The default Stardew Valley background with the sprites for a Rare Seed and its growth stages.

What Is a Rare Seed in Stardew Valley?

Discover the secret to sweet success!

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Key Takeaway

Rare Seeds take 24 in-game days to grow (unless you’re using fertilizer or have the Agricultural profession). Once fully grown, they’ll yield one Sweet Gem Berry, which is mainly sold for profits.

There are two methods of obtaining Rare Seeds in Stardew Valley:

  1. From the Traveling Cart in Cindersap Forest. In Spring and Summer, she sells 1-5 Rare Seeds for 1,000G each
  2. In Fall and Winter, there’s a 1.26% chance she’ll sell a Rare Seed for a price of 600 – 1,000G.


As a farming sim, Stardew Valley has various crop options for those looking to make their fortune. From Starfruit to Ancient Fruit, there’s no shortage of crops to try! The Rare Seed is a great money-maker—so you should learn how to grow them in Stardew Valley!

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    What Are Rare Seeds in Stardew Valley

    Rare Seeds being grown inside Plant Pots inside the players' home.

    As the name suggests, a Rare Seed in Stardew Valley is quite an uncommon commodity. Once fully grown, it’s harvestable for a precious fruit. 

    Rare Seeds will yield one single Sweet Gem Berry. Despite the tooltip description saying they “take all season to grow,” the default growth time for a Rare Seed is 24 days. Using Speed-Gro fertilizer or having the Agriculturalist profession will cut this growth time down by a considerable margin.

    You can only plant Rare Seeds on tilled soil during Fall. Many players either grow them inside the Greenhouse (by completing the Community Center Pantry Bundle) or with indoor Plant Pots.

    How to Get Rare Seeds

    The Traveling Cart where players can buy Rare Seeds.

    Unfortunately, those seeking Rare Seeds in JojaMart or Pierre’s General Store are out of luck! Rare Seeds are…well, rare! As such, they are only available through specific means.

    Instead, players must visit the Traveling Cart in Cindersap Forest on Fridays and Sundays. During Spring or Summer, she’s guaranteed to stock 1-5 Rare Seeds at a time for a set price of 1,000G each. Sometimes, Rare Seeds may occupy two slots in her inventory, so you can get double the amount!

    In Fall and Winter, there’s around a 1.26% chance she’ll still stock Rare Seeds, with a varied price of anywhere between 600G to 1,000G.

    You can also get Rare Seeds by placing a Sweet Gem Berry inside a Seed Maker. This offers an average of two seeds per Fruit, with the risk of getting Mixed Seeds. This method is not recommended because it wastes a Sweet Gem Berry. If you decide to go down this route, use lower-quality Sweet Gem Berries to maintain a solid return on investment.

    Sweet Gem Berry Uses

    Since a Sweet Gem Berry is not a Fruit or Vegetable, you can’t use it to make Artisan Produce from Kegs or Preserves Jars. Despite its high value and rarity, the Sweet Gem Berry is a universally neutral gift option for all Stardew Valley NPC villagers, including Leo on Ginger Island. 

    The main use for Sweet Gem Berries is to sell them once harvested. Using fertilizers, you can increase the quality of your Sweet Gem Berry crops so they can sell for more, allowing you to rake in huge profits!

    QualitySelling Price

    While they sell for a pretty penny, they’re also a good (and expensive) way to level up Farming. Each Sweet Gem Berry provides 64 Farming XP per crop while harvesting. This method allows you to eventually grind your way to Farming Mastery!

    If you want to tailor a new wardrobe, use a Sweet Gem Berry inside the spool of the Sewing Machine with some Cloth. This creates the White Turban Hat! A Sweet Gem also acts as a red dye for clothes, although there are cheaper alternatives you could use instead. 

    Growing Rare Seeds is definitely a considerable side hustle to invest time and money into as a semi-consistent form of money-making. Additionally, if you have unlocked the Secret Woods, gift the Old Master Cannoli statue a Sweet Gem Berry to get a Stardrop. This is one step toward boosting your Energy to the max! While playing co-op multiplayer, one Sweet Gem Berry gifted grants every player a Stardrop—energy gains for everyone!

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