To the left is a player being attacked by a Marlin. To the right is a captured Marlin trapped by the Underwater Drone.

Dave the Diver: Where to Catch Marlin

From the sea to the plate!

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Key Takeaway

Marlin will first begin to spawn in Dave the Diver during Chapter 2 when the “Marlin Party” notification has appeared. They can be found in depths between 0 – 50m in the morning and afternoon. They either travel alone or in packs of two, so exercise caution when approaching them!

Facing fearsome fish—like the Marlin—is part and parcel of playing Dave the Diver. While Sharks are vicious predators, another threatening fish you need to worry about is this spear-headed species, destined to make even Blue Hole Shallow dives difficult.

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    Where to Find Marlin in Dave the Diver

    The Marlin Party notification in Dave the Diver.

    Marlin will first appear in Dave the Diver Chapter Two: Into the Deep. They can be found later on as well at random intervals. They will initially become active when you get the “Marlin Party” notification via Dave’s smartphone.

    Luckily, you won’t have to dive very far into the ocean’s depths to find them! Marlin only spawn in Blue Hole Shallow depths of 0 – 50m during the morning and afternoon.

    Marlin can either be found swimming solo or in a pack of two, so watch yourself! Other aggressive fish may also be around—like Thresher Sharks and more—that will get in your way while hunting Marlin.

    Tips for Catching Marlin

    A Marlin in Dave the Diver.

    Marlin are swift and aggressive enemies, so approach with caution! They swim towards your location at high speeds, and attack within the blink of an eye. Their attacks include trying to stab Dave with their long, sharp snouts or whip him with their tails.

    To emerge from the fight unscathed, you must have highly-practiced reaction times to move Dave out of harm’s way and protect his precious O2. You should utilize the time-slowing feature of aiming weapons to take the Marlin down quickly. Long-range weapons (like the Sniper Rifle) are ideal for taking Marlin down safely from a distance. This is similar to how you would usually fight a shark.

    The Best Weapons for Hunting Marlin

    Upgraded weapons, particularly the Tranquilizer Rifle or Enhanced Hush Dart, are key to taking down Marlin smoothly and effectively. Putting them to sleep allows you to call down the Underwater Salvage Drone. This easily scoops up the Marlin and guarantees 3-star quality meat—and more of it. The Tranquilizer Rifle has a 50% success rate and is the cheapest of the two aforementioned options. In contrast, the Enhanced Hush Dart is more effective but requires mid-game items like the Coral Orb and more materials.

    At its base level, the Underwater Salvage Drone can only be used once per dive. Make sure to prioritize upgrading this ASAP so you can use it three times per dive!

    You can also use the Harpoon on Marlin, but damaging the meat too much will significantly reduce its quality. Carving up the Marlin yourself will also mean you’ll get less meat to use at Bancho Sushi later. 

    Once you have plenty of Marlin meat saved up, you’ll be well on the way to making Bancho Sushi the best restaurant in town, improving the Best Taste rating significantly. If you fancy trying your hand at one of the Blue Hole’s bigger threats, try facing off against the Great White Shark Klaus.

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