Link holding a Red Apple above his head.

Link’s Awakening: How to Get Apples From Trees

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If you’re wondering what the Apples on some trees do in Link’s Awakening—they’re for eating! However, there’s only one method to get them, which you can only perform after getting the Pegasus Boots from Level 3 – Key Cavern.

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    What You Need to Do to Get Apples From Trees

    Link knocking Apples down from a tree.

    To knock the Apples off of a tree, you’ll need to dash into them at full speed! You can only do this after you get the Pegasus Boots. Furthermore, you can ram the tree from any direction to knock the Apples free.

    What Do Apples Do?

    Link holding up a green Apple.

    When you eat an Apple, you will get some Hearts back. Since Apples respawn every time you re-enter an area, you can use them as a healthy snack while adventuring. Making use of Apples to heal will save you from having to find some Hearts or using up a Fairy that you’ve captured in a Fairy Bottle.

    Is There a Difference Between Red and Green Apples?

    Red Apples will heal you for 1 Heart while Green Apples will heal you for 3 Hearts. However, Green Apples are far rarer than the red variety. With that said, each tree that possesses Apples will always have 3.

    In the early parts of your adventure, this natural bounty should be more than enough to keep you alive while exploring the dangerous parts of Koholint Island…at least for a while.

    Can You Store Apples to Use Later?

    Sadly, you cannot store Apples in your inventory. When you touch an Apple, it will get consumed immediately—even if you’re at full health. As such, you should only knock Apples out of a tree if you’re injured. That’s just good planning for the future and being environmentally friendly.