Elden Ring: What Does the Serpent’s Amnion Do?

In Elden Ring, you can obtain a Serpent’s Amnion after defeating the Godskin Noble in the Volcano Manor. While seemingly insignificant, this item is actually very necessary for the questline progression of a particular NPC.

Rya the Scout and the Serpent’s Amnion

Rya is an NPC who’s loyal to the Volcano Manor. You can first meet her in Liurnia, but you’ll find her in the Volcano Manor drawing room whether or not you meet her in the former region.

You can progress Rya’s questline by performing Volcano Manor contracts. After fulfilling the first one, Rya will move to a closed room across from the drawing room. When met here, you’ll see her in her serpentine form.

Complete another Volcano Manor contract and Rya, now you know to be named Zorayas, will return to the drawing room in her human form. While here, she’ll tell you that she hears noises coming from the adjacent room. If you enter the room right from where Zorayas was formerly and roll toward the far-right corner of the room, an illusory wall will dispel.

This path will take you straight to the Temple of Eiglay, where you’ll fight a Godskin Noble. This is also where you’ll obtain the Serpent’s Amnion.

You can give the Serpent’s Amnion to Zorayas and this will make her realize her true origins.

The Serpent's Amnion from Elden Ring.