To the left is the tooltip for the Celestial Shell. To the right is a player at night in werewolf form.

Terraria: How to Craft the Celestial Shell

Equip the best of both worlds!

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Key Takeaway

To craft the Celestial Shell in Terraria, you need four specific components and a Tinkerer’s Workshop—the latter is bought from the Goblin Tinkerer for 10 gold.

  • Neptune’s Shell
  • Moon Charm
  • Moon Stone
  • Sun Stone

The Moon Charm and Neptune’s Shell are combined to create the Moon Shell, while the Moon Stone and Sun Stone make the Celestial Stone. These two reagents are then combined to create the final product: the Celestial Shell.

By day, you appear as a regular Terraria player. By night, you can become a werewolf with supernatural strength and a merfolk in water. The Celestial Shell makes all that possible; so you can become the ultimate weapon. Unleash the beast within by equipping the Celestial Shell in Terraria!

Table Of Contents

    What Is the Celestial Shell In Terraria?

    The Celestial Shell in Terraria is a powerful Hardmode accessory that combines the stat-boosting traits of the Celestial Stone and the transformation powers of the Moon Shell to harness the might of both day and night.

    When submerged in water with the Celestial Shell equipped, you’ll transform into merfolk, gaining all their abilities. This includes being able to swim in liquids and breathe underwater. By night, the Celestial Shell holder transforms into a werewolf (no Blood Moon needed), increasing all your physical abilities.

    Here is a complete list of all the bonuses the Celestial Shell provides in Terraria.

    Bonuses Always ActiveBonuses Active in Werewolf Form (at night-time only)
    +10% melee speed+2% melee critical hit chance
    +10% damage (all types)+5.1% melee damage
    +2% critical strike chance+5.1% melee speed
    +1 HP/s life regeneration+5% movement speed
    +15% mining speed+3 defense
    +0.5 minion knockback+0.5 HP/s life regeneration
    Cannot drown in waterSlightly increased jump height and speed
    Can swim in water and move at regular speed

    Crafting Ingredients for the Celestial Shell in Terraria

    The four ingredients to make the Celestial Shell: Neptune's Shell, Moon Charm, Moon Stone, and Sun Stone.

    The Celestial Shell has a reasonably simple crafting tree. It only requires four components that must be crafted on a Tinkerer’s Workshop crafting station:

    • Neptune’s Shell
    • Moon Charm
    • Moon Stone
    • Sun Stone

    To save time, you should gather the ingredients and put them inside a dedicated chest, although it doesn’t matter in what order you collect the necessary components.

    How to Get a Tinkerer’s Workshop

    The Goblin Tinkerer NPC next to the Tinkerer's Workshop crafting station.

    First things first, you’ll need to get your hands on a Tinkerer’s Workshop. This nifty crafting station can combine multiple accessories into single items, combining all their stats for convenience.

    The Tinkerer’s Workshop is available from the Goblin Tinkerer NPC for 10 gold. The Goblin Tinkerer NPC unlocks once the Goblin Army invasion event has been defeated.

    Similar to other NPCs, he spawns randomly in the Underground or Cavern layer and only moves in once you’ve interacted with him. Provided there’s vacant housing available, he’ll move in the next day so you can buy your Tinkerer’s Workshop.

    The Cell Phone or any of its predecessors can detect the Goblin Tinkerer.

    Getting Neptune’s Shell & the Moon Stone

    The Solar Eclipse event in Terraria.

    Neptune’s Shell and the Moon Stone are the two crafting components that are easier to gather first. This is because they both have the potential to be dropped during the Solar Eclipse Hardmode invasion event. Neptune’s Shell has a 2% drop chance from the Creature of the Deep mob, while the Moon Stone has a 2.86% drop rate from Vampires.

    A Solar Eclipse can only happen once at least one of the Mechanical Bosses has been defeated (The Destroyer, the Twins, or Skeletron Prime). You can also manually trigger a Solar Eclipse during the day using the Solar Tablet, obtained from chests inside the Lihzard Temple. However, this can be accessed only once Plantera has been defeated in the current world and you have the Temple Key.

    Farming Werewolves for a Moon Charm

    Next up is the Moon Charm. As its name suggests, you can only seek this item out at night—and it’s dropped by an elusive enemy. The Moon Charm has a 1.67% chance to drop from slain Werewolves. What makes this item so hard to find is that Werewolves only spawn at night when there is a Full Moon phase.

    During a Full Moon, Werewolves will spawn as commonly as Zombies do on a typical night. Place a Water Candle and drink a Battle Potion to boost your chances of getting a Moon Charm. This will dramatically increase spawn rates, so you should get a Moon Charm in no time!

    Seeking Out a Sun Stone

    A player fighting Golem in Terraria.

    Finally, we have the Sun Stone. The one-and-only Golem holds the Sun Stone with a drop rate of 14.29%. He is the resident Hardmode boss inside the Lizhard Temple deep within the Underground Jungle. Proceed with caution, as he can be tough for unprepared players. Inside the central room, you’ll find the Lihzahrd Altar. Activate it using a Lihzahrd Power Cell to summon Golem.

    Golem has tricky battle behavior, two different forms, and plenty of mobility. Before awakening Golem, set up an arena with adequate Campfires to replenish your HP. Also, deck the arena out with platforms to dodge his attacks.

    You can find extra Lihzahrd Power Cells within each of the Lihzahrd Temple’s chests. They also sometimes drop from Lihzahrds or Flying Snakes (a 2% chance). You may have to farm Lihzahrd Power Cells to kill Golem and get the Sun Stone.

    Crafting the Celestial Shell in Terraria

    Once you’ve collected all the crafting components, it’s time to assemble the Celestial Shell! Make sure you’re set up with a Tinkerer’s Workshop and have all four ingredients in your inventory.

    1. First, combine the Sun Stone and the Moon Stone at the Tinkerer’s Workshop to create the Celestial Stone.
    2. Next up, make the Moon Shell by combining the Moon Charm and Neptune’s Shell.
    3. All that’s left to do now is use those two creations, the Celestial Stone and Moon Shell, to make the final product: the Celestial Shell!

    The Celestial Shell is undoubtedly the best combat accessory in Terraria to take up one of your slots. To become an unstoppable boss-killing machine and bolster your arsenal, gather the necessary ingredients like the Enchanted Sword to craft the legendary Zenith sword.

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