Link finding a hidden staircase next to a mermaid statue.

Link’s Awakening: How to Get the Magnifying Lens

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After you complete the trade quest in Link’s Awakening, you’ll be able to get the Magnifying Lens. This important item is found under a mermaid statue in the south of Martha’s Bay. However, you’ll need the Hookshot to reach it.

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    Talk to Schule Donavitch in Animal Village for a Hint

    Schule telling Link about the Mermaid Statue.

    If you have the Mermaid’s Scale, which you get from giving the Necklace back to the mermaid of Martha’s Bay, Schule Donavitch will have new dialogue lines. When you speak to the red crocodile in their colorful Animal Village house, they will mention a mermaid statue.

    Furthermore, Schule will go on to imply that the Mermaid Scale you have can finish the statue—which is apparently almost complete. This is your cue to seek out the mermaid statue.

    Where to Find the Mermaid Statue

    Red arrow on map showing how to get from Animal Village to the Mermaid Statue.

    From Animal Village, head west and then go south past the Telephone Booth. This will bring you to a gap to the west that’s very difficult to sprint-jump across with the Pegasus Boots.

    While it is possible, it’s a better idea to use the Hookshot. The boxes nearby indicate that using the Hookshot is the intended method of crossing this obstacle.

    Link using the Hookshot to cross the cliffs in Martha's Bay.

    Shoot the box on the far side of the large gap. Now, go north and a bit to the west to find the mermaid statue. When you interact with it, you’ll be able to use the Mermaid’s Scale. As you place the Scale into the statue, it will move to the side and reveal a hidden staircase.

    Collect the Magnifying Lens From the Hidden Cave

    Link holding up the Magnifying Lens.

    Underground, you’ll be in a seemingly empty room. However, there will be invisible enemies nearby who can hurt you. You should proceed north while raising your Shield to protect yourself.

    In the northern half of the cave, you’ll find the Magnifying Lens on a raised area. After collecting it, when you go back south to get out of the cave, you’ll be able to see the enemies who were once invisible. Exit the cave to continue your adventure.

    What the Magnifying Lens Does

    Link holding up the Boomerang.

    There are two main functions of the Magnifying Lens: getting the Boomerang and learning the secret about the Wind Fish’s Egg.

    To get the Boomerang, you’ll need to break into a hidden cave on Toronbo Shores with a Bomb. Normally, this cave will seem void of life. However, with the Magnifying Lens, you will be able to see Goriya. You can speak to Goriya to trade your Shovel for the Boomerang. Furthermore, you can buy your Shovel back for 300 Rupees.

    As for the secret about the Wind Fish’s Egg, you’ll need to head to Mabe Village’s Library. In the southeast corner will be a book with a dark cover. The Magnifying Lens will let you read its otherwise indecipherable text. As such, you’ll be able to learn the sequence of directions that you’ll need to travel to get through the maze within the Wind Fish’s Egg.

    Find the Zora in Animal Village for a Secret Seashell

    Additionally, the Magnifying Lens will also show you another invisible NPC. In the northeasternmost house of Animal Village, you can find a Zora hanging out in a pool of water. Normally invisible, the aquatic villager will now be in plain sight.

    Speaking to them will result in the Zora acting surprised. They get worried you’ll tell others about them, so, in order to pay you to keep quiet, they’ll give you a Secret Seashell.