To the left is a player using their Meowmere sword. To the right is the cutscene of the player getting Meowmere.

Stardew Valley: How to Get Meowmere in the 1.6 Update

When worlds collide!

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Key Takeaway

To obtain the Meowmere sword in Stardew Valley, players must complete these steps:

  1. Befriend the Wizard to at least Four Friendship Hearts (to unlock access to the Wizards Tower Basement)
  2. Obtain an Ancient Doll (through tilling Artifact Spots, Fishing Treasure Chests, or Treasure Troves, the Desert Festival)
  3. Use the Ancient Doll on Floor 100 of the Mines or Volcano Caldera to get the Far Away Stone
  4. Interact with the plant pedestal in the Wizard Tower Basement while holding the Far Away Stone to trigger a cutscene and get Meowmere

Stardew Valley‘s 1.6 update is a treasure trove of hidden items and secrets! ConcernedApe—the creator of Stardew Valley—has given players a shiny new toy to add to their armory: the Meowmere, a legendary sword originally from the fellow indie gem, Terraria.

Table Of Contents

    What Is Meowmere in Stardew Valley

    Long-time Terraria fans will know of the Zenith, the ultimate fusion of legendary blades. While this sword isn’t available in ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley, one of its components is—the Meowmere sword.

    This sword definitely lacks Terraria’s wow factor and is missing its signature raining-cats animation and meowing sound effects. However, the pastel pink aesthetic and cute cat face hilt more than makeup for it. Its style points and overall aesthetic make it a must-have weapon for Stardew Valley collectors. Check out its stats below.

    Weapon LevelDamageSpecial Stats
    420• Speed (+4)
    • Weight (+2)

    To obtain the Meowmere in Stardew Valley, players must complete four simple steps:

    1. Befriend the Wizard up to Four Hearts
    2. Obtain an Ancient Doll
    3. Trade an Ancient Doll for the Far Away Stone
    4. Use the Far Away Stone on the plant pedestal in the Wizard’s Basement

    Befriending the Wizard

    A player about to gift the Wizard Solar Essence.

    Firstly, you’ll need access to the Wizard’s Basement before you begin the process of unlocking Meowmere. You can access the Wizard’s Basement when you reach Four Friendship Hearts with the Wizard, aka M Rasmodius, which is easily done through daily interactions and gifting Loved presents twice a week.

    Here are his Liked and Loved gifts so you can become besties in no time – check the calendar and give the Wizard a present on his birthday for extra brownie points!

    Loved GiftsLiked Gifts
    Purple MushroomQuartz
    Solar EssenceAll Geode Minerals
    Void EssenceAll Universal Likes
    Super Cucumber
    All Universal Loves

    For ideal gift-giving information, check out our guide about universal Likes, Loves, Neutrals, Dislikes, and Hates in Stardew Valley.

    We recommend storing an abundance of his Loved gifts in a Chest nearby, like Solar or Void Essence. Solar Essence can be farmed through killing Mummies as well as through exorcising Ghosts, or bought from Krobus in the Sewers.

    The Wizard also stays in one spot above the cauldron so you don’t need to worry about anything disturbing his predetermined movement pattern.

    How to Get an Ancient Doll

    A player with an Ancient Doll at Clint the Blacksmith's house.

    The second step to getting Meowmere is arguably the most time-consuming: finding an Ancient Doll. You can dig up an Ancient Doll at Artifact Spots in the Mountain, Bus Stop, Cindersap Forest, or throughout Pelican Town, each with different drop chances:

    • The Mountains: 3%
    • Bus Stop: 2.4%
    • Cindersap Forest: 2.4%
    • Pelican Town: 0.8%
    Artifact Spots are tiny, wiggling worms you see on the ground. Use a Hoe to till the soil!

    Ancient Dolls can also be sourced from Fishing Treasure Chests (a 1% drop chance), Jas at the Desert Festival for one Calico Egg, or Treasure Troves bought from the Desert Trader for five Omni Geodes.

    The Desert Festival happens on Spring 15, 16, and 17 at 10 AM. Players can get Calico Eggs by betting on the Races that happen throughout the day.

    One final method of obtaining an Ancient Doll is during the Feast of the Winter Star, as a special gift from either Jas, Vincent, or Leo—although this method isn’t the most reliable.

    Treasure Troves are your best bet of getting an Ancient Doll with a 3.7% chance when cracked open at the Blacksmith’s. You can farm Omni Geodes inside Skull Cavern, either by mining rocks or killing any of the Cavern’s inhabitants (which is also a great way to level up a few Skills). Going on a Lucky day increases your haul of Omni Geodes, so pay attention to the daily Fortune Teller on TV!

    How to Get the Far Away Stone

    A player getting the Far Away Stone from a Bone Serpent on Floor 100 of the Mines.

    When you’re equipped with your eerie Ancient Doll, either take the elevator down to Level 100 of the Pelican Town Mines or take Willy’s boat to the Volcano Caldera on Ginger Island.

    Once at either location, right-click your Ancient Doll to throw it into its fiery doom. Your offering will appease a lava-dwelling Bone Serpent, which grants you a mysterious Far Away Stone, resembling a biome Pylon from Terraria.

    You can only obtain the Far Away Stone once, so don’t accidentally sell or drop it!

    Using the Far Away Stone to Get Meowmere in Stardew Valley

    Opening the portal to Terraria using the Far Away Stone to get Meowmere in Stardew Valley.

    Once you’ve got the Far Away Stone, head to the Wizard’s Tower in the Cindersap Forest. Make sure you’ve befriended him to at least four Friendship Hearts so you have access to his basement. Head to his cellar door in the backroom.

    When you arrive downstairs, place the Far Away Stone on the plant pedestal on the far right. A short cutscene will ensue, where you open a portal to Terraria‘s forest biome. A ginger cat walks between worlds and graciously hands you Meowmere—the Stardew Valley version. The Wizard disapproves of your snooping in his Basement, but you’re free to leave with your legendary Terraria sword!

    This pastel pink blade will serve players well on their various Stardew Valley exploits, especially when exploring Skull Cavern. With the magical power of kittens on your side, you can slay anything from spooky Ghosts to those elusive and pesky Squid Kids! If you want more secrets, why not go down the dark path of dismissing children in Stardew Valley?

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