The item description of the Bow and Arrow Set saying its used to shoot far-away enemies.

Link’s Awakening: How to Get the Bow and Arrow Set

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While your Sword is a great weapon for most situations, there are some foes that are immune to it. For these enemies, sometimes a ranged weapon will let you defeat them. As such, the Bow and Arrow Set can help.

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    Where to Find the Bow and Arrow Set

    Link looking at a bow and arrow set on a shelf that costs 980 Rupees.

    You can find the Bow and Arrow Set in the Town Tool Shop. This shop, located on the east side of Mabe Village, will begin selling the Bow and Arrow Set after you buy the Shovel. You’ll need 980 Rupees to buy this awesome ranged weapon.

    Why is the Bow and Arrow Set So Expensive?

    The Bow and Arrow Set is expensive so it’s harder to get. This prevents most players from getting it too early and abusing it in the early parts of Link’s Awakening.

    While you can definitely farm Rupees to get the Bow and Arrow Set as soon as you’d like (after buying the Shovel, of course), it’s not really worth the time in the earliest parts of the game. Most foes will be easy enough to defeat with your Sword until you reach the third or fourth dungeon.

    However, it’s highly recommended to get the Bow and Arrow Set before entering Level 4 – Angler’s Tunnel. The mini-boss of that dungeon, named Hydrosoar, will be much easier to defeat with the Bow and Arrow Set than with your Sword.

    How to Farm Rupees

    The best place to farm Rupees is from Trendy Game in Mabe Village—which is just south of the Town Tool Shop. To farm Rupees the most efficiently, you’ll want to only get the Purple Rupee reward. Afterward, leave Trendy Game and then go back inside to spawn another Purple Rupee that you can win. Rinse and repeat as much as you’d like for the fastest way to get rich in Link’s Awakening.

    Where to Find Arrows

    10 Arrows for 10 Rupees in the Town Tool Shop in Link's Awakening.

    You can also buy Arrows in the Town Tool Shop. 10 Rupees will get you 10 Arrows—similar to the price for Bombs. The Bow and Arrow Set thankfully comes stocked full with 30 Arrows. However, as you use your Bow and Arrow Set, you’ll need to replenish your ammo at some point. Later on, if you find Lil Devil in the Mysterious Forest, you can increase your Arrow carrying capacity to 60.

    In addition to buying Arrows, you can sometimes find them as winged items or within pots inside dungeons. The latter is more rare and situational, as the game will only give you Arrow drops in the places you’ll need them.

    Furthermore, enemies that you need a ranged weapon to slay can sometimes drop Arrows. For example, the Armos knights in the Ancient Ruins area will sometimes drop Arrows after they are defeated.

    How to Get Bomb Arrows

    If you have both the Bow and Arrow Set and Bombs equipped at the same time, you can shoot Bomb Arrows! Simply press the X and Y button at the same time to fire an Arrow tipped with a Bomb. This projectile will act much like a normal Arrow but will explode on impact with whatever it hits.

    Bow and Arrow Set Versus the Boomerang

    While the Boomerang is better in most cases since it doesn’t require ammo and you can aim it with more precision, the Arrows from the Bow and Arrow Set move faster than the Boomerang. This can make taking down speedy foes easier with the Bow and Arrow Set. Furthermore, you can use Bombs in conjunction with the Bow and Arrow Set for powerful results—albeit while costing lots of ammo.

    Put simply: the Boomerang is for general and frequent use while the Bow and Arrow Set is for when you need more speed and power.