The Rod of Dsicord icon set against a Terraria Hallow backdrop with a Chaos Elemental.

Terraria: How To Get the Rod of Discord

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Key Takeaway

The Rod of Discord has a 0.2% drop chance from Chaos Elementals, which spawn in the Underground Hallow in Hardmode.

If you’re tired of running around the Terraria overworld, the Rod of Discord is for you! This rare and unique tool teleports players to their desired location at just the click of a button, but it is only dropped by one elusive enemy.

Table Of Contents

    What Is the Rod of Discord?

    The Rod of Discord is a unique tool that lets players teleport instantly to their cursor’s location, costing zero mana or ammunition!

    To teleport, click the “Attack” button while holding the Rod of Discord and aim at the floor. The target location must be at least three tiles high and two tiles wide.

    How to Get the Rod of Discord

    An example of a player farming Chaos Elementals using Water Candles and a Battle Potion, with a layer of Pearlstone underneath.

    To get the Rod of Discord in Terraria, players must be in Hardmode. This is because the Rod of Discord has a 0.2% drop rate from Chaos Elementals, a rare entity in the Underground Hallow.

    Chaos Elementals will spawn randomly within 20 tiles of the player on any free Pearlstone, Pearlsand, or Pink Ice Block while the player is moving.

    The best way of farming the Rod of Discord is to set up a spawn area for Chaos Elementals using Water Candles or a Battle Potion to increase enemy mob spawn rates. If players fancy taking a risk, they can load the secret seed Celebrationmk10, which increases the drop rate to 1%.

    Patience is a virtue! After a while, your efforts should eventually result in a Rod of Discord finding its way into your inventory.

    Tips for Using the Rod of Discord

    The Rod of Discord is a double-edged sword; teleportation comes at a cost. Each use of the Rod of Discord inflicts the Chaos State debuff for six seconds. This means you’ll lose HP equal to 1/7th of your maximum health if you teleport with the debuff active. Consider this when using it in near-death situations, as the Rod of Discord could decrease your health to zero.

    Due to its immediate teleportation, the Rod of Discord is great for catching Truffle Worms: the bait used to spawn Duke Fishron. Truffle Worms are fast, but you are faster with the Rod of Discord—teleport to stop them from escaping!

    If players have speed buffs or sprinting accessories like the Frostspark Boots or any Food buffs, their increased movement speed will be preserved even when teleporting with the Rod of Discord. This is incredibly useful when dodging deadly attacks or during boss fights.

    The Rod of Discord can teleport you past the Jungle Temple walls, but only after Plantera’s defeat. To save inventory space, this means you can get into the Temple without having to use your Temple Key.

    How to Turn the Rod of Discord Into the Rod of Harmony

    The aether biome and a pool of shimmer, with the sprite icons for the Rod of Discord and Rod of Harmony.

    If you’ve defeated the Moon Lord, you can upgrade the Rod of Discord into a Rod of Harmony! All you need to do is find a pool of Shimmer within the rare Aether biome. Once you’ve found some, drop the Rod of Discord in the Shimmer to transmute it into the Rod of Harmony!

    The Rod of Harmony functions exactly the same as the Rod of Discord, except it no longer inflicts the Chaos State debuff. Now you can teleport freely around your Terraria world, with unlimited uses, and without taking any damage. OP, right?

    Armed with the Rod of Discord, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish and where you can teleport! If you fancy more of a challenge, why not try cleansing your world of evil or gathering the many ingredients to craft the legendary Zenith sword? Happy adventuring!

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