Things to do after beating God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarök: 17 Things to Do After Beating the Main Story

Don't put down your controller after you see the credits roll.

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God of War Ragnarök is a massive game, and there’s much more to see and do after you watch the credits roll. Check these things out to experience everything the game has to offer.

Attend Brok’s Funeral

Sindri looking over at the boat carrying Brok's body in God of War Ragnarok.

Brok’s demise is one of the saddest moments in God of War Ragnarök, and you’ll have the opportunity to honor Brok by attending his funeral. After beating the main story, you can head straight to Raeb’s bar in Nidavellir in Svartalfheim. Here, you’ll find Lunda, Raeb, and Durlin sitting around Brok’s body.

After which, the dwarves will ask you to head to the Sverd Sands north of the Aurvangar Wetlands. Head there to officially and properly give Brok a Viking funeral. Sindri will also appear here one final time to say goodbye to his beloved brother.

This is also considered God of War Ragnarök’s secret ending, since you’ll see the credits roll once more, played alongside the game’s official soundtrack, after witnessing this scene.

Find the Real Týr

Kratos and Freya freeing Tyr.

One of the biggest revelations in God of War Ragnarök is the fact that Tyr turned out to be Odin all along. The All-Father, as it turned out, was always a step ahead of Kratos and the rest of the crew given he was always with them. This ultimately led to Brok’s death when he was the first to realize something wasn’t right with Tyr. In his own words, “The pieces ain’t welding together true.”

Fortunately, the real Týr is still alive, and you can free him after beating the main story. After the fall of Asgard, the Aesir Prison Wreckage can be accessed in Niflheim. Once you get to the bottom of the prison, you’ll find Týr locked behind one of the cells.

Free Týr and you’ll find him at various places in different realms afterward.

Witness Thrud Pick Up What Thor Left Behind

Kratos and Mimir looking at Thrud and Mjolnir.

Prior to the release of God of War Ragnarök, a vast majority of the game’s fanbase wanted Mjolnir to end up in the hands of either Kratos or Atreus. However, another character ended up inheriting the infamous hammer.

Thrud is the fierce daughter of Thor and Sif. Like her father, Thrud is adept at fighting and is also shown to be capable of manipulating lightning. Throughout the game, Thrud constantly expresses her wish to become a valkyrie. With Mjolnir on her hands, she’ll definitely make a formidable one.

During the final moments of the game’s main story, Odin kills Thor and uses Mjolnir to send Thrud flying away. We later see Thrud at Hoddmimi’s Holt, but the hammer is nowhere to be seen. If you talk to Lunda, she’ll tell you to head to the Alfheim desert, right next to the blacksmith’s shop.

Fast travel to the Mystic Gateway in The Canyons and look to the right from the blacksmith’s workshop. There, you’ll see Thrud pick up what her father left behind.

Talk to Skjoldr

Kratos speaking wilth Skjoldr.

Skjoldr is a Midgardian Atreus befriends during this time in Asgard. He’s also one of the many side characters that survive Ragnarok. After the fall of Asgard, Skjoldr can be seen in Hoddmimi’s Holt tending to the needs of the other refugees.

During the post-game, you can find Skjoldr outside the Derelict Outpost, east of the Mystic Gateway. Here, you’ll see him attempting to pull something that’s stuck on a pillar. What Skjoldr is attempting to pull is a coin. More specifically, this is the coin Odin gives to Atreus at the start of the game, which Kratos later tosses away.

Interestingly, if you open the map, you’ll see that the area where the coin lands makes perfect sense considering the placement of Kratos and Atreus’ house and the Derelict Outpost.

Visit Angrboda and Fenrir

Kratos talking to Angrboda and Fenrir.

Another thing you can do after you beat the main story is to finally visit Jotunnheim as Kratos. You can’t explore the realm of the giants as much, but there’s something you can do there that makes the trip worthwhile.

Travel to Jotunnheim to visit Angrboda and Fenrir. Here, Kratos can talk to the young giantess, as well as visit Fenrir and give him a few pets. It’s also interesting to see how Kratos interacts with Angrboda, given her close relationship with his son.

Hear Sinmara’s Despair

Kratos visiting the Mist Fields in Sinmara.

Sinmara is Surtr’s other half, figurately and somewhat literally given how they hold each other’s hearts. Originally, for Ragnarök to come to fruition, Surtr and Sinmara would need to combine to form the giant bane of Asgard. However, Surtr didn’t want the love of his life to die. He and Kratos managed to leave Sinmara out of the equation by instead using the primordial fire in Kratos’ Blades of Chaos.

Surtr, then known as Ragnarök, fell along with Asgard. Sinmara, on the other hand, is still alive. After the end of the game, speak to Ratatoskr and every single Mystic Gateway in the game will become unlocked. This includes the Mystic Gateway in the Mist Fields in Niflheim. Fast travel there and you’ll hear Sinmara weep for the death of the love of her life.

Defeat All Berserkers

Kratos interacting with a Berserker Gravestone in God of War Ragnarok.

The Berserkers are some of the toughest bosses in God of War Ragnarök. Although you can fight most of them without beating the main story, you can only fight all of them after it. This is because one of the Berserkers is in the Mist Fields in Niflheim, and you can only travel here as Kratos after beating the main story.

There are 13 Berserkers in God of War Ragnarök. However, there are only 10 encounters since two of them involve fighting two or three Berserkers at once. Defeat the first 12 and you can fight their king at the King’s Grave in Midgard. These powerful foes also drop useful and powerful items, like an armor set and weapon grips, that make defeating them extremely worthwhile.

Destroy Remnants of Asgard

Completing the Remnants of Asgard favor.

After beating the main story, you’ll find 10 Remnants of Asgard scattered throughout the realms. It’s the first favor you’ll receive after beating the main story.

These remnants are guarded by Asgard’s remaining Einherjar. Visit these places and clear them out. These camps contain coffins and chests that you can loot for useful end-game resources.

Complete the Muspelheim Trials

Kratos standing next to the giant sword in The Crucible.

Like the previous game, you’re able to travel to and explore Muspelheim in God of War Ragnarök. The realm is also home to the Surtr trials, also like the previous game. Although the layout and structure of the trials in this game is different from the one in the previous game, they remain similar in essence. Start a trial, meet the objectives, and receive awesome rewards.

You can definitely start and complete every Muspelheim Trial in the game before beating the main story. However, if you haven’t yet, the post-game is the perfect time to do it. This will give you a lot of items and resources you’ll need to upgrade some of your equipment fully.

The trials, especially the final ones, can also be very challenging. This will give you the challenge you crave if the main game wasn’t difficult enough for you.

Find All Ravens

Kratos facing the Raven Tree in Niflheim.

There are over 48 ravens in God of War Ragnarök that you can eliminate. Although you’ll find an abundance of them while going through the main story, some of them are a bit more hidden. You’ll have to explore every corner of each realm, except Asgard, if you want to eliminate all of them.

Unlike the ravens in the previous game, however, ridding the realms of Odin’s ravens doesn’t simply net you a trophy. There’s a side story tied to these ravens, and you’ll discover it once you eliminate all of them. Be warned, though, it’s one of the darkest stories told in the series.

Explore the Crater

Kratos arriving at the Crater in Vanaheim.

The Crater in Vanaheim is one, if not the most expansive region in God of War Ragnarök. The area is so rich in content that it’s enough for an entire DLC. You can easily spend about five to 10 hours completing every favor, fighting every enemy, and discovering every secret in this area.

The area is completely optional, which means there’s a high chance some players haven’t even discovered it. This is especially true for those who stuck with the main story. However, if you followed Helka after the Creatures of Prophecy main quest in Vanaheim, you’ll eventually find your way to this region.

If you haven’t fully explored this area yet, post-game is the time to do so.

Find a Companion for Chaurli

Kratos, Freya, and Chaurli in God of War Ragnarok.

Chaurli is the giant tortoise that’s towering over Freya’s cottage in Midgard. In God of War Ragnarök, we, unfortunately, find the creature abandoned in the hellish cold, barely alive. Thankfully, Atreus finds him just in time to warm him up and keep him company for a while.

Atreus may have saved Chaurli, but it’s clear someone needs to keep him company if he’s to continue surviving. If you travel to The Crater in Vanaheim for the first time, one of the first clear things you can do there is to find and rescue Birgir, who’s revealed to still be alive. You can do this by completing the “For Vanaheim!” favor.

Once done, head to Freyr’s Camp and speak to Birgir once more. Here, he’ll talk about retiring and leaving the life of a warrior behind him. The companion will also tell Birgir they may have an idea of where he can retire in peace.

After beating the main story, the Mystic Gateway at the Sanctuary Grove, the area where Chaurli is, becomes unlocked. Fast travel here to find Chaurli once again. As long as you rescued Birgir and have spoken to him at Freyr’s Camp, he’ll find his way here to keep Chaurli company.

Collect All Artifacts

All artifacts from God of War Ragnarok.

There are a lot of artifacts in God of War Ragnarök that you can find and collect from various realms. You can collect all of these as you’re going through the main story. However, unless you’re actively looking for them, there’s a chance you’ve missed an artifact or two. Perhaps even way more than that.

There are two reasons why you should take the time to collect artifacts. First of all, they’re required for 100% completion. Second, you can sell them to the dwarves. You’ll receive a lot of hacksilver for them, which you’ll need for upgrades and purchases.

Find and Defeat Gna

Kratos and Freya facing Gna in God of War Ragnarok.

Gna is the new Valkyrie Queen in God of War Ragnarök. Those who have played the previous God of War game and have fought the previous Valkyrie Queen know how tough they can be. Gna is an optional boss fight and she’s undoubtedly one of the hardest boss fights in the game and in the series as a whole.

Those who want to face Gna can do so after they complete the main story. Head to The Crucible in Muspelheim. Open your map and you’ll see a new “question mark” icon south of the main arena. Pin the icon and make your way to its location while using the compass as a guide. Once you arrive at the pinned location, you’ll find an item on the ground. Interact with it and Gna will appear.

If you do decide to fight Gna, make sure you come prepared. It’s best to save this fight for when you’re at max level (level 9).

Complete Any Remaining Favors

The Return of the River favor in God of War Ragnarok.

God of War Ragnarök contains an abundance of favors, or side quests, that the players can do anytime they want after discovering it. These favors are extremely entertaining and they provide more extensive story and lore details to the world of God of War Ragnarök.

Even if you’re one of those who prefer to do side quests first, given how massive this game is, there’s a chance there are still a handful of favors out there you’ve yet to experience. Check your map and see if a region isn’t 100% yet. If you’ve collected every item there and a section still remains unidentified, there’s a chance there’s a favor there you haven’t yet completed.

Earn the Platinum Trophy

God of War Ragnarok's trophy list.

This is automatically a given for platinum hunters out there. However, those who don’t usually take the time to earn a game’s platinum trophy may find the endeavor enjoyable for this game. God of War Ragnarök‘s platinum trophy isn’t too hard to acquire. In fact, as long as you’ve done everything listed here, there’s a chance you’ll get the trophy.

Beat the Game in Give Me God of War Difficulty

Kratos dying in-game.

Give Me God of War is the game’s hardest difficulty. If you want to beat the game on this difficulty, you’ll need to commit to it. You can only set this difficulty at the beginning of the game. This means if your first playthrough isn’t set at Give Me God of War, you’ll need to start with a fresh save.

While playing the game at Give Me God of War, you have the freedom to lower the difficulty if it’s too hard for you. However, you can’t set it back up. You truly do need to see it through to the end if you want to experience the entire game in this grueling fashion.

Take note that completing the game at this setting won’t reward you with any trophy or other items. At this point, you’re simply doing it for yourself. It’s going to be incredibly difficult. If you’re one of those players who love a great challenge, though, you’ll absolutely enjoy the experience.