Mask Shard locations in Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight: Every Mask Shard Location

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The Mask Shards in Hollow Knight will give you more masks, thus giving you more health. In a challenging game where receiving damage is almost inescapable, having more health is certainly an opportunity you will want to pursue.

You gain one new mask by collecting four Mask Shards. There are over 16 of them, which means you obtain four more masks if you get all Mask Shards. This will increase your overall health to nine masks from the initial five.

Some Mask Shards are purchased, some are earned, and some are found in the nooks and crannies of Hallownest. Here’s where to find all 16 Mask Shards in Hollow Knight.

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    Four Mask Shards From Sly

    Sly from Hollow Knight.

    You can purchase four Mask Shards from Sly alone. However, you’ll need to give the Shopkeeper’s Key to him first before he’ll sell you the final two.

    The Shopkeeper’s Key can be found in Crystal Peak, north of the area just before the Crystal Guardian’s boss room.

    Sly’s Mask Shards cost as follows:

    • 1st Mask Shard: 150 Geos
    • 2nd Mask Shard: 500 Geos
    • 3rd Mask Shard: 800 Geos
    • 4th Mask Shard: 1,500 Geos

    One Mask Shard From Grubfather

    The Knight standing in Grubfather's room.

    Grubfather will reward you with one Mask Shard after you rescue 5 Grubs.

    Two Mask Shards in the Forgotten Crossroads

    The location of a Mask Shard in the Forgotten Crossroads.

    You can find one in the western area of the Forgotten Crossroads. In the area marked above, you’ll find a Brooding Mawlek. Defeat it to earn your Mask Shard.

    The location of a Mask Shard in the Forgotten Crossroads.

    You can find another Mask Shard in the Forgotten Crossroads in the section below the False Knight’s boss room. This area is filled with Goams and you’ll need the Mantis Claw to reach the end of this section where the Mask Shard is held.

    One Mask Shard in Greenpath

    The location of a Mask Shard in Greenpath.

    You can pick up one Mask Shard in Stone Sanctuary, a sub-section located in Greenpath. For you to navigate this pitch-dark area properly, you will need the Lumafly Lantern. You can purchase it from Sly for 1,800 Geos.

    One Mask Shard in Queen’s Station

    The location of a Mask Shard in Queen's Station.

    In the upper right room outside the Queen’s Station Stag Station. You’ll need the Mantis Claw to reach this area.

    One Mask Shard in Bretta’s House

    The Knight rescuing Bretta in Fungal Wastes.

    You can find one in Bretta’s house in Dirtmouth. For this area to open up, you will first need to rescue Bretta from Fungal Wastes.

    One Mask Shard in Royal Waterways

    The location of a Mask Shard in the Royal Waterways.

    You’ll find one more Mask Shard in the northwestern section of the Royal Waterways. In the said section, drop to the waters below and swim to the left to eventually come across the Mask Shard.

    One Mask Shard in Deepnest

    The location of a Mask Shard in Deepnest.

    Drop to Deepnest via the Fungal Core and you’ll land immediately beside a Mask Shard.

    One Mask Shard in Crystal Peak

    The location of a Mask Shard in Crystal Peak.

    You can pick up one Mask Shard after you defeat the Enraged Guardian in the Crystal Peak.

    One Mask Shard in The Hive

    The Knight standing in the room outside the Mask Shard.

    There’s a breakable wall in The Hive only a Hive Guardian can destroy. Bait this enemy to destroy this wall to collect the Mask Shard inside.

    One Mask Shard From The Seer

    the seer from hollow knight

    The Seer will reward you with one Mask Shard after you collect 1,500 Essence.

    One Mask Shard by Completing the Delicate Flower Quest

    The Knight standing next to the Grey Mourner.

    Complete the Delicate Flower Quest and you’ll receive one Mask Shard as a reward.