The Clentaminator and Green Solution to remove evil biomes in Terraria.

Terraria: How to Stop Corruption and Crimson

Evil, begone!

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Key Takeaway

Corruption and Crimson can be removed completely by using a Clentaminator with Green Solution. If you want to confine the evil to one area, dig a “quarantine zone” around it with six-block-wide tunnels.

Stop Corruption and Crimson, as they’re the bane of any Terraria player’s life! If left unchecked, they can wreak havoc and overrun an entire world, causing NPCs to move out and harder mobs to spawn. Thankfully, evil biomes can be halted in their tracks with some simple methods.

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    How to Stop Corruption and Crimson

    A player standing in a Corruption and Crimson biome in Terraria.

    Upon entering a new Terraria world, either Crimson or Corruption will be your world’s main evil. These biomes spread steadily over time, with the rate increasing upon defeating the Wall of Flesh and entering Hardmode.

    The situation can swiftly get out of control, but luckily, there are several ways to manage the evil spread: by digging tunnels or by using the Clentaminator. 

    Digging Tunnels

    An example of a large tunnel players can dig to stop the spread of evil biomes.

    While this method is incredibly time-consuming, digging tunnels to contain Crimson or Corruption will keep the evil confined to one specific spot. Digging six-block-wide tunnels around the whole biome will stop your world from being overrun by evil.

    Containing a biome is better than eradicating it completely, so you can still farm biome-specific materials like Tissue Samples, Ichor, or Souls of Night

    Evil biomes can spread through most natural blocks like stone and dirt, so line your tunnels with an evil-resistant material.

    If you’re using this method, you’ll have to dig while the world is in pre-Hardmode. Use mining buffs like potions, the Ancient Chisel, and the best pickaxe you can find to increase your mining power and speed. This method in Hardmode is not ideal, as it’s a race against the clock to beat the spread of the fast-acting evil.

    Using the Clentaminator or Terraformer

    A Terraria player spraying the Clentaminator Green Solution to remove Crimson from their desert biome.

    The Clentaminator is a handy tool that can both create and remove biomes. With this purpose in mind, Green Solution ammo for the Clentaminator will restore evil biomes to their natural purity. Other ammunition for the Clentaminator includes the Dark Blue, Brown, Purple, and even Blue Solution—which is used to spread the Hallow biome.

    The Clentaminator and all different Solutions are available from the Steampunker NPC vendor. The Clentaminator itself costs 2 Platinum and 15 Silver, making it the fourth most expensive item in the game.

    Armed with your Clentaminator, it’s time to start digging! Make a series of long tunnels around the width of the Clentaminator’s range (60 tiles long, five tiles wide), and fire the purifying mist across all sides. This way, you should cover all the affected areas.

    If you’re looking to increase your Clentaminator’s range, throw it into a pool of Shimmer. It transmutes into a Terraformer, with a reach of 90 tiles and a width of 7 tiles. The Terraformer also has a 33% chance to not consume any biome Solutions, saving you time and money! Check-in with the Dryad NPC to see the status of your world’s corruption.

    You must defeat the Moon Lord before you can create a Terraformer.

    No one wants their Terraria world to be overrun with evil! Following these simple steps should have your world at 100% purity in no time. For achievement hunters, cleansing your world of all evil will also reward you with the “And Good Riddance” achievement. Happy cleansing!

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