The owner of the pink health spa telling Link that secret medicine will revive him if he loses all of his hearts.

Link’s Awakening: How to Get Secret Medicine

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If you’re after the secret ending for Link’s Awakening, you’ll need to beat the game without dying. Secret Medicine is the best way to stay alive in the game. To get some, you’ll need to visit Crazy Tracy.

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    Where to Find Crazy Tracy

    Crazy Tracy's house with the pink roof and the pond nearby.

    You can find Crazy Tracy’s house in the northeast of Koholint Prairie. However, you’ll need the Power Bracelet to move the rocks along the path. This means that you’ll need to beat Level 2 – Bottle Grotto before you can get any Secret Medicine.

    Link buying Secret Medicine from Crazy Tracy for 42 Rupees.

    When you are able to enter Crazy Tracy’s house, she’ll sell you some Secret Medicine for 42 Rupees. Furthermore, she’ll also fully heal you! What a great deal.

    You can only carry one Secret Medicine at a time. If you try to buy more, Crazy Tracy will refuse to sell it to you. This is because you only have a single slot for Secret Medicine. As such, you can’t abuse the auto-revive mechanic too much.

    What Secret Medicine Does

    When you lose all of your Hearts, Secret Medicine in your inventory will automatically activate and restore all of your Hearts. Technically, you get this emergency healing as you’re in the process of losing your last bit of health. As such, Secret Medicine getting activated will not cause your death counter to increase.

    Other Places You Can Get Secret Medicine

    Link Holding up the Secret Medicine.

    The only places you can get Secret Medicine besides Crazy Tracy’s house are within the final three dungeons. Level 6 – Face Shrine, Level 7 – Eagle’s Tower, and Level 8 – Turtle Rock each have one chest with Secret Medicine inside.

    However, if you already have some Secret Medicine in your inventory, you won’t be able to loot any more from the aforementioned chests. Instead, when you open said chests, the game will simply show you what’s inside before re-closing the container.