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Final Fantasy I (FF1) Walkthrough

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Embark on a timeless adventure in the world of Final Fantasy I, where it all began, as we guide you through this comprehensive walkthrough.

Unite the four Warriors of Light, each bearing a mystical crystal, as they journey through treacherous lands, face menacing foes, and bring salvation to a realm cloaked in darkness.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the iconic series, our step-by-step guide will ensure you master the strategic gameplay, unlock hidden secrets, and conquer the ultimate evil threatening the world. So grab your controller, gather your courage, and lead the Warriors of Light on an epic quest to restore hope and balance to a world on the brink of destruction.


Select a chapter for the full walkthrough. You can also check each section below for an at-a-glance walkthrough.

Cornelia, Chaos Shrine, Garland, and the Lute

  1. Speak to the King.
  2. Equip and level up your characters.
  3. Go to the Chaos Shrine to the north.
  4. Defeat Garland to save Princess Sarah.
  5. Get the Lute.

Matoya’s Cave and the City of Pravoka

  1. Cross the bridge and go to Matoya’s Cave to speak to Matoya.
  2. Enter Pravoka to the east and fight the pirates to get a Ship.
  3. Upgrade your equipment and magic.


  1. Sail to the south to find Elfheim.
  2. Explore the town and talk to the residents.

Marsh Cave and the Crown

  1. Journey to Marsh Cave to the west.
  2. Defeat the Piscodemons to get the Crown.
  3. Go back to Elfheim and recover.

Matoya’s Crystal Eye and the Mystic Key

  1. Go to the Western Keep located to the northwest of Elfheim.
  2. Defeat Astos for the Crystal Eye.
  3. Bring the Crystal Eye to Matoya to get the Jolt Tonic.
  4. Go to Elven Castle and give the Jolt Tonic to The Prince for the Mystic Key.
  5. Get the Nitro Powder from Cornelia Castle.

Mount Duergar and Melmond

  1. Go to Mount Duergar to the west of Cornelia.
  2. Give the Nitro Powder to a dwarf named Nerrick to open the canal.
  3. Sail your Ship to Melmond, located west through the canal.

Cavern of Earth

  1. Go to the Cavern of Earth located to the southwest of Melmond.
  2. Journey through the cavern and defeat the Vampire for the Star Ruby.

Giant’s Cave, Sage’s Cave, and the Earth Crystal

  1. Go to the Giant’s Cave to the northwest of the Cavern of Earth.
  2. Give the Giant the Star Ruby.
  3. Continue through and exit the cave.
  4. Go a bit south and enter the Sage’s Cave to get the Earth Rod.
  5. Go back to the Cavern of Earth and clear the path using the Earth Rod.
  6. Defeat Lich to bring light to the Earth Crystal.

Crescent Lake and the Canoe

  1. Go to Crescent Lake in the southeastern corner of the world map.
  2. Take the hidden path to the east.
  3. Speak to the mage to get the Canoe.

Mount Gulg and the Fire Crystal

  1. Take the Canoe up the streams to Mount Gulg.
  2. Journey through Mount Gulg to B5.
  3. Defeat Marilith to restore light to the Fire Crystal.

Cavern of Ice

  1. Go to the Cavern of Ice, located a bit northeast of Mount Gulg.
  2. Make it to the end of the Cavern of Ice to get the Levistone.

Get the Airship and Upgrade Classes

  1. Go to the desert south of Crescent Lake to get the Airship.
  2. Visit Gaia for supplies, magic, and weapons.
  3. Go to the Citadel of Trials, located on the western part of the northeastern continent.
  4. Make your way through the trials to get the Rat’s Tail.
  5. Enter one of the holes in the group of islands to the west.
  6. Give the Rat’s Tail to Bahamut to upgrade classes.

The Bottled Faerie and Oxyale

  1. Enter the hidden Caravan in the desert to the west of Bahamut’s islands.
  2. Buy the Bottled Faerie.
  3. Bring the Bottled Faerie to Gaia to get the Oxyale.
  4. Fly to Onrac, located near the Caravan, and go to the Submarine.

Sunken Shrine and the Waterfall Cavern

  1. Take the Submarine to the Sunken Shrine.
  2. Go to 5F to get the Rosetta Stone.
  3. Go to 1F and defeat Kraken to bring light to the Water Crystal.
  4. Leave Onrac and take the Canoe up the stream.
  5. Enter the Waterfall Cavern.
  6. Get the Warp Cube from the Robot.

Lufenian and the Chime

  1. Take the Rosetta Stone to Unne in Melmond to learn Lufenian.
  2. Fly to Lufenia, located on the northeastern continent, a bit southeast of the desert.
  3. Speak to the Lufenians to get the Chime.

Mirage Tower and the Flying Fortress

  1. Enter Mirage Tower in the desert on the northeastern continent.
  2. Take the Warp Point to the Flying Fortress.
  3. Get the Adamantite from 2F.
  4. Defeat Tiamat on 5F to bring light to the Wind Crystal.

Unraveling Chaos

  1. Fly to Mount Duergar and give Smyth the Adamantite to get the Excalibur.
  2. Go to the Chaos Shrine.
  3. Interact with the Dark Crystal to go back in time.
  4. Defeat the four fiends.
  5. Defeat Chaos.