Hollow Knight memes.

The 15 Best Hollow Knight Memes

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Hollow Knight is a game that’s beloved by many and when fame arises, so do memes. Since its release, Hollow Knight has been a source of hilarious memes made by fans who adore the game greatly.

The game itself can be very difficult. To refresh from its occasionally tedious and hair-pulling difficulty, it’s good to laugh at the memes dedicated to this wonderful game every once in a while.

Absolute Radiance…

Terrifying Absolute Radiance.

I still remember it like it was yesterday. And yes, it was. I replayed the game yesterday. Who wouldn’t? It’s an awesome game. You should replay it too.

The thing I dread, though, is Absolute Radiance. What a beast of a boss fight she is. Absolutely terrifying. I can’t wait to fight her again.

Ha Ha Hollow Knight Has Bugs

Hollow Knight has bugs meme.

Don’t tell the Hollow Knight community this joke. Just don’t.

The Wayward Compass Is the Best Charm

The Wayward Compass is the best Charm in Hollow Knight.

The Wayward Compass is the best Charm in Hollow KnightNo, I will not elaborate. Yes, you should accept the Wayward Compass as your new lord. You get it? Alright, then. Good!

Wait, I’m Not the Hollow Knight?

Astronaut facing the Hollow Knight statue, realizing he's not the Hollow Knight.

It’s easy to believe that you, as the player, are the Hollow Knight. I mean, we’re supposed to be the main character. We should be the titular characters! The game should be named after us!

No, as it turns out, that’s not the case with Hollow Knight at all. It’s later revealed that the real Hollow Knight is the friends we made along the way. Just kidding. It’s really the creature that looks just a bit like you, only he’s more of a shrieker, more terrifying, and taller, at the end of the game.

Poor Hollow Knight

The Knight chasing Hollow Knight.

After the Hollow Knight, there’s still one boss that you can fight to reach a new ending. That is, as long as you’ve met the requirements.

However, to get to this boss, you’ll still need to fight and defeat the Hollow Knight. Since The Radiance is a difficult fight, there’s a fair chance you’ll be defeating the Hollow Knight over and over again just so you can get to The Radiance.

This meme by Crystal Uranium fully captures what that experience must be like for the Poor Hollow Knight. The fella only wants to be freed from this mortal coil. Instead, he’s become a punching bag for his younger, much smaller sibling.

Please Recommend Hollow Knight to Your Friends

Recommending Hollow Knight to friends.

If a friend asks what game they should play next, tell them to play Hollow Knight. If they have played Hollow Knight, tell them to play it again.

Millibelle Is a Thief!

The Hollow Knight getting more Geo from Millibelle meme.

Millibelle is nothing but a thief! Now, go and steal back the money she stole from you, and perhaps more from money she probably stole from other people. Or stolen from other bugs, rather.

The Hollow Knosk

A couple of Knights arranged referencing the Among Us tagline.

One of the most memorable moments in the game is the lead-up to fighting Nosk. Seeing a duplicate of you and following it around, only to be lured into this room of death and blight by a thing that’s grotesquely transforming into a spider creature. It was horrifying and magnificent at the same time.

The meme above is a brilliant crossover between two beloved games, Hollow Knight and Among Us. If there’s going to be an Among Us run between Hollow Knight characters, who better represent the impostor than Nosk? The only correct answer to that is no one else.

A Worthy Trade

A trade of $14.99 for a masterpiece that is Team Cherry's Hollow Knight.

A worthy trade indeed. Thanks, Team Cherry! And a couple of free DLCs to boot!

The Primal Aspid Is the Worst

Primal Aspid telling Hollow Knight it can't beat it.

People say Absolute Radiance is the hardest enemy in Hollow Knight.


The Primal Aspid is the hardest enemy in Hollow Knight.

In Hollow Knight, there are creatures known as higher beings. These beings are thought to be gods in the game’s universe.

The Primal Aspid is the god of all things horrible and annoying.

Git Gud!

Hornet telling you to Git Gud!

A very simple meme, but a very relatable one. Surely, other players have heard it too?

During your fight with Hornet, she utters this line, which awfully sounds like she’s telling me to “get good.”

Is she mocking me? Perhaps. Will I get good? That’s another story.

The Hollow Knight Loves The Pale King

The Hollow Knight telling the Pale King he loves him.

Awe, the Hollow Knight just wanted to be loved. There really isn’t another character in the game that has drawn a shorter straw than the Hollow Knight. Instead of being loved back, he got caged to become a vessel for a literal god that’s a manifestation of the most extreme case of Alzheimer’s.

The Delicate Flower is Delicate

The Knight sad over the Delicate Flower.

That’s us realizing the Delicate Flower is… delicate. I mean, what did we expect?

Still, though. Transporting the Delicate Flower from one place to another is one of the toughest things you’ll ever do in this game.

But it’s still not as tough as defeating a Primal Aspid, the god of all things horrible and annoying.

The Pale King Is The Worst Dad In Gaming

The Pale King counting past infinity.

How do you count past infinity? Ask the Pale King how many dead children he has and see for yourself. Nobody’s exactly giving this guy any “Father of the Year” award, nor should they. He’s been busy making them but only spends time with one of them. He can’t even love him back!

I Swear Silksong Is Real

A therapist consoling a man who's in need of Team Cherry's Silksong.

Silksong is real doc, I swear. We just don’t know when it’ll come out yet. Maybe we do, but who’s to say it’ll actually come out on that date?

What if it gets delayed again? Is there a chance it’ll never come out? What if it isn’t real at all!?

Why am I saying these things? Of course, it’s real. Right?