To the left is a player petting a Dinosaur in a Coop. To the right is a hostile Pepper Rex on a Prehistoric Floor.

Stardew Valley: How to Get Dinosaur Eggs

Egg-citing profits await!

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Key Takeaway

There are five ways of getting Dinosaur Eggs in Stardew Valley:

  1. Dropped from killing Pepper Rexes on Prehistoric Floors of the Skull Cavern
  2. Picked up as a forageable item on Prehistoric Floors of the Skull Cavern
  3. Tilled from Artifact Spots in The Mountains or The Quarry with a 0.6% chance
  4. Fishing Treasure Chests with a 0.8% chance
  5. Rarely a reward from the Crane Game in the Community Movie Theater—must have completed either the JojaMart or Community Center route

Part of Stardew Valley‘s charm is raising different animals, whether in a Coop or Barn. One special animal players can nurture is the Dinosaur, hatched through a Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg. These speckled eggs have several uses, but first, you’ll need to know how to get them.

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    What Is a Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg?

    Stardew Valley Dinosaur Eggs are exactly what they say on the tin: an egg from a Pepper Rex. Dinosaur Eggs can be incubated to become a baby Pepper Rex or used inside a Mayonnaise Machine to create Dinosaur Mayonnaise. Yuck!

    How to Get Dinosaur Eggs in Stardew Valley

    A Pepper Rex on a Prehistoric Floor of a the Skull Cavern in Stardew Valley.

    The main way of finding Dinosaur Eggs in Stardew Valley is by killing Pepper Rexes on infested Prehistoric Floors of the Skull Cavern. Prehistoric Floors are characterized by the green, grassy ground and Pepper Rex mobs roaming around.

    A Pepper Rex will breathe fire when you get too close, so keep your distance.

    You may also get lucky enough to find Dinosaur Eggs as a forageable item on the ground.

    Other Ways of Getting Dinosaur Eggs

    Another way to get a Dinosaur Egg in Stardew Valley is to till the Artifact Spots dotted around The Mountains and Quarry, which have a 0.6% drop rate.

    Artifact Spots are the wiggly worms you see on the ground. Use a Hoe to dig them up.

    There’s also a slight chance (0.8%) of getting a Dinosaur Egg through Fishing Treasure Chests. While this method is unreliable, it’s an excellent way to level up your Fishing Skill while hunting for an elusive Dinosaur Egg! You can boost your chances of getting Treasure Chests with the Treasure Hunter/Pirate Fishing Professions and the Magnet lure for a 50% increase in Fishing Treasure Chests spawn rates.

    The final method of getting a Stardew Valley Dinosaur Egg is through the Crane Machine at the Movie Theater. This is only possible once you’ve completed the JojaMart Community Development Form or restored the Community Center to its former glory. Watch out that there isn’t a Dinosaur Egg hiding behind the green foliage of the game.

    Uses for Dinosaur Eggs

    Dinosaur Eggs have plenty of uses in Stardew Valley. You can rescue Dinosaurs from extinction by hatching the eggs in an Incubator, or even tailor clothes out of them!

    Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

    While it may be tempting to showcase your first Dinosaur Egg in Gunther’s collection in the Museum, resist this urge. This is because you can incubate your first egg inside a Big or Deluxe Coop (so make sure to build a Coop!) to eventually hatch into a Dinosaur, creating a limitless supply of Dinosaur Eggs in the future.

    It will take 11 days to hatch a Dinosaur Egg, or six days with the Coopmaster Farming profession.

    As long as they have a happy and full belly, the Dinosaur in your Coop will produce a new Dinosaur Egg every seven days. The happier your cooped-up Dinosaurs are, the higher-quality eggs you will get, so keep them fed and petted daily. Higher-quality eggs will also sell for more.

    Quality Sale Price

    Dinosaur Mayonnaise

    A Deluxe Coop with baby Pepper Rexes and Dinosaur Mayonnaise ready to collect.

    If you’re feeling adventurous, place a Dinosaur Egg into a Mayonnaise Machine. After three hours, this will yield Dinosaur Mayonnaise, an Artisan product. This mysterious substance can sell for a pretty penny, especially when coupled with the Artisan Profession.

    Here are all the selling prices for Dinosaur Mayonnaise, depending on the profession you go for. Remember, you can always change professions using the Statue of Uncertainty in the Sewers for 10,000G. A small price to pay for a lifetime of profits!

    ProfessionSale Price
    Base 800G
    Rancher (+20%)960G
    Artisan (+40%)1,120G

    If you get twelve Dinosaurs—the maximum amount for a Deluxe Coop—to lay Dinosaur Eggs, you can make around 13,000G when you use these Eggs to make Dinosaur Mayonnaise.

    Gifting to Villagers

    A player about to gift a Dinosaur Egg to Leo on Ginger Island.

    Despite the rarity of Dinosaur Eggs, they are not a great gift-giving idea for most of Pelican Towns’ residents. They are only a Liked Gift for Alex, Demetrius, the Dwarf, and Penny. 

    Making the Dinosaur Hat and Pants

    The tailoring menu at the sewing machine to create the Dinosaur Hat and Dinosaur Pants.

    Using a Cloth and Dinosaur Egg in the Sewing Machine at Haley and Emily’s House will give you an adorable Dinosaur Hat, complete with fangs and goofy-looking eyes. To create a matching set, you can use a Cloth and Dinosaur Mayonnaise to create your very own Dinosaur Pants, with a spiky green tail.

    Creating an army of Pepper Rexes is a slow and steady endeavor—but they’re definitely worthwhile for making money! Add further wackiness to your Stardew Valley farm by befriending Shane and learning the secret to getting Blue Chickens, or fill your crop fields with Ancient Seeds to get a bounty of riches coming your way!

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