A player standing on a beach in Stardew Valley next to some Lightning Rods that have battery icons above them.

Stardew Valley: How to Get and Use Battery Packs

Positively charged!

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Key Takeaway

Battery Packs are a major resource that’s quite difficult to come by. They are mainly farmed through Lightning Rods 24 hours after being hit by lightning in thunderstorms or after seven days of sunshine with Solar Panels.

Other rare methods of getting Battery Packs include receiving them as mail gifts from Pan and Kent, farming them from Iridium Bats on Floors 51+ in the Skull Cavern, or buying them from the Traveling Cart.

Battery Packs are required to make Iridium Sprinklers, Lamp-posts, the Farm Computer, and the Mini-Jukebox. They’re also necessary to complete “The Mysterious Qi” questline, which grants access to the Casino.

The key to thriving in Stardew Valley is making life more convenient, from installing sprinklers to auto-harvesting crops—Battery Packs can help you do so! Unfortunately, they’re hard to get, but there are some sure-fire ways to ensure a steady supply of Battery Packs.

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    How to Make Battery Packs in Stardew Valley

    Four Lightning Rods in a horizontal line near a beach on a player's farm in Stardew Valley.

    Securing this high-tech resource is no easy feat. With that said, there are a couple of methods of reliably obtaining Battery Packs: using Lightning Rods or Solar Panels. Lightning Rods need a thunderstorm and a lucky lightning strike, while Solar Panels only need sunshine. However, Solar Panels aren’t available until the end-game area, Ginger Island, is unlocked.

    Using Lightning Rods to Make Battery Packs

    To unlock the Lightning Rod crafting recipe, you’ll need to increase your Foraging Skill to Level 6. Once you’ve done that, you can create a Lightning Rod with Bat Wing (5), Iron Bar (1), and Refined Quartz (1) in your inventory. A Lightning Rod generates a Battery Pack 24 hours after being struck by lightning during a thunderstorm.

    The exact placement of a Lightning Rod on the Farm has no bearing on its chance to intercept a lightning strike.

    The likelihood of lightning striking a Lightning Rod is tied to the percentage of rods currently charged or pulsating with a loading charge. For example, a lightning strike is 100% guaranteed to hit a Lightning Rod if none are already charged.

    Boost your Battery Pack production by placing multiple Lightning Rods! These handy devices not only serve as a farm for Battery Packs but also have the dual purpose of protecting crops and Fruit Trees from being struck on a stormy day. Gear up for an electrifying harvest!

    Using Solar Panels to Make Battery Packs

    For a more reliable method of getting Battery Packs, players can use Solar Panels instead of Lightning Rods. To get the crafting recipe for these, you must first complete the Island Ingredients Special Order after first getting to Ginger Island.

    Crafting a Solar Panel requires Refined Quartz (10), Iron Bar (5), and Gold Bar (5). They produce a Battery Pack after seven consecutive days of sunlight, making them ideal to place outside during Spring and Summer.

    How to Find Battery Packs

    A player standing next to the Traveling Cart in Cindersap Forest.

    If you don’t have the resources to create Solar Panels or Lightning Rods, you can try finding Battery Packs organically in the world.

    Bear in mind that these methods aren’t reliable and require a lot of patience and luck.

    Buying Battery Packs from the Traveling Cart

    Battery Packs can rarely be in the Traveling Carts inventory, with a price tag of anything between 1,500g and 2,500g.

    Looting Battery Packs

    If you venture into the Skull Cavern, there are several rare methods of looting Battery Packs. Breaking vases, boxes, and crates have a slight chance of dropping Battery Packs. From Floor 51+ and the Prehistoric Floor, Iridium Bats have a 5% chance of dropping Battery Packs as loot

    Other Ways to Find Battery Packs

    If you befriend Pelican Town residents Pam and Kent, they may rarely send you a Battery Pack in the mail. If you’ve completed the Children’s Bundle in the Community Centre, you’ll also get three Battery Packs as a reward.

    The Main Uses for Battery Packs

    A player's Greenhouse containing Fruit Trees, Starfruit crops, and Iridium Sprinklers.

    Battery Packs are essential for crafting end-game essentials, ranging from the Farm Computer to Iridium Sprinklers. The latter, in particular, is great for automatically watering the Greenhouse reliably so you don’t have to waste your Energy! Take a look below to see the array of useful items you can make with Battery Packs.

    NameDescriptionCrafting IngredientsRecipe Source
    Iridium SprinklerWaters the 24 adjacent tiles every morning• Battery Pack (1)
    • Gold Bar (1)
    • Iridium Bar (1)
    Farming Level 9
    CrystalariumInsert a gem and it will grow copies• Battery Pack (1)
    • Stone (99)
    • Gold Bar (2)
    • Iridium Bar (2)
    Mining Level 9
    Slime Egg-PressCompresses 100 pieces of slime into a slime egg• Battery Pack (1)
    • Coal (25)
    • Fire Quartz (1)
    Combat Level 6
    Wood Lamp-postProvides a good amount of light• Battery Pack (1)
    • Wood (50)
    Purchased from Robin for 500g
    Iron Lamp-postProvides a good amount of light• Battery Pack (1)
    • Iron Bar (1)
    Purchased from Robin for 1,000g
    Mini JukeboxPlay your favorite tunes• Battery Pack (1)
    • Iron Bar (2)
    Obtained after Gus' 5-Heart event
    Farm ComputerScans the farm and displays helpful information• Battery Pack (1)
    • Dwarf Gadget (1)
    • Refined Quartz (10)
    Obtained from the Special Order quest from Demetrius

    Other Uses for Battery Packs

    Willy's Boat being repaired at a dock.

    While Battery Packs mainly have crafting purposes, there are several other uses for them too. Battery Packs feature prominently in some quest lines.

    To gain entry to Mr Qi’s exclusive casino, you’ll need to insert one Battery Pack in the powerbox by the bus stop.

    Pam also requests a Battery Pack by mail in Year 2, Fall 19. Completing this quest rewards you with 400g and 1 Friendship Heart with Pam. Funnily enough, if you want to travel to Ginger Island, you’ll need five Battery Packs to repair Willy’s Boat.

    One singular Battery Pack is necessary for the Engineer’s Bundle in the remixed Community Center Boiler Room bundle. If you want to befriend Maru, she is the only villager who loves receiving Battery Packs as gifts.

    In terms of tailoring and dyeing, Battery Packs create a cyan dye when used in the Sewing Machine at Emily and Haley’s House. You can also make a cyan shirt using a Battery Pack and Wool in the Sewing Machine.

    From powering Iridium Sprinklers to brightening up your Farm at night with Lamp-posts, Battery Packs are an essential resource to maximize your productivity in Stardew Valley. However, whatever you do, don’t accidentally gift anyone a Battery Pack when you’re befriending most of the residents of Pelican Town, as almost every villager hates these convenient power sources!

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