enemy Lairs, these spots respawn their resources once in a while. As such, you can pick a reliable spot and come back to it often!

    • Ashwinder Eggs – a few clutches of eggs can be found west of the Giant Purple Toad Den north of Aranshire
    • Horklump Juice – many plants can be found in and around the Medium Bandit Camp northwest of Upper Hogsfield
    • Lacewing Flies – many bushes can be found west of the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame location along the path connecting Hogwarts and Hogsmeade
    • Leaping Toadstool Caps – many can be found on the ground within the Forbidden Forest—and other heavily wooded areas
    • Leech Juice – many leeches can be found near the rivers and the shores of lakes everywhere
    • Moonstone – many clusters can be found near rocky areas, cliffs, ledges, and mountainsides

    Where to Find Every Beast

    For the items you get from beasts, you need to rescue them using the Nab-Sack and release them in the Room of Requirement. Afterward, you can brush and feed the freed beasts to get their ingredients. With that said, you first need to track down the desired beast!

    • Diricawl Den – one is found in the ruins northwest of Keenbridge
    • Fwooper Den – one is found southwest of Keenbridge—a bit west of a Small Bandit Camp
    • Graphorn Den – one is found in the southeastern part of the Clagmar Coast region
    • Hippogriff Den – one is found northeast of Feldcroft
    • Jobberknoll Den – one is found west of Irondale
    • Kneazle Den – one is found south of Brocburrow
    • Mooncalf Den – one is found south of Feldcroft
    • Niffler Den – one is found east of Keenbridge
    • Puffskein Den – one is found southwest of Hogsmeade
    • Thestral Den – one is found north of the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame location
    • Giant Purple Toad Den – one is found north of Aranshire
    • Unicorn Den – one is found west of Upper Hogsfield