Kratos looking at a poisoned and stunned Traveler.

The Best Build in God of War Ragnarök

Build Kratos up with the best gear combination!

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Key Takeaway

The best build in the game is one that focuses on applying poison and abusing stun tactics. You can put this build together by using Lúnda’s Lost set and gear that enhances stun damage.

The best build in God of War Ragnarök is the gear combination that results in ideal battle outcomes. Put simply, it lets you kill enemies quickly and easily. Here’s how to abuse the strongest mechanics in the game.

Table Of Contents

    The Bare-Handed Poison/Stun Build Overview

    Kratos stunning a Stalker.

    Usually, a bare-handed strategy is best left for when you want to only build up stun damage, as unarmed attacks do so more efficiently than most types of weapon attacks. However, by making use of Lúnda’s Lost armor set, you can add poison to this strategy for great results.

    The poison is the main part of this build, as it makes fights much more straightforward and is really easy to implement. When Lúnda’s Lost Cuirass is equipped, bare-handed attacks, blocks, and parries all have a high Luck-based chance to poison an enemy. Poisoned enemies will drop in power by one full level for as long as they are poisoned.

    Since power level is directly connected to how much damage an enemy does to you and how much they take, lowering it is universally useful. Doing so will cripple foes at the same level as you and will bring higher-level adversaries down to a manageable level.

    When you equip both the arm and waist pieces of Lúnda’s Lost set, you get a 40% melee damage increase against poisoned foes. This is a huge modifier by itself, however, by using one of the fastest combos in the game (the bare-handed R1 combo) you can get high returns on the damage modifier.

    Moreover, this same combo lets you reapply poison very quickly after it wears off. This results in you being able to poison a target continuously and keeping the damage modifier active. All you need to do is mash R1 for most of a fight and you win.

    Armor and Amulet Requirements

    Kratos wearing the Lunda's Lost armor set.

    As mentioned above, you need to be using Lúnda’s Lost set for this build. It is composed of Lúnda’s Lost Cuirass (chest piece), Lúnda’s Lost Bracers (arm piece), and Lúnda’s Lost Belt (waist piece).

    In regards to the Amulet enchantments, you should equip three Vanaheim ones and three Svartalfheim ones. The Vanaheim enchantments give you a set bonus that increases Kratos’ melee damage against status-afflicted enemies based on the Luck stat. The Svartalfheim enchantments give you a set bonus that increases Kratos’ stun damage based on the Defense stat.

    On a related note, you want to use the enchantments from these sets that give you the most Luck and Defense so that their effects are stronger. The effect of Lúnda’s Lost Cuirass also activates more often the higher your Luck stat is. Therefore, you want to boost your Luck as much as possible.

    This leaves three slots open (if you have fully upgraded the amulet). The last recommended enchantment is Stunning Fang, which is not part of a set. When equipped, it creates shockwaves that apply stun damage and potentially stacks Strength buffs whenever you attack a stunned enemy. For the two remaining enchantment slots, use whatever you like.

    Weapon and Shield Requirements

    Kratos holding up the Shatter Star Shield in the menu.

    There aren’t any weapon attachments that focus on poison. Since this is the case, attach ones that relate to stun damage and stun grabs—as you do a lot of the latter with this build. For example, the Pommels of Brutal Might for the Blades of Chaos are a good choice since they grant a Strength buff after stun grabbing an enemy.

    With that said, this build doesn’t rely on weapons at all, so don’t worry too much about the details here. As for runic attacks: use ones that apply the most stun damage. A great choice for the Leviathan Axe is Hel’s Touch since it’s very fast and deals a ton of stun damage. Basically, you want to equip the axe, use Hel’s Touch for big stun damage, and then go back to bare-handed mode.

    For this build, the recommended shield is the Shatter Star Shield equipped with the Rönd of Fortification. The Shatter Star Shield has a shield punch instead of a shield strike—which is the same but with better range and the ability to be charged up.

    This stacks well with the Rönd of Fortification, as this shield attachment lets you create a high stun explosion after holding L1 for a few seconds. As you charge the Shatter Star Shied’s shield punch, you also gain the Fortification effect, so you can unleash both at once for huge stun damage.

    Spartan Rage and Relic Requirements

    A player about to equip the Talisman of Meign.

    Fury mode for Spartan Rage is the best version of Kratos’ anger for the best build. Since it slowly depletes the rage meter, you can land more punches on foes. This, in turn, lets you build up more stun damage and apply poison more times.

    As for which is the best relic for the bare-handed poison/stun build, there are two that work the best. The first choice is the Talisman of Meign, as it gives you bonus damage on all melee attacks. This pairs nicely with everything else in this build.

    However, if you just want a ton of damage instead of a good buff, use the Hilt of Skofnung, as it decimates enemy health bars. It’s even more effective against an enemy whose power level you lowered with poison.

    Ally Equipment

    Freya equipped a poison-based runic summon.

    Focus on giving Atreus and Freya gear that increases stun damage and poison. For Atreus, the weapon of choice is the Talon Bow. And, for Freya, give her the Weighted Blade.

    As for their runic summons, Wrath of the Wolf is best for Atreus, as it is the most powerful overall. For Freya, use Seiðr Exhale, as it applies poison to multiple enemies.

    Both of these archers will help you most with sonic arrows. Enemies afflicted with the sonic status take way more stun damage. Therefore, you want to give Atreus and Freya accessories that buff sonic arrows.

    One great choice is Sonic Aftermath, which further increases how much stun damage you do to sonic-afflicted enemies with melee attacks. Another solid pick is Sonic Attunement, which increases how much sonic is applied to enemies with each arrow. If you need a third accessory for this build, use Nocked Proficiency, as it causes every third arrow to unleash more arrows.