Link holding the Shovel above his head happily.

Link’s Awakening: How to Get the Shovel

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To get the Shovel in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you’ll need to buy it. You can find it in the Town Tool Shop very early in your adventure, however, at that point, it’ll be expensive.

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    Where to Find the Shovel

    Link buying the Deluxe Shovel in the Town Tool Shop.

    Shortly after you start the game, you can enter the Town Tool Shop on the east of Mabe Village to find the Deluxe Shovel on sale for 200 Rupees. At first, this will seem pretty expensive. However, if you farm Rupees from your preferred method, you’ll rack up 200 in no time.

    Why the Shovel is Called the “Deluxe Shovel”

    A description that says that the shovel is used for digging up treasure from the soil.

    This is literally a marketing gimmick to sell the Shovel for a higher price! There’s nothing special about the “Deluxe Shovel”—it’s just a regular Shovel. However, in terms of gameplay difficulty, this item needed to be a bit expensive in order to provide some sort of challenge for acquiring it. This is true for all tools and weapons in the game, although, for the Shovel, the difficulty is in the form of a price tag.

    What the Shovel Does in Link’s Awakening

    Link digging holes in the ground with a shovel.

    As its item description states, the Shovel is primarily used for digging holes in the ground to find treasure. The treasure in question can vary quite a bit. You can dig up Hearts, various amounts of Rupees, Secret Seashells, and more! Be sure to dig in suspicious-looking areas, as there’s likely treasure underfoot.

    To use the Shovel, you’ll have to equip it to one of your two equipment slots (the X or Y button). When equipped, you can use the assigned button to dig up the dirt in front of you. Just keep in mind that you can only dig through dirt—you cannot dig through stone or brick floors.

    Use the Shovel to Get the Boomerang

    Later in your adventures, you can trade your Shovel to Goriya for the Boomerang. This normally invisible NPC is in a hidden cave on Toronbo Shores. Thankfully, you can also buy your Shovel back afterward for 300 Rupees. Though, at that point in the game, this amount of money will be almost insignificant.