Link getting zapped by electricity coming from the mouth of a small bat-like creature.

Link’s Awakening: How to Carry More Magic Powder, Bombs, and Arrows

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You can increase the maximum amount of Magic Powder, Bombs, and Arrows you can carry in Link’s Awakening. To do so, you’ll need to find Li’l Devil in their various lairs throughout Koholint Island. Just be ready for a shock.

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    How to Increase Your Magic Powder Carrying Capacity

    Link by an empty chest and a staircase leading down on the west part of the Tal Tal Mountain Range.

    As you progress towards Level 8 – Turtle Rock, you’ll have to pass through an area with falling boulders on the Tal Tal Moutain Range. Just north of the treacherous switchback path, you’ll find a plateau with many rocks. The westernmost of these rocks is covering a hidden staircase. Moving it will allow you to descend the hidden staircase and find one of Li’l Devil’s lairs.

    In this skull-strewn cavern, you’ll find an unlit torch. Equip your Magic Powder and sprinkle some on the torch to light it. This will cause Li’l Devil to awaken. Although the demonic creature will act aggressively and will zap you with electricity, you won’t take damage. Instead of getting hurt, you’ll now be able to hold 40 Magic Powder instead of 20.

    How to Increase Your Bomb Carrying Capacity

    Link standing near a staircase surrounded by shrubs and holes.

    Another of Li’l Devil’s lairs can be found in Martha’s Bay. To reach this one, head southeast from the Telephone Booth in Martha’s Bay. You’ll need to cross some holes with shrubs on the other side.

    While this feat can be tricky, you can make it across by jumping and slashing with your Sword as you land. You may end up falling down one of the holes, but, as long as you clear some shrubs from the other side, you’ll be able to make the next jump easier.

    Alternatively, you can use a ranged weapon, like Bombs or your Bow and Arrow set, to clear some shrubs out of your way before you make the jump. Furthermore, using the Pegasus Boots to dash jump will help you clear the holes with less trouble.

    Traverse the Waterlogged Cave

    When you descend the staircase, you’ll be in a cave full of water. Head northwest until you find a staircase leading out of the wet cavern. You’ll need the Flippers to cross the deepwater here. After you ascend the staircase in the northwest, you’ll be in a small stretch of grass north of the Martha’s Bay Warp Point. Walk to the other staircase and descend it to find Li’l Devil’s hiding spot.

    In the lair below, you’ll have to light the unlit torch to summon Li’l Devil. In this location, the small fiend will zap you and will increase your Bomb carrying capacity from 30 to 60.

    How to Increase Your Arrow Carrying Capacity

    Link standing near a ring of blue flowers in the Mysterious Forest.

    Towards the middle of the Mysterious Forest, you’ll spot a ring of conspicuous blue flowers. If you lift up the rock northeast of these flowers, you’ll uncover a hidden staircase. To do so, you’ll need the Power Bracelet, which you get from Level 2 – Bottle Grotto. Descending this staircase will bring you to another of Li’l Devil’s lairs.

    Like with Li’l Devil’s other lairs, you’ll need to use some Magic Powder to light a torch. This will call up Li’l Devil from another realm and this will, once more, cause them to zap you. This time, your Arrow carrying capacity will increase from 30 to 60—just like with the Bomb upgrade.

    Who is Li’l Devil?

    Link waking up Lil Devil.

    Originally named “Mad Batter” in previous versions of Link’s Awakening, Li’l Devil is a mysterious demon who always appears as a helpful NPC. In addition to showing up in all versions of Link’s Awakening, this small fiend also appeared in A Link to the Past in a similar role. Although, instead of increasing ammo capacities, he reduces the amount of magic required for item usage in that game.