A player holding all of the Legendary Fish in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley: Legendary Fish Guide

Gotta catch 'em all!

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Key Takeaway

There are five Legendary Fish in Stardew Valley. Each Legendary Fish has its own unique requirements and difficulty level. Although they offer no in-game perks, they are necessary for attaining 100% completion of the game.

  • Mutant Fish: Found in the Sewers during any season
  • Angler: Under the wooden bridge across Pelican Town river, near Joja Co (Fall only)
  • Crimsonfish: By the East Pier of the Beach (Summer only, between 6 AM – 8 PM)
  • Glacierfish: Close to the southern-most point of Arrowhead Island in Cindersap Forest (Winter only)
  • Legend: Within the Mountains Lake (any season, must be raining)

After catching all five of these fish, players may get to complete Mr. Qi’s Extended Family quest, requiring players to catch “family members” of these fish within three days. Their spawn locations are the same, but all seasonal and other prerequisites do not apply.

Stardew Valley has 83 aquatic species to capture—including the five Legendary Fish. However, the latter vary in catching difficulty, spawning locations, and seasons. If you want to add spectacular and rare specimens to your collection, prepare to demonstrate your masterful angling.

Table Of Contents

    What Are Legendary Fish?

    All Stardew Valley Legendary Fish in one chest.

    These are no ordinary catch of the day! Legendary Fish are slippery, elusive prey and much more challenging to catch than regular fish in Stardew Valley. While they serve no actual in-game bonus, they’re an additional change to spice up your gameplay. If you want, you can even sell them for a quick buck. Keep in mind that you can only catch one of each Legendary Fish per save file.

    These are five different types of Legendary Fish in Stardew Valley, as listed below:

    • Angler Fish
    • Crimsonfish
    • Legend
    • Glacierfish
    • Mutant Fish

    To guarantee your chances of success, ensure you’re at least Fishing Level 6, have plenty of bait available, and equip the Trap Bobber Fishing Tackle. If you can, use food that gives a Fishing Buff to increase the size of your Fishing Bar when you’ve caught a bite.

    You won’t know you’ve caught a Legendary Fish until it’s time to reel that bad boy in. Legendary Fish are characterized by a crown on top of their fish icon and move erratically while on your fishing line. They can be hard to pinpoint, so don’t be disheartened if it takes several tries!

    How to Catch the Mutant Fish

    The player holding the green and large-toothed Mutant Carp above their head after catching it in Stardew Valley.
    • Fishing Level Requirement: 0
    • Selling Price: 1,000G – 3,000G (depending on quality and profession)

    Ease yourself into the waters of Legendary Fish catching with the Mutant Carp. This gruesome mutation can only be found in the fluorescent waters of the Sewers, with no base Fishing level requirements to capture.

    The Mutant Fish is available in the Sewers all year round!

    Every time you sling your hook into the waters of the Sewers, you have a 10% chance of getting a bite from the Mutant Carp. It’s easy pickings from here as it’s the least tedious fish to reel in with a difficulty level of 80.

    How to Catch the Angler

    The player holding the yellow and big-eyed Angler fish above their head after catching it in Stardew Valley.
    • Base Fishing Level Requirement: 3
    • Selling Price: 900G – 2,700G (depending on quality and profession)

    As you head into the third season of the year, Fall, you may encounter the Angler on your fishing expeditions. To reel this sucker in, you’ll need to stand on the rickety, old wooden bridge near Joja Mart, to the north end of the Pelican Town River. Unlike most other fish on this list, the Angler has no weather or time requirements to appear.

    The Angler is one of the easiest Legendary Fish to catch, with a difficulty level of 85. As mentioned, this aquatic creature only needs a base Fishing Level of 3 to be encountered. Still, you can use buffs and a tackle to increase your chances of success. The difficulty lies in its rarity, with only a 20% chance of appearing. You can increase its spawn rates by going Fishing on Lucky days or boosting your Luck stat with cooked food or a Rabbit’s Foot.

    How to Catch the Crimsonfish

    The player holding the red Crimsonfish above their head after catching it in Stardew Valley.
    • Base Fishing Level Requirement: 5
    • Selling Price: 1,500G – 4,500G (depending on quality and profession)

    Time to go to the Beach and catch some Summer rays (and the Crimsonfish)! Once you’ve unlocked the Rock Pools by re-building the broken bridge with 300 Wood, head over to the East Pier. Cast your line and try to reel in a Crimsonfish. This is where the difficulty ramps up as the Crimsonfish only appears 18% of the time, with a difficulty rating of 95.

    While this crazy-looking fish can be caught during any weather during Summer, it only appears between 6 AM and 8 PM. Your fishing bobber must also be at least four tiles away from land, so put all your Energy into it!

    How to Catch the Glacierfish

    The player holding the blue and serpentine Glacierfish above their head after catching it.
    • Fishing Level Requirement: 6
    • Selling Price: 1,000G – 3,000G (depending on quality and profession)

    Next up is the Glacierfish. As the name hints, it’s only available in the dead of Winter. You can find this frosty fiend in the Cindersap Forest on what’s known as the “Arrowhead Island.” You must stand on the southernmost tip with only one square tile to stand on.

    Once you’re in the correct position, you can cast your line, but make sure your bobber is at least four titles away from land. You will always have a 50% chance of the Glacierfish spawning, and it has a difficulty level of 100. Get comfortable; you may be there for a while! Alternatively, get good by increasing your Fishing skill.

    How to Catch the Legend

    The player holding the fat green Legend fish above their head after catching it in Stardew Valley.
    • Base Fishing Level Requirement: 10
    • Selling Price: 5,000G – 15,000G (depending on quality and profession)

    Finally, it’s the big, bad boss of the Legendary Fish: the Legend. This fish requires Level 10 in Fishing, but you can always use buffs to cheat your way to the top. To catch the Legend, it must be raining (in any season), and you must be in the Mountains, to the East of Robin’s House.

    You can use a Rain Totem to increase the chances of rain for the following day.

    The best positioning to catch the Legend is to stand at the southernmost point of the mainland (next to the fence). From here, sling your hook at least five tiles away from land into the Mountain Lake. So long as all the conditions are met (Fishing Level, weather), the Legend will have a 10% chance of spawning. However, the difficulty of catching the Legend is 110, so you may need several attempts before a successful catch.

    Mr. Qi’s Extended Family: Legendary Fish II

    All five of the Extended Family Quest Fish.

    The “Extended Family” is one of the rotating quests offered by Mr. Qi in the Walnut Room on Ginger Island. The official Quest description is, “Family members of the legendary fish have returned. You have three days to catch Radioactive Carp, Ms. Angler, Son of Crimsonfish, Glacierfish Jr., and The Legend II.” Upon completion, you get 20 Qi Gems as a reward.

    Unlike the previous Legendary Fish, you can catch any Extended Family fish irrespective of time, Fishing level, weather, or season. The only limitation is that you have three days to catch them, so you’d better be quick!

    You can also catch more than one of each of these Extended Family fish as a memento.

    Luckily, all the Extended Family fish can be caught in the exact location as their predecessor.

    • Mutant Carp becomes Radioactive Carp (Worth between 1,000G – 3,000G)
    • Angler becomes Ms. Angler (Worth between 900G – 2,700G)
    • Crimsonfish becomes Son of Crimsonfish (Worth between 1,500 – 4,500G)
    • Glacierfish becomes Glacierfish Jr (Worth between 1,000G – 3,000G)
    • The Legend becomes The Legend II (Worth between 5,000G – 15,000G)

    We recommend equipping yourself with the best available Fishing gear to catch these Extended Family fish. This includes the Iridium Rod, Wild Bait, Lead Bobber, and the Curiosity Lure (dropped by slain Mummies). In particular, the Curiosity Lures will increase your chances of catching rare fish, making this challenge a breeze.

    Catching all the Stardew Valley Legendary Fish is a fun but necessary challenge for those wanting to achieve that 100% completion. While Legendary Fish have no additional purpose besides selling, players may want to hold onto them. Only one can appear per save file, with no other ways of obtaining these Legendary Fish. If you’re looking for more elusive collectibles, consider getting all the Rarecrows next!

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