Link holding up a Gold Rupee in Dampé's Shack.

Link’s Awakening: Everything You Need to Know About Dungeon Arranging

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Dungeon arranging at Dampé’s Shack is not only a fun mini-game but can also net you some collectibles. However, to get the most enjoyment out of your self-made dungeons, you’ll want to prioritize some things while avoiding others.

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    Every Collectible Reward You Can Get From Dungeon Arranging

    Link holding up an empty glass bottle while Dampé is standing nearby.

    There are 4 collectibles that you can get at Dampé’s Shack. You’ll get both 1 Secret Seashell and 1 Heart Piece by completing the challenge known as “Fill Up Your Hearts”, which is in the tier 1 tab.

    You can also get another Heart Piece, though you’ll have to complete every tier 2 challenge to get it, albeit in any order. Lastly, you can get a Fairy Bottle by completing the tier 3 challenge called “Heart Storage”.

    Besides these unique rewards, you’ll only get new chamber stones and Rupees by completing the other challenges. With that said, after you complete all tier 1, tier 2, and tier 3 challenges, you’ll unlock a new tab. This new tab (tier 4) will have 12 challenges—each will give you 300 Rupees upon completion.

    Things You Should Do When Arranging a Dungeon

    Player doing the Dungeon Arranging 101 challenge at Dampé's Shack.

    Thankfully, before each challenge, Dampé will give you some helpful tips. However, he wants you to spend as much time in your dungeons as possible, so he’ll…overlook a few pointers.

    Use Weak Bosses

    At the end of each dungeon, you’ll have to face a boss. Sometimes you won’t get to choose which Nightmare you’ll face, however, when you can, you should always select one of the easier foes.

    For the most part, Moldorm, the boss from Level 1 – Tail Cave, is the best choice. Although, if you get tired of fighting this big worm, Hardhit Beetle is another great choice. You can unlock the Chamber Stone for the Hardhit Beetle boss if you speak to Dampé after beating Color Dungeon.

    Use Rooms With Fewer Enemies

    There are restrictions for some challenges, such as those that limit your maximum number of Hearts or set a time limit. As such, you’ll want to avoid inserting rooms with lots of enemies—or ones with tough enemies like mini-bosses. In the long run, this will save you time and help you avoid taking unnecessary damage.

    Use Rooms With Spark Enemies if You Have the Boomerang

    Normally, the invulnerable Spark enemies are a nuisance. However, if you have the Boomerang, you can take them out in a single hit. When you destroy a Spark, it will always drop a Fairy. As such, if you have the Boomerang, inserting rooms with Sparks is an easy way to give yourself a lot of potential heals.

    Things You Should Avoid When Arranging a Dungeon

    Player doing the Heart Storage challenge at Dampé's Shack.

    If you want to speed through your self-made dungeons, there are some things you’ll want to avoid. Although the mechanics of dungeon arranging are pretty good for the most part, there are some that should be ignored. Additionally, there are some things to keep in mind that will help you avoid getting lost or spending too much time in your dungeons.

    Avoid Staircases

    By far the jankiest mechanic in dungeon arranging is the staircase connections. You cannot connect staircases yourself, therefore you’ll have to rely on the game’s AI to do it for you. However, the game’s AI is very, very bad at connecting staircases.

    It will always try to connect the staircases that are closest to one another, which, when planning your dungeon, will almost always be awkward and undesired. As such, you should avoid using staircases unless there is a minimum number that you need to include for a given challenge.

    Avoid Rooms With Locked Doors

    The more locked doors you have, the more Small Keys you’ll need. In turn, this means that you’ll need more chests. Basically, adding rooms with locked doors will just increase the amount of stuff you need to insert into your dungeon. In a mini-game where less is more, this is the opposite of the situation you want to be in.

    Avoid Chest Rooms

    While inserting chest rooms may at first seem like an excellent way to get a lot of Rupees, this is actually not the case. For the most part, many chests will only contain 1 Rupee. It’s possible to get 20 Rupees or even 50 Rupees from chests, however, the higher amounts are very rare.

    On top of this, the Nightmare Key will always spawn in the very last chest that you open. In this regard, if you put a lot of chests in your dungeon, you’ll have to spend time opening every single one of them before you can get the Nightmare Key and face the boss.