Hollow Knight: How to Get to the White Palace

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The White Palace is a hidden location, which also happens to be one of Hollow Knight’s most challenging areas. Getting to it requires extensive progression, but its reward also entails lore significance. Here’s how you can get to this location.

The White Palace

The White Palace in Hollow Knight.

The enigmatic White Palace is home to the Pale King. You will first hear a mention of this area from Relic Seeker Lemm. Originally located in the Palace Grounds in the Ancient Basin, the palace itself is no longer there. Its only remnant is a Kingsmould corpse guarding a dilapidated entrance that leads to nowhere.

In actuality, the White Palace got relocated to the Dream Realm, which means the only way to reach it is by using the Dream Nail. Once there, the area’s bright and gleaming architecture will greet you, a stark contrast to the dark atmosphere of the Ancient Basin area before it.

The bright and gleaming architecture of the White Palace in Hollow Knight.

Navigating the White Palace requires patience and precision. From a gameplay standpoint, this area is the game’s most intense and difficult platforming area. Those who are patient and skillful enough to make their way to the end will find the corpse of the late Pale King. If the player attacks the Pale King’s corpse, it will drop the right half of the Kingsoul, a charm that opens up an area in The Abyss known as “The Birthplace.”

How to Get to the White Palace in Hollow Knight

The Entrance to the White Palace

To get to the White Palace, you will need the Awoken Dream Nail. You can unlock this variation of the Dream Nail from the Seer. She will only give this reward to you after you’ve collected 1,800 Essence.

Using the Dream Nail on the Kingsmould corpse.

Once you’ve awoken the Dream Nail, head back to the Palace Grounds and use your upgraded Dream Nail on the Kingsmould corpse. Doing so will automatically transport you to the White Palace.