The textbox to enter a Terraria world seed.

The Best Seeds in Terraria

Sow the seeds of your next adventure!

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Key Takeaway

Terraria has some official “Secret World Seeds” that diversify the gameplay, adding unique gameplay mechanics, secret items, and different environments. Here are our top ten Terraria world seeds and a brief description of each:

  • thisisaverygoodseed: A good seed for beginner players, with valuable, rare items from the outset including the Finch Staff.
  • celebrationmk10: Starts players off with five NPCs. Increases the odds of finding rare items like the Rod of Discord or developer items.
  • notraps: Adds an extra challenge to the game as the world is filled with traps.
  • Not a Secret World Seed but has two Enchanted Swords if you want to craft yourself and a friend the Zenith. 
  • dontdigup: Flips the world upside down. Players spawn in the Underworld and can make their way to the dangerous Surface.
  • not the bees: Turns the world into a bee haven. Most of the world is the Jungle biome and most water sources are turned into honey. 
  • theconstant: A Terraria x Don’t Starve Together crossover. Don’t Starve Together items drop more frequently and the world has Hunger/Darkness mechanics, where players can die if they don’t eat food.
  • 5162020: The world has Corruption as well as Crimson and both variants of all ore become available, e.g. Lead and Iron. 
  • for the worthy: Trees and Pots have a small chance to drop live, lit bombs. Explosive bunnies also replace the regular passive ones and explode upon contact. All mobs’ difficulty is also increased by 1/3. 
  • getfixedboi: This seed combines all elements of the other Secret World Seeds, upping the difficulty. There is a seed-exclusive boss called the Mechdusa, which drops the Waffle Iron weapon.

If you’re bored of vanilla default world seeds, you can always deep dive into some of “Secret World Seeds” officially released by developers, ReLogic. They each switch up the gameplay dynamics or turn the world on it’s head—literally. Try out these Terraria seeds for some of the best adventures.  

Table Of Contents

    The Best Beginner Friendly Terraria Seed

    The player's initial Spawn Point when entering the "thisisaverygoodseed." They are in a forest.
    • Seed: thisisaverygoodseed
    • World Size: Any
    • World Evil: Any 

    As the seed name suggests, this is, in fact, arguably the best out of all seeds for newer Terraria players. Near the Spawn Point, there’s a giant Living Tree with four chests filled with good early-game loot. Inside, you should be able to find a Sunflower Mine Cart (which is incredibly rare) and the Finch Staff to summon flying minions to attack your enemies. With this weapon, you can keep your distance and smite enemies from afar.

    Within the Living Tree, you can build an impenetrable fortress for yourself and your NPCs, with the prebuilt caverns providing adequate housing and storage space. This setup also makes it easier to turn your luck around, create Garden Gnomes, and complete the Heliophobia achievement all in one go. 

    Developer Items Galore

    The starting spawn location for the celebrationmk10 seed in Terraria. There are NPCs with party hats nearby.
    • Seed(s): celebrationmk10, 05162011, 5162011, 5162021 
    • World Size: Any
    • World Evil: Any 

    In celebration of Terraria‘s milestone tenth birthday on May 16, 2021, developers ReLogic released the secret world seed “celebrationmk10.” Upon entering this world seed for the first time, a party immediately starts! Five NPCs are also already there to welcome you into this colorfully-painted world.

    This is another of the best world seeds in Terraria for newer players as there are no hidden difficulty modifiers or secret bosses. Instead, your chances of getting rare items like the Rod of Discord or developer items are increased substantially!

    No Traps – Sike!

    Example of three Dart Traps in the "notraps" Terraria seed.
    • Seed: notraps
    • World Size: Any
    • World Evil: Any 

    If you want to add an extra challenge to your next Terraria adventure, try entering the “notraps” Terraria seed! Despite its ironic name, this world seed is filled to the brim with traps, TNT, and darts sprinkled across every map layer. 

    The “No Traps” Terraria seed will definitely put your exploration skills to the test, as you’ll have to carefully navigate through caverns and tunnels with the additional risk of triggering deadly hazards. The Dangersense potion will be a necessity for every excursion outside the safety of your shelter! Despite the difficulty, this is a great map to play with friends as you journey through this dangerous world together! 

    Halfway to the Zenith

    An Enchanted Sword Shrine on seed
    • Seed:
    • World Size: Small 
    • World Evil: Corruption

    If you’ve set your sights on crafting the legendary Zenith sword, you’ll need to get your hands on the rare Enchanted Sword. Luckily, there are several Terraria seeds you can enter to guarantee you an Enchanted Sword. For two guaranteed Enchanted Seeds, enter this seed in the world generation screen “,” pick a small-sized world and Corruption as the world’s primary Evil. 

    Once at the default Spawn Point, run right until you reach the Jungle biome at the coordinates 2628 East at the Surface level. You’ll eventually come across a pre-dug one-block-wide ditch. Use this as a starting point to burrow down, and you’ll encounter the promised weapon. The second Enchanted Sword will be found at 3531 West in a cavern with an Enchanted Sword Shrine in the Underground layer. 

    A World Flipped On Its Head

    A player on the surface of the "Don't Dig Up" seed, where it's always night.
    • Seed(s): don’t dig up, dont dig up, dontdigup
    • World Size: Any
    • World Evil: Any 

    Survival games like Minecraft and Terraria abide by the age-old golden rule: don’t dig straight down. This Terraria seed flips that notion entirely upside down—literally! Rather than spawning on the world’s surface, players will spawn in the center of the Underworld. They must essentially work backward through Terraria’s progression and biomes. 

    If players manage to dig to the actual surface, they’ll see it’s infested with Evil, and the world will always be in a night-time state. If players manage to break free and fly to the top of the map using Wings or Mounts, they’ll die instantly. 

    Anything But The Bees!

    The world generation text while creating the "not the bees" Terraria seed.
    • Seed: not the bees!, not the bees
    • World Size: Any
    • World Evil: Any 

    If you have a phobia of buzzing insects, this Terraria seed isn’t for you! It brings the bumbling winged bug to the forefront, transforming the expansive Terraria world into a bee haven. Most of the terrain is transformed into a Jungle biome, with Bee Hives and Honey Blocks. All water and other liquids also become honey, which is ideal for HP regeneration but not so much for anything else.

    This Terraria seed also grants players immediate access to the Merchant NPC. This is ideal as it provides players with materials they won’t be able to find otherwise, like Torches, Arrows, Copper Tools, Iron Anvil, the Furnace, and more. 

    Don’t Starve-Inspired World

    The Hunger mechanic in Terraria "The Constant" world seed.
    • Seed(s): constant, the constant, theconstant, eye4aneye, eyeforaneye
    • World Size: Any
    • World Evil: Any 

    If you want a fusion between Don’t Starve Together and Terraria, look no further than “The Constant” seed! Rather than altering the difficulty or adding new mobs, this Terraria seed changes multiple factors in the game. For instance, there’s now a hunger system, so players must forage for food items and survive. With low enough hunger, you may even slowly starve to death!

    Like Don’t Starve, the world takes on a greyish, gothic hue and darkening shader effects as the day draws on. Outdoor light sources like Torches and Campfires will also be extinguished when it rains.  Items that are exclusive to the Don’t Starve Together are also more likely to drop from mobs, including the Eye Bone, which summons a mobile piggy bank pet. 

    Double Trouble

    Spawning Location with the Party Girl at the starting NPC.
    • Seed: 5162020
    • World Size: Small
    • World Evil: Corruption

    While this Terraria seed doesn’t offer any spectacular items right off the bat, it’s more interesting in terms of its procedural generation. Known by the community as the “Drunk” seed, it has tons of useful biomes close to spawn. It even has a Corruption and Crimson biome all crammed into one world at either end and both types of all ores become available, like Lead and Iron. This seed is ideal for players wanting to complete their Bestiary and unlock Zoologist’s store inventory!

    If that’s not interesting enough, the Dungeon to the East is wedged firmly underground. If you want to fight Skeletron and delve into the secrets of the Dungeon, you’ll have to dig straight down to locate the entrance. 

    Explosive Bunnies & Lava

    A Tree dropping a bomb after being cut in the "for the worthy" Terraria seed.
    • Seed(s): for the worthy 
    • World Size: Any
    • World Evil: Any

    Are you worthy enough to try the most explosive of all Terraria seeds? This world ups the ante with the game’s difficulty, increasing all enemy’s HP and damage by one-third. Bosses also behave differently, with changes to their AI patterns and sizes, so gear up for a serious fight!

    Thought that was all this world could throw at you? Wrong! Even chopping trees and destroying pots proves dangerous, as they have a chance to drop live bombs. The usual, harmless bunnies are also nowhere to be seen—replaced by explosive counterparts! 

    The Terraria Seed for the Most Experienced Players

    The "get fixed boi" Terraria seed, spawning the player underground.
    • Seed(s): getfixedboi, get fixed boi 
    • World Size: Any
    • World Evil: Any 

    Also known as the “Everything” Terraria seed, the “Get Fixed Boi” world seed combines many of Terraria’s “secret seeds, like “Not the Bees,” “No Traps,” “Don’t Dig Up,” “The Constant,” and more into a uniquely challenging experience designed only for the most experienced players. As such, it’s potentially the best out of all Terraria seeds for challenging your gameplay prowess!

    The world’s surface is made entirely of Evil biomes with no Clentaminator tool to cleanse away the world’s rot. Players will spawn in the Underworld as their starting point, with a colorful glowing mushroom biome directly above them. “Get Fixed Boi”  also stars the hardest boss in Terraria: Mechdusa. This terrifying boss is the three Hardmode Mechanical bosses on steroids. It drops the world-exclusive Waffle’s Iron weapon, which shoots a Waffle as a projectile and inflicts the Hellfire debuff. 

    Secret World Seeds are the best way to spice up your Terraria gameplay, adding new gameplay elements and unique challenges you’ll never find in a default world. If you want achievements to grind towards, why not try collecting the Town Slime NPCs or cleansing the world of all Corruption, Crimson, and Hallow

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