Vessel Fragment locations in Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight: Every Vessel Fragment Location

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Your Soul in Hollow Knight is the resource responsible for your spells and your ability to heal. While your Soul gauge is limited at the beginning of the game, you can expand it by collecting items called Vessel Fragments.

Your Soul gauge is marked by the circular mask on the top left of your screen. This gauge, if full, has the capacity to restore three masks or fire three spells, discounting the use of charms such as Spell Twister. By collecting all Vessel Fragments in Hollow Knight, you are given three mini Soul vessels which equate to one full circular mask, essentially doubling the capacity of your original Soul gauge.

You create one Soul vessel by collecting three Vessel Fragments. There are a total of nine Vessel Fragments in the game. Here’s where you can get them.

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    One Vessel Fragment From Sly

    Sly from Hollow Knight.

    You can purchase 1 Vessel Fragment from Sly for 550 Geos.

    One More Vessel Fragment From Sly After Handing the Shopkeeper’s Key

    The Knight picking up the Shopkeeper's Key.

    Obtain the Shopkeeper’s Key in the Crystal Peak and give it to Sly. He will then sell you another Vessel Fragment for 900 Geos.

    One Vessel Fragment in Forgotten Crossroads

    The location of a Vessel Fragment in Forgotten Crossroads.

    You can pick one up from the Forgotten Crossroads. It is to the left of the big lift that unlocks from the City of Tears.

    One Vessel Fragment in City of Tears

    Location of a Vessel Fragment in City of Tears.

    There’s one Vessel Fragment at the top-most area of the section above King’s Station. If you take the elevator from the Resting Grounds to the City of Tears, this area you should be above the exit.

    One Vessel Fragment in Deepnest

    Location of a Vessel Fragment in Deepnest.

    The Vessel Fragment in Deepnest requires you to have a familiarity with the game’s nail-bouncing mechanic. It is located north of the cavern with the roaming Garpedes. At the beginning of this area, you will need to constantly nail-bounce on a Garpede to get from the starting point on the left to the other area on the right. Once you arrive at the end of the path, you’ll need to nail-bounce on a Garpede once more to continuously rise up and reach the hidden cavern above. The Vessel Fragment is located at the end of this area.

    One Vessel Fragment in Greenpath

    Location of a Vessel Fragment in Greenpath.

    There’s one Vessel Fragment in Greenpath just before the area that links to the Queen’s Gardens. It is tucked away at the end of the upper section you can climb onto before the area with the hanging platforms.

    One Vessel Fragment in Ancient Basin

    The Knight standing before the fountain in the Ancient Basin.

    There is a fountain in the Ancient Basin that will ask for all your Geos. In actuality, it will only collect a maximum of 3,000. Do so and be rewarded with one Vessel Fragment.

    One Vessel Fragment From the Seer

    the seer from hollow knight

    The Seer will give you one Vessel Fragment after you collect 700 Essence.

    One Vessel Fragment in Stag Nest

    A Vessel Fragment in Stag Nest.

    You’ll find one more Vessel Fragment in the Stag Nest. To unlock this area, you will first need to unlock every other Stag Station in Hollow Knight.