Alexandra Nicholson

Alex has been writing professionally for a number of years and came into games media through a love of narrative design and creating lifestyle content around the web. She has created a variety of articles for many well-known websites, with bylines in Can I Play That, KeenGamer and Gameranx, to name a few.

Prior to moving into games journalism, Alex gained years of invaluable experience working in the field of digital creativity. Skilled in art, graphic design and WordPress website design, Alex has worked with a range of consumers and businesses on content creation and design projects. She enjoys continuing this creative work alongside her passion for games media.

Having always enjoyed games as a child, Alex reconnected with gaming after stumbling into World of Warcraft as an adult. Fast forward quite a few years and Alex is now an avid gamer, enjoying a wide variety of genres but being particularly partial to RPGs and action-adventure titles with a strong narrative focus.

To that end, Alex also began developing her own skills in the field of narrative design and interactive fiction. She regularly takes part in game jams and collaborative modding projects as a writer, working most recently on writing NPCs and branching quests for The Arcane University, part of the Beyond Skyrim community.

Alex is especially interested in exploring storytelling through gaming. She's also keen to explore how games can benefit harder-to-reach segments of society or those who may struggle to access them. Some of Alex's favourite games include The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 4, Life Is Strange, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Yakuza 0. The list goes on, although she'll tell you in no uncertain terms that What Remains of Edith Finch is a masterpiece.

Outside of gaming, writing and being creative, Alex enjoys staying active by playing rugby and football. These days, if you can't find her chasing after a ball in a muddy field, you'll probably find her relaxing in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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