Link holding up a bag of Magic Powder in the Witch's Hut.

Link’s Awakening: Where to Get Magic Powder

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Key Takeaway

You can get Magic Powder from the Witch’s Hut in Koholint Prairie. You’ll need to give the Witch within a Toadstool in order for her to give you some Magic Powder. You can find a Toadstool in the northwest part of the Mysterious Forest.

Before you can get by the raccoon in the Mysterious Forest, you’ll need some Magic Powder. The way to do this is a bit obscure, however, not that difficult. Magic Powder will also come in handy for future adventures.

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    Where to Get the Toadstool

    To begin your quest for Magic Powder, you’ll first need to get the Toadstool growing in the northwest part of the Mysterious Forest. In order to find this magical mushroom, you’ll need to venture into the center of the Mysterious Forest. There is a log tunnel here that leads into a cave system.

    To find this specific log, go south from the raccoon’s position, and then go east through a thin passage. There is a signpost just outside the log tunnel you’re looking for.

    The player finding the toadstool that grows in the northwestern part of the forest. Link is holding the reddish mushroom above their head in excitement.

    Traverse the cave until you come out the other side. To the west, you’ll be able to spot the red mushroom growing just beyond some shrubs. This is the Toadstool you’re after. Pick it up and then start making your way to the Witch’s Hut

    Where to Find the Witch’s Hut

    A red arrow pointing the way from the central log cave's entrance to the forest exit that leads to Koholint Prairie.

    After you backtrack through the cave system, go north until you reach a log tunnel blocked by rocks. At this point, go east until you’re out of the Mysterious Forest. Then, walk southeast until you find a tree topped with a skull—this is the Witch’s Hut.

    When you go inside, you’ll meet the Witch, who will give you some Magic Powder in exchange for the Toadstool. It’s worth mentioning that the Witch will give you a refill of Magic Powder if you bring her another Toadstool. You can find another Toadstool in the exact spot you found the first one—this is the only place Toadstools grow in Link’s Awakening.

    With that, you’re ready to remove the tricky raccoon from your path! Head back to their location in the Mysterious Forest, equip your Magic Powder to the X or Y button, and then sprinkle some onto the raccoon. This will turn them back into Tarin, who will leave after returning to their human form.

    Other Places You Can Get Magic Powder

    Trendy Gamester dubbing Link the champ.

    While you will need to initially get Magic Powder from the Witch on Koholint Prairie, you can get refills elsewhere. Arguably the easiest place to get more Magic Powder is from Trendy Game. For just 10 Rupees, you can attempt to grab a bag of Magic Powder from the westmost moving platform.

    Additionally, you can find Magic Powder in some dungeons. Magic Powder in dungeons appears most often as a flying item, which you will need to jump in order to reach. However, Magic Powder only appears in the areas of dungeons where you’ll need it. At the entrance of Color Dungeon, one of the friendly skeletons will give you some Magic Powder as well.

    All the Uses of Magic Powder

    A boo fleeing through a wall after the player lights the torches in the room.

    The main usage of Magic Powder in Link’s Awakening is to light torches. It will be the only way you can do so until you get the Magic Rod from Level 8 – Turtle Rock. You’ll need to light torches to solve some puzzles or to brighten your surroundings for better visibility.

    Furthermore, Magic Powder is needed to defeat some enemies early in the game. Buzz Blobs are the only regular enemy that you’ll need to stun with Magic Powder. Although, you can also do so with the Hookshot that you get from Level 5 – Catfish’s Maw.

    There is a mini-boss (Giant Buzz Blob) in Color Dungeon that you’ll need to weaken with Magic Powder, otherwise, you won’t be able to hurt them. You’ll also need Magic Powder to defeat some phases of the final boss in the Wind Fish’s Egg, so be sure to stock up before heading inside.

    Using Magic Powder to Turn Buzz Blobs Into Cukemen

    Here’s a little secret about using Magic Powder that few people know. If you use Magic Powder on a Buzz Blob, in addition to stunning them, it will turn them into a Cukeman. A Cukeman looks just like a Buzz Blob but has bulging eyes.

    As opposed to fighting a Cukeman, you can talk to them! However, they don’t have anything useful to say, they’re just there for fun. If you speak to a Cukeman, you will get them to say 1 of 4 odd lines of dialogue in Link’s Awakening:

    • “Hey Mon!”
    • “You know me, I like short names the best…”
    • “It can display millions of polygons!”
    • “I definitely need it, as soon as possible!”

    What do these strange lines of dialogue mean? Absolutely nothing! They’re just silly nonsense or some sort of inside joke between the game development staff.

    This little trick has only ever appeared in Legend of Zelda games: A Link to the Past, Link’s Awakening, Oracle of Seasons, and Oracle of Ages.