To the left is a player fishing on a Floating Lake for Azure Crates, and on the right are three Azure Crates, which are dark blue boxes with yellow corners.

How to Find Azure Crates in Terraria

A treasure trove awaits!

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Key Takeaway

Azure Crates in Terraria can be fished up from Floating Islands in the Space layer.

Players can drink Crate Potions and increase their Fishing Power to boost their odds of catching them.

Azure Crates can contain tons of useful loot, including the Starfury: a key component to crafting the end-game weapon, the Zenith.

In a realm of infinite possibilities and treasure, players can often find Crates in Terraria—like the Azure Crate—while going about their day-to-day activities. If you know where and how to get them, Azure Crates can be an excellent source of rare loot.

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    What Is an Azure Crate in Terraria?

    Azure Crates are a type of grab bag filled to the brim with goodies. They contain a randomized assortment of loot, ranging from ores and bars to weapons and even money.

    Press the “Interact” button to open Azure Crates. This is either Right-Click on PC, L2 on PlayStation, LT on Xbox, or ZL on Nintendo Switch.

    Some of the loot from Azure Chests is biome-themed. As such, players can get Accessories and Weapons exclusively found on Floating Islands, like the Starfury, which is a component for crafting the Zenith.

    Where to Find Azure Crates

    A player fishing for an Azure Crate in Terraria while on a Floating Lake.

    In Terraria, you can only get an Azure Crate by Fishing at high elevations in the Space Layer, typically on Floating Lakes or Islands. There are ways to increase your catch rate for Crates and Fish, especially by crafting and using Crate Potions. This potion increases your chances of getting a Crate from 10% to 25% and lasts four minutes. These odds are exceptional because Crates can typically only be caught once in every ten catches.

    There’s also no guarantee you’ll get an Azure Crate, as these odds are mixed with regular Crates like Mythril or Pearlwood.

    Boosting your Fishing Power can also increase the rate of fishing up Crates. You should find a large Floating Lake (at least 300 tiles), and equip the best possible Fishing Rod at your disposal. Pair this with high-Fishing Power bait (like Master Bait) and you’re onto a winning combo!

    Luck also plays a factor in fishing up Crates, so drink Luck Potions, get a Garden Gnome, and start fishing.

    Alternatively, there’s another method of getting Azure Crates. You can use the transmutational powers of Shimmer to turn pre-Hardmode Sky Crates into Azure Crates. Easy win!

    Azure Crate Loot

    Azure Crates contain all of the loot that regular Crates do. They will also always include an exclusive item found inside Skyware Chests, like the Starfury, Celestial Magnet, Shiny Red Balloon, or Lucky Horseshoe.

    Although its pre-Hardmode counterparts (Sky Crates) always have a Sky Mill inside, Azure Crates never do.

    Here is everything Azure Crates can contain, including their drop chances. Their randomized contents make them difficult to grind for specific items. However, they are a good way of getting Ore or Metal Bars.

    Item NameQuantityDrop ChanceDrop Percentage
    Starfury11/1 100%
    Lucky Horseshoe11/1100%
    Shiny Red Balloon11/1100%
    Celestial Magnet 11/1100%
    Fledgling Wings11/40 2.5%
    Cloud Block50 - 1001/2 50%
    Gold Coins5 - 121/4 25%
    Copper Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Tin Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Lead Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Iron Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Silver Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Tungsten Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Gold Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Platinum Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Cobalt Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Palladium Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Mythril Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Orichalcum Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Adamantite Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Titanium Ore20 - 351/147.14%
    Iron Bar6 - 161/128.33%
    Silver Bar6 - 161/128.33%
    Gold Bar6 - 161/128.33%
    Lead Bar6 - 161/128.33%
    Tungsten Bar6 - 161/128.33%
    Platinum Bar6 - 161/128.33%
    Cobalt Bar5 - 161/6 16.67%
    Mythril Bar5 - 161/616.67%
    Adamantite Bar5 - 161/616.67%
    Palladium Bar5 - 161/616.67%
    Orichalcum Bar5 - 161/616.67%
    Titanium Bar5 - 161/616.67%
    Obsidian Skin Potion2 - 41/4 25%
    Spelunker Potion2 - 41/425%
    Hunter Potion2 - 41/425%
    Gravitation Potion2 - 41/425%
    Mining Potion2 - 41/425%
    Heartreach Potion2 - 41/425%
    Healing Potion5 - 171/2 50%
    Mana Potion5 - 171/250%
    Journeyman Bait2 - 61/2 50%
    Master Bait2 - 61/250%
    High Pitch 11/250%
    Blessing from the Heavens11/250%
    See The World For What It Is11/250%
    Love is in the Trash Slot11/250%
    Eye of the Sun 11/250%

    Grinding for Azure Crates in Terraria can be beneficial for getting great pre-Hardmode Accessories. On top of that, if you snag the Starfury, you’re one step closer to crafting the legendary Zenith, which requires you to obtain an Enchanted Sword.

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