Link standing on the pressure plate in Seashell Mansion while the green meter on the right fully fills up.

Link’s Awakening: All Secret Seashell Rewards

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To make use of all the Secret Seashells you’ve been collecting, you’ll need to visit the Seashell Mansion. Each reward is obtained with different amounts of Secret Seashells, so be sure to collect as many as possible for big boons!

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    Every Secret Seashell Reward and How Many Secret Seashells You Need for Each

    Link standing in front of the Seashell Mansion, which is a done covered in various kinds of seashells.

    Here’s a breakdown of the Seashell Mansion rewards and how many Secret Seashells you need for each:

    • A Heart Piece (requires 5 Secret Seashells)
    • The Seashell Sensor (requires 15 Secret Seashells)
    • A Chamber Stone (requires 30 Secret Seashells)
    • The Koholint Sword (requires 40 Secret Seashells)
    • Another Chamber Stone (requires 50 Secret Seashells)

    To get each reward, you’ll need to step on the pressure plate in the Seashell Mansion to trigger the green meter on the right. When you do, the Spirit of the Mansion will give you your rewards.

    Where to Find the Seashell Mansion

    The Seashell Mansion is located on the far east side of Ukuku Prairie. It is on the hill guarded by many Moblins. To the east of the mansion, you can find a Warp Point, which will allow you to come back here quickly and easily. To uncover the Warp Point, you’ll need to dig into the ground surrounded by flowers with your Shovel.

    Who is the Spirit of the Mansion?

    It is never explained who the Spirit of the Mansion is or what their motives are. Given that they never physically appear, it’s safe to assume that they are a literal spirit and not another known character.

    There are some theories out there that the Spirit of the Mansion is the Windfish or the Pink Ghost that Link helps to find peace. However, neither of these theories is canon, nor are they implied in-game.

    What the Seashell Sensor Does

    Link holding up the Seashell Sensor, which looks like a pink tuning fork.

    As you can probably guess from the name, the Seashell Sensor will help you find Secret Seashells. After getting it, the Seashell Sensor will be added to your inventory in its own unique item slot. As such, it will work automatically—you won’t need to actively equip it to use it.

    When you’re close to a Secret Seashell, the Seashell Sensor will activate. As it does, it will emit a pinging sound and a small icon will appear on the right of your screen. This tells you that there is a Secret Seashell nearby, but won’t tell you exactly what to do to get said Secret Seashell.

    Therefore, as you’re exploring Koholint Island, be sure to keep your eyes and ears tuned to this pink fork! That is if you want to collect every Secret Seashell.

    What the Koholint Sword Does

    Link holding up the Koholint Sword, which is glowing brightly.

    When you get the Koholint Sword, it will replace your regular Sword. The damage output is the same, but the Koholint Sword has a handy new feature. If you’re at full health, the Koholint Sword will shoot crescent-shaped beams of energy.

    Furthermore, the Koholint Sword’s beam attacks will deal the same amount of damage as regular slashes. With that said, having a ranged attack on your main weapon is a great advantage.

    The Boomerang and the Bow and Arrow set are more reliable, as they can be used even when not at full health. However, shooting beams of energy is still really cool!

    Getting the Koholint Sword is much like getting more powerful swords in other Legend of Zelda games. This makes it a parallel to the Master Sword and the Magic Sword found in other games within the franchise.