Link holding up an empty glass bottle while Dampé is standing nearby.

Link’s Awakening: How to Get All 3 Fairy Bottles

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In Link’s Awakening, as well as many other Legend of Zelda games, you can catch Fairies in Fairy Bottles. This will let you use the power of the Fairy later to restore 10 Hearts. Overall, you can find 3 Fairy Bottles in-game.

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    How to Get the First Fairy Bottle

    Link snagging a fairy bottle on his fishing line.

    You can get one of the Fairy Bottles very early in each playthrough of Link’s Awakening. There is a Fairy Bottle at the bottom of the fishing pond in Mabe Village. Furthermore, it will be found behind some seaweed on the southwest corner of the screen.

    How to Get the Fairy Bottle Out of the Fishing Pond

    To reel in the Fairy Bottle, you’ll need to repeatedly hook it to drag it out of the water. This process will take around 5 attempts, as your fishing hook will slide off the Fairy Bottle after dragging it a short distance. When you get the Fairy Bottle to the rocky wall on the east of the pond, you should be able to pull it straight up and out of the water.

    How to Get the Second Fairy Bottle

    Link holding up a Fairy Bottle that the Pink Ghost just gave him near their grave.

    The second Fairy Bottle is found just south of Koholint Prairie—near the Witch’s Hut. However, you won’t be able to get it directly; you’ll need to get it as a reward for helping someone. For this reason, be ready for a little side quest.

    Who to Help to Get the Fairy Bottle South of Koholint Prairie

    A pink ghost flying up to Link as he swims in the moat west of Kanalet Castle.

    You will need to help the Pink Ghost that you can meet in the moat on the west side of Kanalet Castle. When you’re swimming in this part of the moat, the Pink Ghost will float up to you and will start following you around. After you get onto dry land, the Pink Ghost will ask you to take them home.

    Next, you’ll need to escort the Pink Ghost to the abandoned house south of Martha’s Bay. Following this, your spectral friend will ask you to take them to their grave. The grave you need is the one south of Koholint Prairie.

    Go west of the Witch’s Hut and then travel south to find some stairs that lead to a mostly dirt area. From there, go up the stairs to the west to find a grave surrounded by pink bulbs. When you reach this point with the Pink Ghost, they will thank you and will reward you with a Fairy Bottle.

    The best time to get this Fairy Bottle is just after you get the Flippers that allow you to swim. This means you’ll need to clear Level 4 – Angler’s Tunnel before you can get this particular Fairy Bottle.

    How to Get the Third Fairy Bottle

    The level of dungeon arranging titled "Heart Storage". The map outline is in the shape of a Fairy Bottle.

    To get the final Fairy Bottle, you’ll need to complete a bunch of dungeons at Dampé’s Shack. The level that will reward you with the Fairy Bottle is the one called “Heart Storage”. Heart Storage is the second level in the triple-shovel tab.

    As such, you’ll need to clear all of the levels in the single-shovel and double-shovel tabs to reach the one that gives you a Fairy Bottle. Afterward, Dampé will give you both a Fairy Bottle and a Chamber Stone for completing the Heart Storage level.

    Tips for How to Arrange the Dungeon On the Heart Storage Level

    Dampé giving the player a hint on how to arrange the Heart Storage dungeon.

    In the menu description, before you start arranging this dungeon, Dampé will recommend that you “skimp on the monsters” due to you only having 3 Hearts while in this dungeon. You should take his advice! Fewer monsters mean fewer chances to take damage.

    Here are some other tips and tricks to make the Heart Storage level as quick and easy as possible:

    • Avoid stairs. Staircase connections are kind of wonky and the automatic pairings of staircase rooms you place will only complicate things. Furthermore, there is no stair requirement for this level.
    • Avoid locked doors. More locked doors mean you need to get more Small Keys. This, in turn, means you’ll have to place and open more chests, which adds pointless seconds to each dungeon run.
    • Avoid chests. Since the Nightmare Key is always found in the last chest you open, you’ll want as few chests as possible. This will let you reach the boss room more quickly.
    • Have lots of open doors. Towards the top of the map, the “neck” of the bottle, you’ll want to place as many four-doorway and three-doorway rooms as possible. This will let you run around your dungeon without having to backtrack and will save time.
    • Pick an easy boss. Out of all the bosses, Moldorm and Hardhit Beetle are the easiest to defeat. Therefore, use either of them for a quick and easy ending to your dungeon.

    How to Use a Fairy Bottle

    Link catching a Fairy and the game telling the player to release the Fairy later to get healed.

    To make proper use of a Fairy Bottle, you’ll first need to catch a Fairy. You can do so by equipping an empty Fairy Bottle to either your X or Y button. Afterward, you’ll need to press the corresponding button to cup the air in front of Link with the Fairy Bottle. If there is a Fairy in front of you, this motion will trap the Fairy in your Fairy Bottle.

    In order to get healed, you’ll need to do the reverse. Whenever you’re injured and need more Hearts, equip a Fairy Bottle that has a Fairy inside. Then, press the assigned button to release the Fairy. In gratitude for their freedom, the little fae will heal you for 10 Hearts before disappearing.

    Where to Find Fairies

    You can find a small Fairy at every Great Fairy location. Furthermore, Fairies spawn when you defeat mini-bosses and break specific pots within dungeons. These methods are the most common ways to find Fairies, however, there is an even better method.

    Sparks, which are the nearly-indestructible yellow balls of energy that patrol some dungeon rooms, will turn into Fairies when they are defeated. You can slay Sparks by hitting them with your Boomerang. A single hit is all it takes, however, since the Boomerang is a late-game item, you won’t be able to use this Fairy-farming method for a while.