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Terraria: How to Get ‘A Rare Realm’ Achievement

Achievement hunters, rejoice!

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Key Takeaway

To get “A Rare Realm” achievement, you need to enter a Secret Seed when creating a new Terraria world. You can use any of the following seeds to do so:

  • Drunk World Seed: 5162020
  • For the Worthy Seed: for the worthy
  • Celebration Seeds: celebrationmk10, 05162021, 5162021
  • The Constant Seeds: constant, theconstant, the constant, eye4aneye, eyeforaneye
  • Not the Bees Seed: not the bees!
  • Don’t Dig Up Seeds: don’t dig up, dont dig up, dontdigup
  • No Traps Seeds: no traps, notraps
  • Everything Seeds: getfixedboi, get fixed boi

“A Rare Realm” in Terraria is an achievement that requires players to enter any of the eight secret world seeds and load their character into it. If you’re a fan of this title and are looking to do everything possible, then you’ll need to tick this task off your list.

Table Of Contents

    What Are Secret World Seeds?

    Generating the Drunk World secret seed in Terraria.

    Secret World Seeds are world seeds with hidden Easter eggs. These procedurally-generated worlds usually have strange or unique features only seen in that specific seed. They sometimes add additional challenges like extra traps or new game mechanics such as changes to enemy behavior and statistics.

    All Secret World Seeds That Get You ‘A Rare Realm’

    There are currently eight different secret seeds. Loading a character into any of the seeds below will immediately award the player the achievement “A Rare Realm” on PC, Console, and Mobile.  

    When entering these world seeds, remember they aren’t case-sensitive.

    Drunk World

    • Seed: 5162020 

    The number for the “Drunk World” seed dates back to May 16, 2020, which is Terraria‘s 9th birthday. In this unique seed, both Crimson and Corruption will generate. Both variants of any ore will also generate, e.g., Iron and Lead. The Guide is also replaced by the Party Girl as the starting NPC.

    While generating the “Drunk World” seed, the background shows the Glowing Mushroom biome with a smiley face in the background. All generation descriptions will become random numbers that change every few seconds.

    For the Worthy

    • Seed: for the worthy 

    Enter this world seed if you dare! “For the Worthy” drastically increases the game’s difficulty; it’s only for elite players. In this world, everything is out to kill you or make your Terraria journey much more difficult – even Trees have a chance to drop lit Bombs when shaken.

    Playing on this world has an upscaled difficulty, so Classic becomes Expert and Expert becomes Master.

    Dangerous Underground micro-biomes are also way more common, such as Spider Nests and Glowing Mushroom biomes. If that isn’t enough, all enemy contact damage is increased, and all Bosses also receive alterations to their AI and size, making them harder to kill. Proceed with caution when using this seed!


    • Seeds: celebrationmk10, 05162021, 5162021

    As the name suggests, the “Celebrationmk10” seed celebrates Terraria’s 10th birthday. Upon loading into this brightly-colored landscape, a Party will immediately start. The Starting NPCs are the Guide, Steampunker, Princess, Party Girl, and Town Bunny.

    Blessing the world with positive vibes, this seed is perfect for players who want to ease themselves into the world of Terraria. It also increases the chance to obtain super rare items like exclusive developer items and items found in Chests always have the best modifiers.

    The Constant

    • Seeds: constant, theconstant, the constant, eye4aneye, eyeforaneye

    In contrast to the previous seed, “The Constant” world seed is a much gloomier affair. It’s part of the crossover with fellow indie gem Don’t Starve Together. It adds a dark shader to the normally bright and airy Terraria world.

    While loaded into “The Constant” world, items from the crossover content like the Bat Bat, Bone Helm, Monster Meat, and Deerclops will drop more often. This seed also introduces hunger mechanics to Terraria, making the early game especially challenging. The latter of which lowers the player’s stats and even damages them if they start Starving.

    Not the Bees

    The Bee Armor in Terraria.
    • Seed: not the bees!

    Not a world for anyone with a bee phobia (apiphobia), “Not the Bees” generates a world dominated by bee-themed biomes, items, and structures. When initially loading this world, all the text says “Generating Bees,” and the generation is time longer than for other seeds.

    Most of the world is the Jungle biome, and Larvae will frequently spawn outside of Bee Hives to harass the player. Unlike normal gameplay, players will spawn in the Jungle biome first rather than in the Forest.

    Don’t Dig Up

    • Seeds: don’t dig up, dont dig up, dontdigup

    Prepare to turn your world upside down! The “Don’t Dig Up” or “Remix” seed flips the normal player progression on its head by having the player’s World Spawn Point be in the depths of the Underworld. In this world, all ore generation is inverted, so higher-value ores will spawn closer to the Surface.

    What’s more, if players manage to reach the Surface, they’ll be confronted by a never-ending night. Falling Stars can deal lethal damage, no matter how much HP you have. Flying to the top of the map with Wings or a mount will also instantly kill the player.

    No Traps

    • Seeds: no traps, notraps

    When generating the “No Traps” world, do not be fooled. Despite the text explicitly saying “Not Placing Traps,” this is an obvious lie. This seed generates a high volume of traps, especially in the Underground and Cavern layers. However, the only traps that spawn on the Surface are Dart Traps.

    In essence, the entire world becomes one massive trap and super deadly. The Dangersense Potion will be a godsend when detecting any nearby traps. The spawn rate of Dart Traps, Statue Traps, Dead Man’s Chests, Boulder Traps, and explosives increases—so watch your step!


    • Seeds: getfixedboi, get fixed boi 

    Not for the faint-hearted, the “Everything” or “Zenith” seed combines most of the above secret world seeds into a spectacular hellscape only for the most experienced players. The “Everything” seed merges the “No Traps,” “Not the Bees,” “Drunk,” “Celebration,” “Constant,” “Remix,” and “For the Worthy” seeds’ unique features.

    In addition to all the extra dangers in the world, a new seed-exclusive boss must be bought: Mechdusa. Without a doubt, she’s the hardest boss in all of Terraria, with a staggering 272K health pool—you’ll definitely need the Zenith to tackle her! When Mechdusa is defeated, she’ll drop the Waffle’s Iron melee weapon, which can only be used on the “Everything” seed.

    While achievements aren’t necessary for gameplay, they’re definitely fun! Given these above points, players should be able to tick the “A Rare Realm” in Terraria achievement off their checklist. Remember that all you need to do is to load your character into one of these worlds; you don’t need to play the seed! After this achievement, set your sights on crafting the best Hardmode accessories and armor sets to set forth on your next Terraria adventure! 

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