Link planting a bomb against a northern wall.

Link’s Awakening: How to Get Bombs

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To initially get Bombs in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you’ll need to buy them in Mabe Village. At the Town Tool Shop, you can find these explosive tools for a pretty low price.

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    Where to Find Bombs

    Blue rooster following Link around Mabe Village.

    On the east side of Mabe Village is the Town Tool Shop. The Town Tool Shop has a sign featuring a clay pot on it. Inside, among many other items, you can buy 10 Bombs for 10 Rupees. At the beginning of the game, you can hold up to 20 Bombs at a time. However, later on, you can hold up to 60 Bombs by speaking to Lil Devil in Martha’s Bay.

    Since they’re pretty cheap, be sure to stock up on them! Bombs are useful for hurting tougher enemies and for blowing open passages in cracked walls. Anytime you need more Bombs, you can return to the Town Tool Shop to find them for sale.

    Other Places You Can Find Bombs

    Link in a room with a small key and 4 pots.

    When inside specific dungeon rooms, Bombs can sometimes drop from smashed pots. However, the chances of this will vary depending on the room and which dungeon you’re inside of. Most of the time, the game will give you Bombs around the areas you’ll need them.

    Furthermore, you can sometimes find Bombs as winged items. Though, again, this only occurs inside dungeons. Winged items can only be reached if you jump and touch them by using the Roc’s Feather.

    What Bombs Do in Link’s Awakening

    A bomb exploding near Master Stalfos as they are a heap of bones on the ground. The explosion hurts the skeletal foe and makes them turn red briefly.

    Bombs are crucial for hurting certain enemies—including some mini-bosses and bosses. As such, you’ll need them from time to time. For this reason, you’ll always want to keep a large stockpile of them with you.

    Additionally, Bombs are needed to open hidden passageways. Whenever you see a crack in a wall, be sure to blow it up with a Bomb! There’s guaranteed to be treasure or a secret beyond.

    Pro-Tip for Using Bombs

    Here’s a little trick that will help you take down almost any enemy very quickly. If you equip both your Bombs and the Bow and Arrow Set at the same time, you can shoot Bomb Arrows! Simultaneously press both the X and Y buttons to fire an Arrow tipped with a Bomb. The loaded Arrow will explode on impact with whatever it hits.