Link holding up a Gold Rupee above their head.

Link’s Awakening: How to Farm Rupees

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There are many ways to get Rupees in Link’s Awakening, however, some are more efficient than others. You’ll need a lot of Rupees to buy some of the most valuable items in the game, so be sure to stock up!

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    Farming Rupees From Trendy Game

    Link holding a Purple Rupee above his head in Trendy Game.

    Easily the best method for getting a lot of Rupees quickly is to farm Trendy Game in Mabe Village. A Purple Rupee worth 50 Rupees will almost always spawn in the eastmost stationary spot. As the cost for a Trendy Game attempt is only 10 Rupees, you can make big gains quite easily.

    To farm Trendy Game with the most efficiency, only target the Purple Rupee. Ignore the Red Rupee and all other potential rewards. After you win a Purple Rupee, leave Trendy Game and then immediately re-enter it to get another Purple Rupee to spawn.

    There is no delay between winning and respawning a new Purple Rupee. As such, you can use this method to potentially get over a hundred Rupees every minute. Although, the exact speed depends on how fast and accurately you can use the crane arm.

    Farming Rupees From the Fishing Pond

    Link posing after catching the biggest fish in the fishing pond of Mabe Village: a big blue fish named Ol' Baron.

    You can find another great Rupee farming spot in Mabe Village. At the Fishing Pond, you can pay 10 Rupees for each fishing attempt. Furthermore, if you pull in your line without touching a fish, you can re-cast your hook for free.

    The bigger the fish, the more Rupees you will get. Therefore, both the species and the size of the individual matter in regard to the Rupee reward you’ll get. As such, you should always aim for the largest target in the pond. Additionally, throughout the game, more and more types of fish will spawn in the Fishing Pond. However, you’ll need to clear dungeons to get more varieties of sea creatures to appear here.

    Here’s a breakdown of how much each type of fish is worth in Rupees:

    • Little Fishes are worth 10 to 15 Rupees
    • Big Fishes are worth 20 to 30 Rupees
    • Cheep Cheeps are worth 30 to 40 Rupees
    • Bloopers are worth 45 to 55 Rupees
    • Ol’ Barons are worth 100 Rupees

    Farming Rupees in the Overworld

    Link slaying an enemy and noticing that it dropped a Blue Rupee.

    Although the above-mentioned methods are far more efficient for acquiring Rupees, you can still find plenty of money while exploring. Cutting down grass and shrubs is the best way to find Rupees in the overworld. Furthermore, smashing pots and other throwable items will likely give you Rupees as well.

    Depending on your luck, you’ll sometimes receive higher-value Rupees when exploring. The most valuable types of Rupees—Red Rupees, Purple Rupees, Silver Rupees, and Gold Rupees—can only be found in chests. However, all smaller denominations of Rupees can be found from slashing shrubs and grass as well as smashing throwable objects.

    Here’s a breakdown of all kinds of Rupees you can find and how much they are worth:

    • Green Rupees are worth 1 Rupee each
    • Blue Rupees are worth 5 Rupees each
    • Red Rupees are worth 20 Rupees each
    • Purple Rupees are worth 50 Rupees each
    • Silver Rupees are worth 100 to 200 Rupees each
    • Gold Rupees are worth 300 Rupees each