To the left is a player standing next to Mayor Lewis' Lucky Purple Shorts in his basement. To the right is a player standing in front of Mayor Lewis' house.

Stardew Valley: How to Get Into Mayor Lewis’ Basement

What's Mayor Lewis doing in the dark?

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Key Takeaway

To gain access to Mayor Lewis’ Basement, you’ll need to befriend him to at least Four Hearts to get inside his bedroom.

You’ll need to use a Staircase (crafted from 99 Stone) inside his bedroom to go down into the Basement. Who knows what you’ll discover inside?

The Stardew Valley 1.6 update has a myriad of interesting secrets and new content to explore. If curious players want to learn more about the beloved Mayor of the quaint Pelican Town, here’s how to get into Mayor Lewis’ Basement in Stardew Valley.

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    Getting From Mayor Lewis’ Bedroom to His Basement

    A player about to use a Staircase in Mayor Lewis' bedroom

    Before attempting to infiltrate Mayor Lewis’ Basement, you must reach at least Four Friendship Hearts with him to access his bedroom. Naughty! Here are his Liked and Loved gifts so you can become best pals with the Mayor in no time.

    Loved GiftsLiked Gifts
    All Universal LovesAll Universal Likes
    Autumn's BountyCactus Fruit
    Glazed YamsBlueberry
    Green TeaCoconut
    Vegetable Medley
    Hot Pepper

    For more gift-giving ideas, check out our universal gift guide for Stardew Valley.

    Once you’ve reached Four Hearts, you’ll also need 99 Stone to craft a Staircase. This requires Mining Level 2. If you want to skip crafting, buy the required amount of Stone from Robin for 20 or 100G, depending on whether you’re in Year 1 or Year 2+.

    As a precaution, wear a Glow Ring or one of its counterparts so you have a constant light source available. Also, bring plenty of food to heal up in a pinch.

    Now with your Staircase in hand, head inside Mayor Lewis’ Bedroom. Now, place your staircase anywhere in the room and right-click it to head down into the depths.

    What’s Inside Mayor Lewis’ Basement?

    Once you’ve headed down the Staircase, you’ll spawn in what looks to be a dank, underground dungeon. It’s pretty dark down here, and there’s a barrel maze impeding your progress. In the bottom-right corner, you’ll see Mayor Lewis’s signature Lucky Purple Shorts illuminated for all to see—a holy grail, if you will.

    The solution to the mini-maze inside Mayor Lewis' Basement.

    Use the light emanating from Mayor Lewis’ Shorts to guide your way through the maze. Once there, you’ll encounter a desktop computer, a trash can, a chair, and Mayor Lewis’ Lucky Purple Shorts discarded on the ground. Seems a little suspicious of the supposedly wholesome Mayor…

    How to Get Out of Mayor Lewis’ Basement

    A player being attacked by a flying pair of Purple Shorts in Mayor Lewis' Basement.

    Once you pick up the Purple Shorts on the ground, spooky sound effects will play, and a mysterious apparition will spawn in the top left. It seems that after years of tormenting Lewis by sneaking his Shorts into the Luau Soup or displaying them for all of Pelican Town to see at the Town Fair, his Shorts have gained a ghostly, fearsome spirit of their own.

    These phantom floating shorts are impossible to damage as all attempted swings miss and go through thin air. This pair of shorts will endlessly follow and attack you until you leave the cellar, dealing considerable damage. Your only hope is to high-tail it out of there to the safety of the ladder.

    Keep food on your hotbar so you can quickly heal if needed.

    Once you’re out of the Basement, take a breather. Good job, you now have a pair of Lucky Purple Shorts as a permanent souvenir! But that’s not even the best part—the Lucky Purple Shorts endlessly respawn, meaning you can grab as many pairs as you like on subsequent trips.

    If you’re feeling particularly mischievous with spare Staircases, you can fill your inventory (so upgrade it) with Lucky Purple Shorts! Better yet, move a Chest inside his house within which to store your stolen booty.

    The best part of this is that these Purple Shorts endlessly regenerate in Mayor Lewis’ Basement, so Stardew Valley players have multiple ways of tormenting the Pelican Town Mayor at every event, even at the Flower Dance. Now, if the next potluck Luau Soup tastes suspiciously like Lucky Purple Shorts, we know who to blame! If you’re a secret hunter, deep-dive into solving all the Secret Notes, or try obtaining the legendary Meowmere sword.

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