Junimos next to a Junimo Hut and a sack of Raisins in front of a Stardew Valley landscape.

Stardew Valley: How to Get and Use Raisins

A Junimo's favorite food!

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Key Takeaway

Raisins are obtained by putting five same-quality Grapes inside a Dehydrator, taking 29 in-game hours to make. The crafting recipe for a Dehydrator can be bought from Pierre, obtained for free from a Mushroom Cave, or won in the Mayor’s Prize Machine.

The main use for Raisins is to boost the productivity of Junimos inside a Junimo Hut, as they work to harvest mature crops on your farm. Putting Raisins inside a Junimo Hit has a 20% chance to double their harvest and also increases the speed at which they harvest mature crops.

Following the 1.6 Stardew Valley update, there are many more items and ways to boost proactivity on the farmstead—one of which is Raisins, an Artisan Good with a hidden secret guaranteed to enhance harvests beyond your wildest dreams.

Table Of Contents

    How to Get a Dehydrator for Making Raisins

    The Dehydrator recipe, bought from Pierre for 10,000G.

    To make Raisins in Stardew Valley, you’ll need to get your hands on a Dehydrator. The crafting recipe is available from Pierre’s General Store in the center of Pelican Town for 10,000G. It requires two Clay, one Fire Quartz, and 30 Wood to make a Dehydrator from scratch.

    A Dehydrator is also a 12th prize option in the Mayor’s Prize Machine.

    If you chose the superior starter option from Demetrius (also known as the Mushroom Cave), you’ll automatically get a Dehydrator right at the start of the game.

    How to Get Raisins in Stardew Valley

    Once you’ve got a Dehydrator or two, all that’s left is to dry some fruit! You must place five Grapes (of the same quality) into a Dehydrator to get Raisins in Stardew Valley. It’s a game of patience, as you must wait 29 in-game hours before your Raisins are ready to use.

    How to Get Grapes

    Grapes are a forageable fruit that grows wild throughout Stardew Valley during Summer in these locations:

    • The Backwoods (62%)
    • The Mountains (62%)
    • The Bus Stop (27%)
    • The Railroad (27%)

    You can also grow Grapes from Summer Seeds or the Grape Starter during Fall. When Fall comes around, Grapes will take ten in-game days to grow from a Grape Starter into maturity. From there, you can harvest Grapes every three days as the plant regrows.

    What Are Raisins Used for in Stardew Valley?

    Junimos harvesting crops in Stardew Valley.

    During the early game, Raisins are a good and easy snack to keep on hand, as they restore 125 Energy and 56 Health. As such, they’re useful for keeping your Energy bars topped up for a day of farming activities.

    They are also a semi-profitable money-making method, as each Raisin can be sold for 600G—more than even the Iridium-quality Grapes at 160G.

    In terms of gifting and raising Friendship, Raisins are a Loved gift for only one villager: Evelyn. Most other Pelican Town villagers Like Raisins, except Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent—who all Hate them.

    However, you’ll notice that the tooltip for Raisins reads: “It’s said to be a Junimo’s favorite food,” hinting at their true purpose. Once you’ve reached the mid-to-end game, you’ll get access to the Wizard’s Tower and magical buildings. With 200 Stone, nine Starfruit, 100 Fiber, and a mere sum of 20,000G, you can craft a Junimo Hut.

    Placing a Junimo Hut means these magical little creatures will harvest mature crops for you, as explained in some Secret Notes. That’s where Raisins come in—you can place Raisins inside Junimo Huts to increase their productivity tenfold. They’ll have a 20% chance to double harvest crops, yielding even more crop profits each season! Junimos will consume one bag of Raisins every week, except during Winter, as they take the time to hibernate for the year ahead.

    Despite being a dried fruit, Raisins are guaranteed to boost productivity on your farm so you’ll be raking in the profits. Especially if you’re planting Ancient Seeds for the Junimos to harvest. Do you want to explore the other goodies the 1.6 Stardew Valley update has to offer? Discover the Bookseller to skyrocket your skills to the next level, or find rare items to uncover the purrfect weapon

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