What Do Chickens Eat In Minecraft?

You can only feed Chickens in Minecraft with the various kinds of crop seeds. If you want to feed your Chickens, you will have to give them Wheat Seeds, Beetroot Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, or Melon Seeds.

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    How to Get All Kinds of Chicken Food

    Seeds dropped onto the ground. The item loos like a group of green dots hovering slightly above the ground.

    There are many ways of getting the 4 kinds of seeds that you can feed Chickens in Minecraft. However, the quickest and easiest to find is Wheat Seeds. As such, you should focus on using these to feed your Chickens.

    How to Get Wheat Seeds

    It should be mentioned that Wheat Seeds are only called such in the Java Edition of Minecraft. In the Bedrock Edition, they are simply called “Seeds,” which can make things a bit confusing.

    You can get Wheat Seeds very easily from breaking Grass blocks. Every time a Grass block is broken, there is about a 50% chance for it to drop 1 Wheat Seed. If you break a fully grown block of Wheat itself, you will get 1 Wheat as well as up to 3 Wheat Seeds. You can significantly raise the odds of getting at least 1 Wheat Seeds from a Wheat block by harvesting it with any kind of tool.

    It’s also possible for you to find Wheat growing on a Village farm. Such plots have a 50% chance of containing Wheat, making this crop the most common type found in Villages. Additionally, you can find Wheat Seeds pretty often in Village Chests. In a Fisherman’s, there is a 57.5% chance of finding 1 to 3 Wheat Seeds. And, in a Savannah House Chest, you have a 71.7% chance of finding 1 to 5 Wheat Seeds. Lastly, you can buy Wheat Seeds from a Wandering Trader for 1 Emerald. However, this is a huge rip-off, so you should avoid this trade.

    How to Get Beetroot Seeds

    You have a 10% chance to find Beetroots planted on a Village farm. When you harvest a fully matured Beetroot block, you will get 1 Beetroot and a chance to get between 1 to 4 Beetroot Seeds. Wandering Traders will also sell you Beetroot Seeds for 1 Emerald–which is less of a rip-off than their Wheat Seeds trade. There are also decent chances of you finding Beetroot Seeds in Chests while you explore. Here’s a breakdown of the structures’ Chests you can search for Beetroot Seeds:

    Type of StructurePossible Amount of Beetroot SeedsAppearance Rate
    Dungeon2 to 418.5%
    Mineshaft2 to 427.3%
    End City1 to 1021.2%
    Village1 to 566.3%
    Woodland Mansion2 to 418.5%

    How to Get Melon Seeds

    To get Melon Seeds from a Melon, you will need to break the stem. Upon breaking the stem, you’ll have a chance to get up to 3 Melon Seeds. Furthermore, the likelihood of a stem dropping Melon Seeds increases with its age. The longer you don’t break a specific stem, the more likely it will be to drop a lot of Melon Seeds. In terms of spawning, you can seek out Melon stems in Woodland Mansions as well as the farms of Savannah and Desert Villages.

    Melon Seeds can also spawn as loot in the Chests of certain naturally generated structures. There is always an 18% to 28% chance of finding Melon Seeds in a group of 2 to 4 in the Chests of Dungeons, Mineshafts, and Woodland Mansions.

    As with all other seeds mentioned so far, you can also purchase Melon Seeds from a Wandering Trader for 1 Emerald. Finally, you can also get Melon Seeds by placing a Melon Slice by itself on a Crafting Table; every 1 Melon Slice will give you 1 Melon Seeds.

    How to Get Pumpkin Seeds

    Just like with Melons, you’ll have to break a Pumpkin block’s stem to get seeds from it. When you break a Pumpkin stem, you can get up to 3 Pumpkin Seeds. Also, like with Melons, older stems have a higher chance of giving you more seeds. Pumpkin stems naturally spawn in a couple of places. Firstly, they can spawn in Woodland Mansions. However, some more likely places to find Pumpkin stems are on the farms of Taiga Villages. In the Bedrock Edition, Snowy Taiga biome Villages can also have Pumpkin stems.

    On top of that, you also have decent chances of finding Pumpkin Seeds in the Chests of Taiga Village houses. In such Chests, you have a 40.6% chance of finding 1 to 5 Pumpkin Seeds in the Java Edition. In the Bedrock Edition, you have a 43.7% chance of finding 1 to 5 Pumpkin Seeds in Taiga Village Chests. Furthermore, Pumpkin Seeds can be found in the Chests of a few structures in a manner that mimics Melon Seeds. There is an 18% to 28% of finding between 2 to 4 Pumpkin Seeds in the Chests of Dungeons, Mineshafts, and Woodland Mansions.

    Pumpkin Seeds can also be bought for 1 Emerald each if you deal with a Wandering Trader. Lastly, it should be mentioned that you can craft a Pumpkin into 4 Pumpkin Seeds by placing it on a Crafting Table.

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