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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Walkthrough

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VGKAMI’s The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening walkthrough will take you through your journeys on Koholint Island. Our complete Link’s Awakening walkthrough guide will also detail how to find, enter, and beat every dungeon in the game, as well as much more.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Walkthrough

Choose an area from the list for the full Link’s Awakening walkthrough. Details of each area can be found in the sections below.

Get the Sword to Begin Your Adventure

In the beginning, before you can truly get started on your adventure, you’ll need your Sword! In this part of the walkthrough, you’ll learn the quickest way to get to your Sword on Toronbo Shores from Marin’s House in Mabe Village. You’ll also get tips on how to deal with threats along the way without a Sword.

Section Checklist

  • Grab your Shield from Tarin in Marin’s house
  • Pick up your Sword from Toronbo Shores

Uncover All the Secrets of Mabe Village

After you get your Sword back, the wise Owl tells you to head to the Mysterious Forest. However, before that, you should check out Mabe Village as it has tons of helpful items, information, and secrets. Items that you can get here include some Heart Pieces, a Fairy Bottle, trade items, some weapons, and more. You can even farm Rupees here pretty easily. However, you will need to progress through the game to gain access to later collectibles. This is due to certain things happening only after you clear various dungeons.

Section Checklist

  • Read every library book and note the 2 that you can’t read yet (you need the Pegasus Boots to get the 1 on the shelf and a Magnifying Lens to read the other)
  • Talk to everyone for tips and lore
  • Play the fishing mini-game for some collectibles (Heart Pieces, Secret Seashells, and a Fairy Bottle—come back after clearing more dungeons when new kinds of fish appear to get more collectibles)
  • Play Trendy Game for many collectibles (Heart Pieces, Secret Seashells, the Yoshi Doll, and all Figures, though the last Figure only becomes available after beating the game)
  • Farm Rupees from Trendy Game (only bother getting the purple Rupee for maximum efficiency)
  • Buy the Shovel, some Bombs, and the Heart Piece from the Town Tool Shop (come back for the expensive Bow and Arrow later)
  • Trade the Yoshi Doll to Mamasha for the Ribbon
  • Trade the Ribbon to CiaoCiao for some Canned Food

Make Your Way Through the Mysterious Forest

These woods live up to their name as strange happenings will bar your progress. A magical Raccoon will cast a spell that will prevent you from traveling north of their hangout spot. You’ll need to take a detour after picking up a special mushroom in the forest’s western part. Then, you will have to travel east out of the Mysterious Forest to get a special item from the Witch in Koholint Prairie call Magic Powder. Magic Powder will help you deal with the pesky Raccoon and more.

Just north of the Raccoon’s location, you’ll find the Tail Key, which will let you enter the game’s first dungeon. While you’re in the Mysterious Forest, you can find some chests with Rupees and a Heart Piece, though reaching some loot will require items that you don’t have yet. Mark them on your map to come back to them later.

Section Checklist

  • Find the Toadstool
  • Exchange the Toadstool for Magic Powder
  • Open the chest for 50 Rupees in the central hollow log cave
  • Note the location of the Heart Piece in the central hollow log cave
  • Get the Tail Key from the chest north of the raccoon’s former position

Take on Level 1 – Tail Cave

In the first dungeon of the game, you’ll need to learn the basics of how they work. You’ll need to collect Small Keys, Stone Beaks, the Compass, the Dungeon Map, and the Nightmare Key to name the dungeon-specific items. However, there are many chests to plunder while you’re here, including one that contains the Roc’s Feather. This item is crucial for clearing Level 1 – Tail Cave and progressing through the game, as it gives you the ability to jump. After getting all the goods, you’ll need to challenge the boss, Moldorm, to acquire the first of the Siren Instruments.

Section Checklist

  • Learn the basics of dungeon-delving
  • Use the Roc’s Feather and Bombs to access all chests (for true completionists, it’s recommended to get into the habit of looking at literally every wall in the game for cracks that you can break through with Bombs)
  • Defeat Moldorm
  • Collect the Full Moon Cello

Save BowWow and Search Goponga Swamp for the Next Dungeon

To get into the next dungeon, you’ll have to get through Goponga Swamp, however, there are pesky plants blocking your way. You’ll need some help to get rid of them, which you can get from BowWow, a large chain chomp that usually lives in Mabe Village. Though, you’ll have to rescue him from moblins that have chomp-napped them. After raiding the moblin lair and rescuing BowWow, you’ll need to walk them to the entrance of the dungeon located in the northeastern part of Goponga Swamp. BowWow will eat all the plants (and enemies) in your way so that you can reach the dungeon’s entrance. When you do, head inside—and don’t worry about BowWow. The helpful chain chomp will wait for you outside the dungeon so that you can take them back home to Mabe Village afterward.

Section Checklist

  • Go to Mabe Village to learn that BowWow has been abducted
  • Go to the Moblin hideout that is a bit east of Goponga Swamp
  • Defeat all the Moblins inside
  • After rescuing BowWow, lead him to Gonponga Swamp
  • Have BowWow eat all of the flowers in front of the dungeon entrance
  • Enter the dungeon (BowWow will patiently wait outside for you)

Beat Level 2 – Bottle Grotto

To defeat this dungeon, you’ll have to traverse it as you did with Level 1 – Tail Cave, but with the help of the Power Bracelet. This permanently-equipped item will grant you the strength to lift and throw many objects. Use it to smash pots and pesky enemies alike, including the clownlike-boss of Level 2 – Bottle Grotto: Genie.

Section Checklist

  • Smash a ton of pots while going through the dungeon with the Power Bracelet’s help
  • Defeat Genie
  • Collect the Conch Horn

Gather the 5 Golden Leaves by Storming Kanalet Castle

Afterward, you’ll have to enter Pothole Fields, which are south of Koholint Prairie. In the house within the south of the area, you’ll meet Richard, who will give you a quest. To get the Slime Key to enter the next dungeon, you’ll have to collect the 5 Golden Leaves for Richard by entering and defeating the foes in Kanalet Castle. To do so, you’ll need some Bananas to encourage some monkeys to build you a bridge.

After getting the 5 Golden Leaves, you’ll have to return to Richard, who will give you access to his large yard. Carefully make your way through the hole-pocketed landscape to fine the Slime Key in front of the owl statue. You will need a Shovel to dig up the Slime Key, so be sure to buy one in Mabe Village.

Section Checklist

  • Go to Toronbo Shores to trade the Canned Food with Sale for some Bananas
  • Proceed to Pothole Field to talk to Richard in his house
  • Go to the east of Kanalet Castle’s main entrance
  • Talk to the monkey there and give them the Bananas
  • Get into Kanelet Castle
  • Defeat the crow on the left side of the castle to get the 1st Golden Leaf
  • Defeat the bomb mini-boss on the right side of the castle to get the 2nd Golden Leaf
  • Enter the castle and defeat all enemies in the first room to get the 3rd Golden Leaf
  • Press the button on the floor to permanently open the castle’s main entrance
  • Go upstairs
  • Break the cracks in the walls with bombs to free 2 enemies
  • Defeat the 2 wall enemies to get the 4th Golden Leaf
  • Go outside and then enter the only other entrance on the upper floor
  • Open the mini-boss room by throwing a pot at it.
  • Defeat the flail-wielding mini-boss for the 5th Golden Leaf
  • Go back to Richard and he will let you into his yard
  • Find the Slime Key by digging in front of the owl statue
  • Grab the Heart Piece in Richard’s yard

Conquer Level 3 – Key Cavern

You’ll be able to speed through this dungeon once you find the Pegasus Boots, which lets you sprint and jump farther. Use your new ability to gather up all the Rupees, Small Keys, and other items in chests before proceeding to the boss. To get the next Siren Instrument, you’ll have to defeat the imposing Slime Eye.

Section Checklist

  • Practice using the Pegasus Boots to long-jump and run full-speed into things (both of these are useful for finding secrets)
  • Defeat Slime Eye
  • Collect the Sea Lily’s Bell

Discover the Angler Key in Yarna Desert

You should get the Ocarina now, and you can do so from the Dream Shrine which is conveniently located in Mabe Village. The bed that you need to sleep in to be transported to the Dream Shrine is within the building in the north of Mabe Village that’s blocked by boulders—which you can pick up and toss out of your way thanks to the Power Bracelet.

The Arm-Mimic enemies within can be destroyed with spin attacks, however, it’s arguably easier to jump over them using the combined power of the Roc’s Feather and the Pegasus Boots. Just beware of the cracks in the floor. If you break too many floor tiles, you may need to exit and re-enter the shrine to make progression possible. At the end of the Dream Temple’s linear path, you’ll need to charge through some rubbery obstacles by sprinting with the Pegasus Boots. In the center of the temple, there are 2 chests: 1 will hold 100 Rupees while the other will contain the Ocarina.

To get to the next dungeon, you’ll need to travel far and wide. First, head to Animal Village on the east side of Koholint Island. You’ll find the entrance to Yarna Desert south of Animal Village blocked by a sleeping walrus. To wake them, you’ll need Marin’s help, as she can awaken the walrus by singing to them. This will require you to go back to Mabe Village in search of Marin only to find that she is not in her usual spot. Don’t worry, and she’s not far. Go south to Toronbo Shores to find and speak with her. After you watch the cutscene that plays when you find Marin, she will begin following you. Lead her to the walrus so that Marin can wake them up.

After the walrus awakens, they will jump into the water nearby, giving you access to Yarna Desert. Then, you’ll need to head north to defeat the giant centipede in the quicksand arena to get the Angler Key. Though, before braving the scorching sands, quickly backtrack to Animal Village to find Marin singing to the animals. In addition to enjoying a cute scene, you can speak to Marin to learn the Ballad of the Wind Fish, which will be useful later. It’s used for an important end game task, though is also needed to acquire 1 Secret Seashell from the spot where the walrus jumped into the water.

You can miss the chance to get the Ballad of the Wind Fish here if you don’t return to Animal Village and have the Ocarina. However, you can learn the song from Marin in Mabe Village later very easily, so there’s no need to stress out if you pass by this musical opportunity.

Section Checklist

  • Enter Dream Shrine in Mabe Village to get the Ocarina
  • Travel to Animal Village and interact with the sleeping walrus
  • Grab the Heart Piece slightly north of Animal Village
  • Go to the eastern part of Toronbo Shores to find Marin
  • Talk to her and then lead her back to the walrus
  • After the walrus moves, go to Animal Village to learn the Ballad of the Wind Fish from Marin
  • Play the Ballad of the Wind fish where the walrus jumped into the water to get 1 Secret Seashell
  • Head into Yarna desert and go north
  • Fight the centipede mini-boss in the quicksand pit
  • Grab the Angler Key that the mini-boss drops
  • Collect the Heart Piece from behind the breakable wall under the quicksand pit
  • Go to Tal Tal Heights to unlock the entrance to Level 4 – Angler’s Tunnel

Traverse Level 4 – Angler’s Tunnel

With the Angler Key in hand, you’re ready to unlock Level 4 – Angler’s Tunnel in Tal Tal Heights. Though, after you do, you’ll need to go further north to the Tal Tal Mountain Range to access the dungeon’s entrance. Leap down from a waterfall ledge to the entrance and go inside. You’ll have to loot the Flippers from a chest so that you can gain the ability to swim. Using your new aquatic powers, you can proceed to the boss room to challenge and defeat the mighty Angler Fish.

Section Checklist

  • Go up to the Tal Tal Mountain Range
  • Jump down in front of the entrance to the dungeon and then enter it
  • Defeat Angler Fish
  • Collect the Surf Harp

Dive into Level 5 – Catfish’s Maw

Your ability to swim will also let you enter Level – 5 Catfish’s Maw once you find the amphibious dungeon entrance in Martha’s Bay. Swim to the left side of the big catfish head and dive to find a hidden passage that leads to the entrance that’s located beyond some rocks. Within the dungeon, you’ll need to get the Hookshot to make your way through this confusing undersea lair. After that, you can make your way to the boss—Slime Eel—and take them down to get the next Siren Instrument.

Section Checklist

  • Spot the bubbles that indicate the underwater passage’s location
  • Enter Catfish’s Maw
  • Defeat Slime Eel
  • Collect the Wind Marimba

Ransack the Ancient Ruins to Find the Face Key

To find the Face Key that lets you into the next dungeon, you’ll have to plunder the Ancient Ruins. From Animal Village, head north and then east along a thin pass. When you go as far east as you can, you’ll find a passage that leads south into Ancient Ruins. Proceed carefully by touching and activating the living statues so that they move out of your way. When activated, the statues will turn out to be Armos enemies that you can only slay with Arrows or the Boomerang. You’ll need to enter the building at the end of the path to face off against a large knight, who will drop the Face Key when defeated. Just beyond them is a room that will give you a bit of lore. However, after that, you can leave the Ancient Ruins and proceed north to unlock the entrance into Level 6 – Face Shrine.

Section Checklist

  • Buy the Bow and Arrow from the Town Tool Shop in Mabe Village
  • Finish the trading quest to get the Magnifying Lens
  • Use the Magnifying Lens in the hidden cave on Toronbo Shores to find Goriya
  • Trade Goriya your Shovel for the Boomerang
  • Buyback your Shovel for 300 Rupees
  • Travel deep into the Ancient Ruins to reach the temple at the end (killing Armos foes as you go will make this easier)
  • Defeat the mini-boss inside to get the Face Key
  • Look at the mural in the back room of the temple for some lore
  • Exit the temple and defeat some Armos enemies in the central part of the Ancient Ruins (the dead-end in the middle) to find some secrets
  • Head north of the Ancient Ruins to unlock and enter Level 6 – Face Shrine

Fight Your Way Through Level 6 – Face Shrine

Here, you’ll have to obtain the Powerful Bracelet, which is an upgraded version of the Power Bracelet. This new permanently-equipped item will let you pick up and toss heavier objects like the elephant statues that populate the dungeon. Use the Powerful Bracelet to clear a path to the boss, Facade, so that you can defeat them.

  • Have fun throwing huge statues around
  • Defeat Facade
  • Collect the Coral Triangle

Get Some Unexpected Help to Bag the Bird Key

Before you can enter the next dungeon, you’ll need to get some help to obtain the Bird Key that unlocks it. Head to Mabe Village and push the Rooster Statue to reveal a secret set of stairs. Below, you’ll find the skeletal remains of a rooster that you’ll need to resurrect. Fear not, no one on Koholint Island seems to mind a little bit of necromancy.

For that, you’ll need to learn an Ocarina song that can give life to things. This can be done by heading to the field with a bunch of signposts in the south of Ukuku Prairie (you need the Hookshot to reach this area). After solving the signpost puzzle, you’ll gain access to the lair of Mamu, the giant signing frog. If you pay Mamu 300 Rupees, he will teach you the Frog’s Song of Soul. Go back to the remains of the rooster under the Rooster Statue and play the Frog’s Song of Soul to resurrect them.

With your new feathered friend in tow, you can now get the Bird Key up on the Tal Tal Mountain Range. Travel to the cave entrance just south of the Henhouse Keeper’s shack and go deep enough to find a huge pit. If you pick up the blue rooster and jump into the air over the pit, you will stay aloft. Use this limited flight to cross the chasm and grab the Bird Key. Despite the size difference, the small yet mighty blue rooster will have no trouble keeping you airborne.

Section Checklist

  • Go to the signpost field south of Ukuku Prairie
  • Solve the puzzle and enter the secret stairs that appear
  • Pay Mamu 300 Rupees to learn the Frog’s Song of Soul
  • Go to Mabe Village and push the Rooster Statue to reveal more secret stairs before descending them
  • Play the Frog’s Song of Soul in front of the rooster skeleton
  • Bring the resurrected rooster to the cave below the Henhouse Keeper’s place on the Tal Tal Mountain Range
  • Navigate the cave with the rooster’s help to cross the gaps and bag the Bird Key
  • Travel east to the entrance of Level 7 – Eagle’s Tower and use the key
  • Enter the dungeon (the helpful rooster will head to the Henhouse Keeper’s shack, where you can visit them later)

Ascend Level 7 – Eagle’s Tower

When you finally enter Level 7 – Eagle’s Tower, you’ll need to do something a bit different to beat this dungeon. Instead of going to the boss, you’ll have to bring them to you by breaking structural pillars inside the dungeon to bring the highest floor down an entire level. After you do this and grab the Mirror Shield, you can ascend to the top of the tower and do battle with the boss: Evil Eagle.

Section Checklist

  • Use the round black stones to break all the dungeon’s pillars and lower the 4th floor down to the 3rd floor
  • Defeat Evil Eagle
  • Collect the Organ of Evening Calm

Journey All the Way Across the Tal Tal Mountain Range to Find Level 8 – Turtle Rock

By process of elimination, you’ll likely have figured out that the top-left of the world map is the area that holds the last true dungeon, as it is the only area you have yet to explore. To get to the western part that is home to Level 8 –  Turtle Rock, you’ll need to start from just outside Level 7 – Eagle’s Tower. After you exit the 7th dungeon, make your way to the abode of the Henhouse Keeper. Within, you’ll likely be happy to see that the rooster who helped you get the Bird Key has found their way here. After enjoying the fun scene, exit the Keeper’s house and head west, towards a broken bridge with crates on it.

As you do, you’ll find Marin stranded on it. Use your Hookshot to zoom across and save her. Afterward, there will be a little cutscene that plays which will end in Marin and Tarin seemingly heading back to Mabe Village. This is important to note if you have not yet learned the Ballad of the Wind Fish from Marin, as this hint tells you where to find her after you clear Level 8 – Turtle Rock. However, if you already learned this Ocarina song from her in Animal Village, this cutscene doesn’t matter a great deal.

From there, you’ll get a hint from the wise Owl who points you further west. In this area, you’ll see a bush on the left side. Destroy it and you’ll find a secret staircase. Descending it will bring you into a short cave that you can pass through with no issues thanks to your Hookshot. After you exit the cave, you’ll have to make your way up a switchback path with falling boulders. This can be tricky to traverse, but you can note where boulders are falling by keeping an eye out for their shadows.

At the higher area, go to the far left of it. If you lift up the leftmost rock, you’ll find a secret staircase that leads down into a chamber where Lil Devil will increase the amount of Magic Powder that you can carry. However, to progress to Level 8 – Turtle Rock, you’ll have to jump down from the small wooden bridge to the left of the entrance to Lil Devil’s lair.

Go through the subtle maze of stones into the only opening in the rock face to find another small cave. Within, to get by the flamethrower, you’ll have to hold up your Mirror Shield and walk into the fire. Don’t worry, since the Mirror Shield repels magical attacks, you’ll be able to get by the fire safely. Afterward, make your way up the stair to exit the cave. Before you go further west, pick up the rock to the right of the cave’s exit to uncover the last Warp Point in the game. Stand on it to activate the blue symbol before you proceed to the 8th dungeon that lies westward.

When you do, however, be prepared for a tough fight! The entrance to Level 8 – Turtle Rock is actually a mini-boss, which you will have to awaken by playing the Frog’s Song of Soul on the Ocarina. This battle will require you to break the stone turtle’s hard armor with bombs before slashing at its head with your sword. Though, when defeated, its head will disappear and reveal the entrance to the dungeon. Although, before you enter, know that this is the toughest dungeon in the game. If you haven’t collected any of the powerful optional upgrades in the game, now’s the time to do so. Thankfully, since you just unlocked a Warp Point, you can leave the area and come back easily.

Section Checklist

  • Travel west along the Tal Tal Mountain Range
  • Collect the Magic Powder upgrade from Lil Devil (the maximum amount of Magic Powder you can hold goes from 20 up to 40)
  • Open the chest for above Lil Devil’s lair for some Rupees
  • Unlock the last Warp Point
  • Defeat the stone turtle

Gather Up the Remaining Collectibles and Upgrades

The main item you get in Level 8 – Turtle Rock is the Magic Rod. However, its only function is in combat and in puzzles exclusive to the dungeon it’s found in. You don’t need the Magic Rod to get anything outside a dungeon, so the best time to do a collectible round-up is prior to entering Level 8 – Turtle Rock. Furthermore, since the 8th dungeon is the hardest, now’s also a good time to prepare for the game’s greatest challenges.

Section Checklist

  • Collect the remaining Heart Pieces
  • Collect the remaining Secret Seashells
  • Go to the Seashell Mansion for the Secret Seashell rewards
  • Find and beat the Color Dungeon for the Tunic upgrade
  • Complete most of Dampé’s Dungeon Arranging mini-games (for Heart Pieces, Secret Seashells, a Fairy Bottle, and a full Heart Container)
  • Head back to Mabe Village to get the last few fishing collectibles
  • Get most of the last Trendy Game collectibles (the last Figure is only obtainable after beating the game)
  • Return to Level 8 – Turtle Rock

Face the Trials of Level 8 – Turtle Rock

This dungeon is full of lava, mini-bosses, and possesses a fairly confusing layout. If you haven’t already been doing so, now’s the time to start marking your dungeon map with pins. Keeping track of which staircases connect will help you avoid getting lost since this dungeon requires a lot of backtracking. With that said, you’ll need to collect the usual dungeon-specific items and the Magic Rod to make your way to the boss: Hot Head. After you beat this flaming foe, you’ll get access to the chamber beyond, where lies the last Siren Instrument. There, you’ll pick up the Thunder Drum, after which the game will tell you where to go.

Section Checklist

  • Fight your way through the most complex dungeon in the game
  • Defeat Hot Head
  • Collect the Thunder Drum

Crack Open the Wind Fish’s Egg

After exiting Level 8 – Turtle Rock, you’ll need to go to the Wind Fish’s Egg. Though, you’ll need to play the Ballad of the Wind Fish in addition to possessing all the Siren Instruments to progress. Climb the stairs to Mount Tamaranch and play your Ocarina below it. You’ll then see a cutscene that ends in the Wind Fish’s Egg breaking open at the bottom. This new gap is an entrance to a pseudo-dungeon, aptly named the Wind Fish’s Egg.

Before you enter it, you’ll need to learn a secret. Within the Wind Fish’s Egg is a magical maze, sort of like the one in the Mysterious Forest. Although there is no trickster raccoon to delay you, but instead a powerful spell. To learn the proper sequence to progress through the Wind Fish’s Egg maze, you’ll have to read “Dark Secrets and Mysterious of Koholint”. This book can be found in Mabe Village’s library, but you’ll need the Magnifying Lens, which is the end item you get from the trading quests. The aforementioned tome will give you the correct sequence of rooms to walk into while within the Wind Fish’s Egg.

Section Checklist

  • Go to Mabe Village and read “Dark Secrets and Mysterious of Koholint”
  • Memorize or write down the sequence the book tells you
  • Enter the Wind Fish’s Egg and use the sequence to get to the boss room

Battle Through the Boss Rush to Beat the Game

After you manage to make your way into the heart of the Wind Fish’s Egg, you’ll find the boss room. However, the Nightmares that assail you here will be numerous. You won’t get a break in between them either, so prepare yourself as best you can. A great way to do this is to get some Secret Medicine from Crazy Tracy who lives on Koholint Prairie just northeast of the Witch’s Hut.

This Secret Medicine acts as an auto-revive if you lose all of your Hearts. Furthermore, carrying around Fairy Bottles with fairies within them is also recommended, as they are the best manual healing items in the game. Overall, you can get hold of a maximum of 1 Secret Medicine and 3 full Fairy Bottles at once. Just remember that you need to equip and use a full Fairy Bottle to get its healing effect—it does not trigger automatically like Secret Medicine’s effect.

Overall, you’ll have to defeat 6 bosses back-to-back. Besides your trusty Sword, you’ll need Magic Powder and the Magic Rod to defeat the Nightmares. Afterward, you’ll unlock a set of ethereal stairs that will lead you to the Wind Fish themself.

Section Checklist

  • Equip the Magic Powder and Magic Rod items (you won’t need anything else besides them and your Sword for combat during the boss rush)
  • Battle hard and defeat the Nightmares in their true forms!

Speak to the Wind Fish and Watch the Credits

When you meet and speak to the Wind Fish, you’ll learn a lot about Koholint Island and its deepest secrets. After which the game will end and the credits will roll. You’ll also be rewarded with some 2D animation showing Link and the Wind Fish before the screen fades to black.

Section Checklist

  • Enjoy the lore exposition, music, and animation of the game’s final moments
  • Contemplate the meaning of the game and what really happened

Getting the Very Last Collectible

Though, there’s still one last thing you can do after the credits to fully 100% Link’s Awakening: getting the last Figure. In Mabe Village, in Marin’s house, Old Man Ulriria’s house, the big family’s house, and Madam MeowMeow’s house, there are spots for collectibles. You’re able to get 9 out of the 10 Figures prior to beating the game, however, the last one is only obtainable with cleared game data.

After you hop into your cleared game slot, go to Trendy Game to find the BowWow Figure up for grabs. Use the claw to reach your final prize and then bring it to Madam MeowMeow’s house to place it.

There, you’ve done it—you’ve achieved 100% completion of Link’s Awakening. Well done, brave hero, it was a long journey, but hopefully a fun one! While you’re in Mabe Village, feel free to play the Ballad of the Wind Fish one more time in front of the Rooster Statue before fully ending your adventure, so that your legacy will echo forevermore.

Section Checklist

  • Gather the last Figure from Trendy Game
  • Bask in the compliments of Trendy Game’s owner as he dubs you “Champ”
  • Place the BowWow Figure in Madam MeowMeow’s house
  • Serenade Mabe Village to end your adventure